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mosque in djenné Mali by pfsmalo on 26 January 2004 8:21pm
Can anyone clear up a point please. I have just finished reading "Sahara" and I noticed that Michael was told that because of abuse (not verbal) by Americans whilst filming inside the mosque it had been decided not to allow non-Muslims in anymore.I was in Djenné two months before Michael (Nov. 1999) and was told that it was because of ITALIANS!!!I am not American and I do find that it is becoming too easy to knock the yanks (Bush etc.etc.) so if anybody could clear up this point Many thanks and happy travelling
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by Treelooney on 31 January 2004 7:10pm
I'm not sure about this particular instance, but when I was in Malaysia they would not allow non-Muslims into one of the large Mosques there. This was because of disrespectful behaviour by tourists, including not removing one's shoes (completely unacceptable in a Mosque).
I am well-travelled and I try not to knock the Yanks, but some of them (not all) are just so loud and brash and out here, they do not seem to care about local culture or traditions or other faiths. Those Yanks need to be a bit more humble, which, let's face it, is difficult for Americans. They think their environmentally-destructive, militaristic, junk-food-eating country is the greatest.
I have not found Italians to be particularly bad when travelling.
Just my tuppence worth.
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by Katin on 31 January 2004 8:54pm
Treelooney you cant be serious,As a well travelled traveller (you name it been there)I wouldnt dream of filming in a mosque,British lager louts in spain, arguing over sun beds with germans,always remember we are but guests in a foreign country,one cannot film in St Pauls Cathedral London without asking permission,Pfsmalo enjoy your trip dont miss the the market outside.Tiannaman forbidden city guess who wanted to film the remains of chairman Mao and had the cameras confiscated until later yes the brits I was there,I guess we are all guilty of disrespect whilst enjoying our holiday,Dont forget watch who you are filming as I had my soul stolen in Papua new Guinea by a thoughtless tourist.HAPPY TRAVELLING
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by Katin on 31 January 2004 8:59pm
Dear me forgot to mention Im a Brit from Palins town
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by Katin on 31 January 2004 9:10pm
Pfsmalo the mosque will astound you.even if you dont get interior shots,bearing in mind the sun baked clay bricks each hand made in the construction,I truly feel this is one of the wonders of this world,Oh yes they are real ostrich eggs (up top) NO one stopped me filming but again that was in 1977.enjoy your trip and we look forward to your feedback
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by George on 31 January 2004 10:04pm
Interesting. My first thought is if you think Americans treat Europeans badly, you should see how we treat each other! But, personally I couldn't imagine going to another country and being purposefully disrespectful to anyone. If you show respect and humility, most people will do almost anything to help you have a good time, except in Paris.
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by George on 31 January 2004 10:06pm
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by Helen on 2 February 2004 4:30pm
George, what's up with Paris? I have heard it can be a cruel place to tourists...Do you have a personal accont to share?
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by Godfather on 2 February 2004 10:33pm

In regard to the mosque.I'd heard a few years ago now, that (now i know this is hard to believe...but it's true) a "Miss July" style pin up magazine team travelled to Mali for a photoshoot with a women clad in a pink bikini in front of the mosque. This is not a wind up. I read this somewhere (and it was'nt in Miss July). They tried to take the photo, and were caught. After that, i hear they went beserk and clamped down.
Re: mosque in djenné Mali by George on 3 February 2004 9:08pm
Helen-On my honeymoon a few years ago my bride and I spent 4 delightful days in London where my US nationality and Texas accent proved to be no hindrance whatsoever. In fact, just the opposite. Moving on to Paris, we spent 36 hours being ignored, cursed, and laughed at by waiters, taxi drivers, photographers, and other people who are "supposed" to help tourists such as ourselves. At one point my wife disolved in tears on a sidewalk ready to collapse. Finally, we'd had enough, called our hotel in Florence to move up our reservations a week and took the next train to Lyon south. Even the French train attendants tried to steal our passports. And, anyone who knows me will tell you I'm courteous to a fault. No "ugly American" here.
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