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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Open door on "not retiring" by msufke on 29 November 2002 9:24pm
In the latest video Michael offered that he wasn't retiring... I wondered about ideas for new "travel schemes". With that said, I would like to offer some possible scenarios for more "hair- brained travel plans..."

1. Visit each of 50 US states, showcasing som of the most historical places--maybe do this by rail/car/RV (historical part would likely be the most interesting)--and maybe go from place to place in sequence (almost a James Burke--"connections" flavor)

2. Could do the same "historical connections" for Western Europe.

3. A "complete trip" through a specific country, chooseing lesser travel countries, i.e. India, China, Russia and highlight old cultures/methods vs. newer areas of expanision and how the people are impacted (almost a "Guliver's travel look at past and present).

4. "Best of the World" tour, hitting capitols in all countries of world stopping at the top 3-5 sights wihtin each capitol city.

Just some idle wanderings... All thoughts/comments welcome.
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Kristine on 29 November 2002 10:18pm
I'd like to see him do a series in South America! He did do a good portion of it in Full Circle, but I would like to see it on a larger scale.

Either that or him going crossing "The Great White North" from coast to coast
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Strennus on 29 November 2002 11:00pm
the Best of the World one sounds great, then maybe he could do a Top of the World one would be good, travelling round and going to the highest up places in different countries,and probably getting quite cold in the process...
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Rusted on 30 November 2002 8:26am
Perhaps I could find this somewhere on this site...but just wondering...does anyone know just *how* many different countries Michael's visited/been in? (Or would it be easier at this point to ask how many he *hasn't* been too? LOL!)

I'd like him to try to eventually visit every country he possibly can. (Over time, that is, not in one trip!) That'd be such a cool feat.


Re: Open door on "not retiring" by nottlob on 1 December 2002 1:52am
Ahaha! Good ideas msufke! You should send him a letter or something! I think I read on internet somewhere that Michael's next trip may be outerspace! I'd love it if it were to happen!
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Jazzbasser on 1 December 2002 11:52pm
My suggestion for the next adventure, involves Michael visiting a different pub, in a different town every week. Think of the possibilities - darts, pool, bitter, mild, lager, drunken brawls... There has to be a series in threre somewhere!
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by emartin on 7 December 2002 5:44pm
great drinking spots in the world would be a good one jazzbasser! Although how you would figure out that one who knows! maybe ireland, us and europe would be easier. That would be a very entertaining series.
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Louise on 8 December 2002 3:57pm
Mary, Michael is quoted in the autumn Waterstone`s magazine as saying he`s been to "only about 82" countries.
Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Rusted on 9 December 2002 6:54am
"Only about 82"?! LOL! Thanks, Louise, that's great!

The man is amazing!

Re: Open door on "not retiring" by Layla on 9 December 2002 12:42pm
maybe Michael could do a "de-stereotyper" tour where he visits countries or cities that have strong stereotypes and proves to the nation how untrue they actually are! I suppose most people already know that - but it might be funny anyway - ok I'll rephrase that; maybe I'll find it funny.
Anyway countries/cities that I can think of are: England, Ireland, France, Russia, America - Texas, California, New York, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada
Of course the series could go horribly wrong if everybody he met did conform to that nations stereotype - oh well who cares anyway?!
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