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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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WHATS NEXT ??? by Andyroo Day on 10 December 2002 8:59pm
Does anyone know if there is a newly proposed journey awaiting Michael? I bloody well hope so.
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by nottlob on 12 December 2002 5:20am
I don't know, it seems like he's been everywhere! Maybe along the other side of the world, like wait, he's sort of already done that in Pole to Pole. Umm...wow. He's really already been in every continent...ummmm...what about...every single country in Europe? Germany, Poland, that's all I know...no, I dunno...he's already been in alot of countries in Africa, across America, nothing in Canada, South America? Wow, the world seems so small to me now, I've never even thought of the Sahara...
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by Rusted on 12 December 2002 7:38am
Has Michael ever been to Brazil?


Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by Sir Robin on 12 December 2002 11:54am
how about india? he went there in '80 days' but missed out loads of places there. how starting in lets say calcutta, working his way up to darjeeling and then going around tibet nepal and china? just an idea.
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by infinity on 12 December 2002 1:02pm
Maybe just following in the footsteps of great explorers.

Maybe even the Trans-Siberian Railway into Mongolia?

Or a full coastal circle of Australia, its a big place and a bit safer than Nepal at the moment.

Wherever he goes I'll be watching!
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by JenJen on 12 December 2002 6:34pm
As you say, most of his other trips (apart from Sahara) have given a glimpse of the country traversed but something a bit more in depth might be interesting. Like Indonesia/ Micronesia/Borneo or something - ie places which are not overly modernised so you get a feel for the way things were done hundreds of years ago and that traditions have been maintained. Unlike our Western culture where we try to erase any evidence that we had any "uncivlilised" history!

South America is a good idea too (like Peru and the Incas).

Traditions are great when carried through the generations and seeing things from a worms' eye view - and with MP's wonderful and unique skew on situations - it makes the sharing much more interesting.

roll on Michael!
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by little-peep on 12 December 2002 8:43pm
I'll second the 'like Peru and the incas' idea.....im not bias, im not....how could you think that? me! bias! God forbid!
just going to have a laydown, and get over the paranoia
luv little-peep xx
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by nottlob on 13 December 2002 3:38am
Maybe the next series will be called "Places I haven't been to yet" because how can he link everything up? He'd be skipping countries he's been to onto countries he hasn't been to lol.
Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by Rusted on 13 December 2002 7:25am
Maybe next time he could try traveling entirely in a way(s) he's never done before? Every trip he seems to find a dozen more ways to travel that he's never experienced and I find that very fascinating.

It'd also be neat if he set his mind to a certain culture and it's history, or a particular event, and went 'round exploring the different meaningful places of that culture/history/event.

Peru and the Incas could fit into that, eh?

Re: WHATS NEXT ??? by Dianne on 14 December 2002 8:16am
The next series will be called, 'Visiting interesting places in New Zealand'. One of them will be Christchurch and there will be another two areas in the North Island. You might think it will be a short series, but it won't be. He'll be eating Marmite sandwiches, (even though I've head he does not like them), Spam, Devonshire Cream Teas and will wear wing-tip shoes and tell us what size shoes he wears.

Hmm, perhaps I've been the one eating the Marmite sandwiches . . . .:-)
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