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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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Whats you fav. theme? by NickT on 19 January 2004 11:22pm
Mine isf the theme from 80 days, it always reminds me of Michael's travel's and I like the way they change it for each country.

Whats yours!!?
Re: Whats you fav. theme? by djd on 20 January 2004 2:02am
Yes, 80 days I think is not only the most catchy and memorable of the themes, but also it seems to be one of those tunes that is just spot on for the programme.
Re: Whats you fav. theme? by Palinite14 on 20 January 2004 12:17pm
I think the 80 Days one as well but my favourite music from all the series has to be the South American music they play in the background whilst the train goes alongside the Urubamba River in Full Circle. It just sounds exactly right.
Re: Whats you fav. theme? by Godfather on 20 January 2004 11:42pm
The "80 days March" is certainly the classic theme. Very addictive and easy to end up whistling at work. I've been watching Sahara (which i've been enjoying immensly) on BBC4, and it's interesting how things have changed a lot in the way the series are made now. On "Sahara", it's all Zimmer-esque "Lonely Planet" style series music. In a way, it has more depth and more effective as a "soundtrack" 'per se'. But the 80 days march is wonderfully "jolly" and uplifting. More thematic certainly. I also liked the way they re-used it briefly in "Pole to Pole" during the stage where Michael returns to Egypt briefly. Cleverly done, and then morphs back into the Pole to Pole march. Another clever use of it, was in the final scenes of 80 days where Michael is undergoing a "flashback" sequence of all the places he's seen and the people he's met. The music morphs during each country flashback, and the ticking of the clock makes it fantastic.

I cannot remember the music for "Full Circle", as it's been a long time since i've seen it. "Pole to Pole" theme was written by the same composer which did 80 days though (i think). Unfortunately, he tried to stick too closely to the original one and it shows up in many ways as an inferior attempt to write a similar style (mostly if you go straight onto watching the series after 80 days). Although, it soon becomes quite addictive in itself after a few episodes and i've always loved that little african drum twist at the end :).

I cant for the life of me, remember the music for the Hemingway Adventure :(

The best theme of all (so far unused in a Palin travel series) is the "Arthur King of the Britons" theme from Holy Grail. You know the one. Accompanying Arthur and Patsy, trotting along on invisble horses and banging 2 coconuts together (which incidentally given weight ratios....). That theme is very addictive, and MUST be used if Michael decides to ever do a "Britain" travel series. I also expect him to "pretend" he has a horse too :)

Godfather - Keen fan of film scores :)

Re: Whats you fav. theme? by thomasmbrooks30 on 21 January 2004 5:02pm
The Cuzco train music is wonderful, as is the music that is played in Santiago in Pole to Pole just as Michael is taking off to go to Punta Arenas. The sort of guitar/pipe duo. I have called for a CD to be released on a previous thread, and I stick by it! What would the track listings be???

1) 80 Days Music
2) Cuzco Train Music
3) Guitar/Pipe Duo

Any more suggestions?
Re: Whats you fav. theme? by Godfather on 22 January 2004 3:21pm
Well,the "Lonely Planet" series released one CD (two infact) of music composed for and used in their series. I have the first CD. They were a big seller too. So it goes to show that some people would be interested. Of course,they used more flashy "new age" track titles on them to get people's attention. A revision of the above list could be.

1 : 80 days Medley (Suite of the 80 days March variations)
2 : Sacred Lake to Navel of the earth.
3 : Pipa Con Guitaro Espana - Colonial Fusion.

hehehe. :)
mars bars by Katin on 22 January 2004 8:52pm
I see that SPIRIT is not replying from Mars to NASA.obviously it has been abducted by the local martians.Oh shucks and I was hoping to go elsewhere for my hols.Done it all here [boast boast].Never mind if I can afford the forthcoming new U.S visa looks like Disney World again.EPCOT=each person comes out tired will have to suffice
Re: mars bars by George on 22 January 2004 9:13pm
Or, what did Spirit find that they don't want us to know about? HMMM?

Re: Whats you fav. theme? by Godfather on 22 January 2004 11:22pm

Perhaps it found a perfect site for a McDonalds,George. :)

Re: Whats you fav. theme? by Katin on 23 January 2004 12:15am
or even elusive weapons of mass destruction
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