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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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It's small, but it's a start... by Izot on 1 June 2004 11:54am
... my Mike Palin page is up.


Click on the link to see my tribute page. There's not much on it at the moment, but it's a start. And I *love* those photos by Chris Saunders... hey Cori! Thanks for the link to his site!
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by Godfather on 2 June 2004 1:05am

Great work Steph. I'm currently making a Geocities page too. Some of my site is made already on my PC,but not yet published on Geocities. You appear to have no ads on your page,therefore i assume you've opted for the "premium" option?

I've heard that nowadays (i used geocities a few years ago) the free option now gives you only a miniscule amount of bandwith allowance (in other words,if the site is popular then it will run out of monthly bandwith allowance very quickly and they'll start pushing for you to upgrade to premium,or terminate your account). I just checked out your friends Palin website, and after looking at a few pages, it says it's now exceeded it's data transfer allowance for about one hour. That's absurd. I might have to consider the premium option if i'm going to get any joy, if that's how tight they are.

Any tips you have regarding that side of things, would be appreciated. It's nice to see a site like yours with clear plain and spacious appearance There are too many sites out there with flashing spinning animated gifs (the most irritating thing on the net),agonizingly slow flash intros,hideous backgrounds that you cant read any text on,and automatic midis that are forced down your throat.

Nice to see one like yours which is clear and to the point. My approach so far in making my pages, has also been to go - "minimalist" so that pages will load faster,etc. In my experience of using the web,i cant stand slow loading pages taking ages to load photos,etc.

Keep up the good work. :)
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by notquitenglish on 2 June 2004 2:52am
Hey, Steph, I'd love to give you a banner link to my site, if I had any idea on earth how to make one...
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by Izot on 2 June 2004 2:15pm
That's exactly my aim, Grandpa, clear and consice. I'd love a flash site but I dunno how to use flash... so there you go. =D

I've got ads; mustn't have loaded when you saw it. Certainly didn't pay for it, that's for sure... at least I don't think I did...

I haven't exceded bandwiths on anything that I've had (I had a james bond site on Geocities a few years ago), so I'm not sure how it happens... were you looking at Cori's site that I linked? Hers is really popular (hehe now I'm brown-nosing), you might like to talk to her about it.

Anyway, give us a shout when yours is up!

and notquitenglish - I can make a banner for you, I made one for Michael: pass on anything you'd like on a banner and I'll see what I can come up with!
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by Godfather on 2 June 2004 8:17pm

Hi Izot,

Talked to those in the know lastnight, on the Geocities file manager chat room. They explained the whole data transfer restrictions. Basically, for a free site you get about 4mb allowance an hour. If that is exceeded (either by someone downloading a big file off your site, or you having large pictures etc) then they disable the site for an hour. That may be why your friends site hit that when i was on it lastnight. If she is using .bmp, then this will happen. I was looking at her Palin pic pages, so she may have some big files in there perhaps. Anyway,i was gutted because i was making pages about my favourite composers, and wanted to add 30 sec .mp3 clips that people could listen to. I'd already gone through the process of editing .wav files into 30 sec clips, adding fade in and out, and then converting to .mp3. Got them down to about 400-500k each. Not bad. But apparently that will suck up my data transfer allowance in no time. So this will severly restrict my hopes for the site. I can still do it, but with far less clips than i had hoped for. Oh well. The guys reckon that .mp3 on geocities free is a no no if you want to avoid it being disabled quite often. Btw,perhaps your ads did'nt come up because i've got all kinds of pop up blockers on my PC at the moment. I'll still go ahead with my site,albeit with a far less creative approach :(
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by Izot on 3 June 2004 10:56am
Felicity (defeats the purpose of having a nickname, hey?): got your email. I can do a lot with the photo you sent me (which is great, btw)... anything specific? The one I did for this site is here: <EDIT I checked the link I put up before but it wouldn't work, you can still see it on my site (it's near the bottom, you can't miss it)>

give me a yell if you come up with anything.

Godfather: I used to have some little samples of stuff on my old site, exactly like what you're doing but mine were wav. files. Only about six or so. I guess it all depends on whether they click on it or not and load it, if it's doing nothing then it won't exceed the dtr... that's just my theory, I could be wrong.

Remember though, that less is more. You could do so much more with less...

... however that works, pfft I got nothing. =D

Good luck anyway. !
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by Godfather on 3 June 2004 6:54pm

Wave files? Crikey, .wav files are gigantic. Mp3's are the medium for pages really. As you say,it's true that if somebody only clicks on 1 or 2 within the one hour period then i will be ok. The site is only going to be for friends and aqquaintances anyway, so i should'nt run into too many problems. I guess i can make it very clear to visitors about how much they can download within an hour,so that they download in stages if they are interested in the files.

With my .mp3's clips i could get them down to about 450k for a good quality stereo 45-1:00 clip with compression before quality starts taking a turn for the worse. As the free storage capacty is 15mb on Geocities, i have to be very selective and keep it down to 30sec-1:00 clips (for legal reasons apparently). The only reason i was going to use the .mp3's was because it was an integral part of what was on the screen. Explaining about each composers music and their range. Words can only go so far, but it has to be heard to be understood as it's all classical music. I'll go ahead with it, but just limit the clips for each composer to about 2 or 3 i think. There are other free hosters out there i've seen, but all of them have far more catches and strict rules than Geocities does. So i'll stick with Geocities.
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by canaveralgumby on 11 June 2004 3:25am
I've never seen that photo of Yes! (*ahem* best Valley girl dialect) "Like, oh my god!" I mean, look at Alan White! GRrrrrrr.

Why do I always get reduced to that? I just turned 39 - I'm peaking, I think.

Anyway, Steph, you have a beautiful smile, and thanks for the link. - Cori
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by notquitenglish on 11 June 2004 9:50pm
I posted earlier, but it disappeared...
anything you can do with the picture would be appreciated, I didn't have anything specific in mind. I'm bad that way. If I can find a pic of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope I'll send you that, too...Thanks!
Re: It's small, but it's a start... by notquitenglish on 11 June 2004 9:56pm
Thanks Steph!!! Gracias senorita... forever in your debt, etc...
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