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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Local Planes in UK by ceb1na21 on 23 January 2004 2:43am
I've heard of lil airlines like ryanair that can take you to Paris or Edinburgh for a measly 6 pounds. Is this true? And if you had the experience, was it positive or horrific? Would like to know before committing to a ticket!
Re: Local Planes in UK by blue weasel on 28 January 2004 6:29pm
It's true, but in order to get flights for six quid you really need to book a couple of months in advance, also you need to remember that they will whack airport tax on top of the cost you see. I flew easyjet (http://www.easyjet.com) to Edinburgh and back at the weekend I booked it back in October and the total cost of the flight was £41.00 Stanstead to Edinburgh (add parking or train fair to that as applicable). So it's not as cheap as you first think but it's much cheaper than the train and far preferable to the coach as the flight is only an hour.

Whilst I am happy to travel on a low cost airline for business or pleasure I have to say that they are not the most reliable in terms of time keeping I have never taken off on time and we were delayed 3 hours on the way back this weekend. So my conclusion would be go for it, but just remember how much you paid for a ticket!!!

Re: Local Planes in UK by Katin on 28 January 2004 10:46pm
great care must be taken with cheap flights,one irish company has outside toilets:.)
Re: Local Planes in UK by blue weasel on 29 January 2004 1:50pm
well, now you mention it the pilot came back to use the passenger toilet and was unravelling two balls of string as he went, which he then handed to the passengers either side of the toilet entrance whenever the plane banked they were instructed to tug on the appropriate ball of string...
Re: Local Planes in UK by IRL on 30 January 2004 4:26pm
Jonathan from Ireland here:
very funny from blue weasel(sorry,don't know your real name!) But seriously, although budget airlines can have their limitations when it comes to service quality, they are getting better and better.

One thing to watch out for is where exactly they fly to. In the case of Ryanair, when they say Cork or Dublin, the airports are in fact within the city limits, but others like Frankfurt Hahn or the Paris Beauvais airport you're thinking of are quite a bit away from the city. Ryanair will have a coach facility to bring you to and from their airport, but charge a little above average!! Just add about 20euro extra for the likes of Paris Beauvais for a return ticket.

I have used Ryanair to get around Europe for two years running now, and, by booking well in advance,have got good prices. You can get special prices from time to time,but then that can make travel plans hard to make.

Ryanair are as punctual as any of the national airlines in my opinion. And because they fly to so many tiny airports you don't have ages to wait for luggage or have miles and miles to walk between terminals!:)

I think budget airlines are not all that bad, and not all that cheap! I would advise ceb1na21 (sorry don't know your real name!:) to check out the major airlines for prices too,with all the competition they can be just as cheap (look at www.aerlingus.com, my own national airline, who are doing specials at the moment, they fly to both Edinburgh and Paris direct.)

A side issue here is the EU ruling against Ryanair's policy of landing at airports that pay them to do so. (Their Brussels airport Charleroi was singled out by the EU). I reckon Micheal O'Leary is right to claim that as he is bringing in the business he is entitled to work out a deal like that. But that's all politics and big business!

Either way,hope you get a great price for your tickets!!:)
Re: Local Planes in UK by Godfather on 31 January 2004 1:24am

Like IRL just said. These airlines have to make up their money again somehow. They've admitted on TV programs how they do this. One of them, is the very thing IRL mentioned about the airport being way out in the sticks. They make some money on the transport to and fro. There is always some catch if a flight is that cheap. But, my mother is Irish and has many relatives in Ireland. So she's always using Ryanair flights to visit regularly. She nevers gets the absurdly cheap flights,because it's always a case of the "Oh sorry...we sold the last one an hour ago...but we have this slightly more expensive one" trick. Also,the reaaaaly cheap offers have all sorts of criteria to be met when you come to book them. They will only be that cheap if you're leaving on certain dates, or are for a limited time before returning etc. Always some catch. But my mother does get very good deals it has to be said.
Re: Local Planes in UK by Treelooney on 31 January 2004 7:30pm
I have mixed feelings about the cheap airlines. They are always quoting fares like 10.99 to Amsterdam or whatever, but you can rarely get that price unless you book well in advance (I know people have already made this point). A couple of weeks ago I was on Ryanair's website, looking up the price of a flight from Stansted to Shannon in Ireland. The cheapest coming back was 179.99 single! Well, where was the 10.99 fare, Ryanair?
The only cheapie airline I have flown with was Go, to Iceland. The total price was 140.00 return I think, including tax. The flight was fine.
I would like to see the cheap airlines like Ryanair buy a couple of second-hand 747s and start flying to Australia for 199.99. That would put the fear of God into that most horrible company called British Airways, for whom I used to work.
Re: Local Planes in UK by normality2000 on 3 February 2004 2:34pm
Imagine a budget airline running long haul flights and you'll probably have to pay for your meals, water and to use the toilet!
My advice is to check the web sites of the airline companies and don't believe the offers in the paper. I tried to fly to Cork and came across the '£20 outbound; £140 inbound' scenario. Be warned that they also charge for drinks i.e. tea/coffee, so take your own bottled water and snack if you need to; and very importantly - read the small print - budget airlines do not transfer you to another flight if you are delayed by traffic or bad weather! They also restrict the amount of luggage you are allowed...
Re: Local Planes in UK by ceb1na21 on 6 February 2004 4:26am
thanks all very much for the cautionary advice. as far as booking in advance, ryanair would not let us do so b/c it is too soon (leaving in late may). however, has anyone done the flights w/ same day return tix? is it possible? If any have any other airlines to recommend, i would most greatly appreciate it!
Re: Local Planes in UK by ceb1na21 on 6 February 2004 4:33am
IRL: I went on the Aerlingus website and I didn't see anything from London to Paris. Maybe you know where to look? If so please post on this! Thanks!
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