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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Life of Michael by Helen on 2 December 2002 2:39pm
... by Jeremy Novick...
Got it as a Thanksgiving present from my incredible bookseller hubby. he's always buying me books. Jeez I love him... but anyway....
It's really quite good! (The book, that is)...
There really is no dark side to Michael, except that he won't play golf.
But, neither will I.... or any of my firends...come to think of it, I don't know anyone in my social circle who plays golf.
Why is that? Is golf boring, time consuming, and does it leave you wishing you were doing something else a little more exciting and productive?
What is it about golf?
Re: Life of Michael by nottlob on 3 December 2002 4:51am
I very much enjoyed the book but I sort of felt like I've already read so much about him in other Python books, lol. I didn't know Michael didn't like to lose...jk. Don't wear your book out!
Re: Life of Michael by Helen on 3 December 2002 2:47pm
MP and I have a bit in common-- I hate to lose in scrabble, too. My husband and I are ruthless with that game. We are tied right now... One time I slaughterd him using all seven tiles, and on a triple word score. KA-boom!!!!
It was neat to read that swell little tidbit about his rabid scrabble competitiveness. I laughed when I imagined him lost in thought over his tiles, then as he lay waste to his opponent, his eyebrows would lift and dance in victory. LOL.
Re: Life of Michael by nottlob on 4 December 2002 5:52am
Lol! I can't handle scrabble, I don't even know why we bought the gameboard, I know it's been touched less that 10 times. Or maybe even 5 times! I can't do it, I suck at scrabble, and monopoly, and everything else, "Sorry"'s okay, hehe. Not a very good logical gameboard player...
Re: Life of Michael by Rusted on 4 December 2002 8:02am
How're you at chess?


Re: Life of Michael by nottlob on 5 December 2002 2:03am
Chess, I know how to move the little things but I have no strategy at all! Lol.
Re: Life of Michael by Helen on 5 December 2002 2:13pm
Have not played in years, myself. i used to kick my grandfather's butt when I was 15.
I have this highly dysfunctional competitiveness when it comes to board games.
I know my grandfather didn't let me win because one time he called me a "little sh*t" when I proclaimed check mate. He muttered it under his breath. It made me smile for I knew i was going to WIN.
Re: Life of Michael by Rusted on 6 December 2002 5:24pm
Heh heh.

I quite like a game of chess myself. I'm not the best, but I can beat my brother and all of my friends. ;O)

Re: Life of Michael by nottlob on 7 December 2002 6:01am
Ahahah! Little...ehem, nevermind, hehe. At least you guys play, whenever me and my dad or sister play, something happens...we forget how, screw it up by making new and illegal moves or someone'll get made, and well, you know the rest, hehe. That's why we stick to checkers even though we don't really know how or what to do but, you know, it's easier, lol.

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