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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Fresh Thai Roach by redtory on 28 January 2004 11:43pm
My wife and I met in Toronto. When she became pregnant with our child she decided she'd rather give birth close to her Mother. I followed shortly thereafter and had many wonderful experiences during the course of the year living in Thailand. This is one of those experiences. Our routine was the same each night. We'd complete our ablutions and then retire to the bed which was completely covered by mosquito netting. We would then tuck in the netting so that nothing could get onto the bed. The heat of Thailand is unbearable at times and the nights often offer little respite. I had taken to sleeping in the buff. On this particular night I began having the strangest dream that I was being attacked by a ....roach. In my dream I was watching it chew on my most intimate parts. There was no pain just a tickling sensation. I came awake with a start and lay staring into the pitch darkness of a rural thai house when I realized that the tickling sensation had renewed. I quickly reached down with my hand and startled the culprit which true to form found the nearest crevice to slither into. Of course this nearly sent me through the top of our mosquito netting. My thrashing about woke my wife who thought we were being attacked. I quickly calmed her and insisted that find the roach that had been dining on dead skin in areas too tender for that to be permitted. We found the unfortunate fellow trying desparately to find a chink in our net armour and exacted retribution. When we returned to Toronto this story usually drew the biggest and most nervous laughs.
Re: Fresh Thai Roach by Clare on 30 January 2004 4:40pm
I was in Thailand over the summer and slept on the floor most of the time. Whilst I never caught anything crawling over me I did have the feeling that a couple of times a little roach or bug used me as a human Everest! A friend that I was with had on jump on him whilst we were at a bar and he went home for a shower afterwards!! I think the worst bug thing to get over was having the occasional bug cooked in with your dinner by mistake!
Re: Fresh Thai Roach by Godfather on 31 January 2004 1:05am
Oh i cant stand roach type thingies. Especially ones in tropical countries that are enlarged versions with armoured plated shells and other scary attachments on them. I remember once in Costa Rica,i was walking along in a forest area near dark and felt this almight thud on my back,near the back of my kneck. Reaching over with my hand, i realized it was one gigantic weird flying roach type hybrid freak of a thing, that had just been flying through the air and whacked into me. It was buzzing loudly and almost like a flying beetle about the size of my palm. Its many legs were crawling up and over my head. I just panicked and freaked for some reason. I think it was the fact that as much as tried to pull it off, it had an iron grip on my with it's legs andn just kept walking. Makes me shiver now, just remembering it. Bbbrrrrr!!!. Another night time encounter similar to your Thai roach, was when i was also in Costa Rica. I was in a tent, and woke up just as something bit me in the solar plexus. It was totally dark of course in the tent as this was thick forest. My immediate reflex action was to slap the area in disorientation. This was a bad move, because whatever it was, then stung me on the hand and i virtually panicked. My first thought was "Big black furry spider type thing". The bite mark felt numb and ached. I eventually found my torch and looked all around in the tent. Found nothing no matter how hard i looked. Next morning,i found a scorpion in the tent. It was dead, as my reflex action had got it (unintentionally). It was only a small one, and a beige colour. Local people said "If it was a black one, you'd not be allive this morning". Scary. The little bugger gave me quite a bite though. I think it hurt more as it was the solar plexus of course. A site of nerve bundles. So it was a dull ache for days.
Re: Fresh Thai Roach by Clare on 31 January 2004 3:52pm
Mmm not so sure I would have liked to have woken up with a dead Scorpian near me! But I did wake up to find a big brown snake in my hut after a night with a few too many sherbets! I do recommend that you check bamaboo huts carefully before sleeping in them! My friend and I looked the snake up in an ID book later and it looked like it came from the cobra family. Which was a bit worrying, especially since my friend that I was travelling with kept jumping up and down on the bed to get a better look! He thought it was dead but when he took some one back to the room it had moved!!!

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