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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Switzerland And Glaciation by Sophie-Louise on 25 June 2004 12:59am
Hi everyone,

I haven't posted on here for a while cos well i haven't had much to say! lol

I am going on an AS Geography Fieldtrip on the 11th July to Saas Grund in Switzerland. I will be studying Glaciation and Mountain Vegetaition Succession at Spielboden and Lanfluh. I will also be doing the human side of Geography by studying settlemanet, planning and tourism studies in Zermatt and Sion.

I really can't wait to go and i'm so excited! Apart from one thing! A 24 HOUR COACH JOURNEY! NOOOOOOOOOOO! :'(

Anyone got any tips on how not to lose your mind on a coach for this long or any info about the area os Switzerland i'm going to to? I would love to hear any stories of your travels there! :)

Sophie-Lou xxx

happy travels forever! (as Michael wrote in my Sahara book for me!)

Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Godfather on 27 June 2004 12:47pm
>>Anyone got any tips on how not to lose your mind on a coach for this long

Personal stereo is good.It means you can still look out of the window and take it all in, but as if you're watching a nice travel video. Something fitting though. Classical etc. Music with lyrics such as "Slap the bitch" probably wont be fitting as you drive through past old villages. The other thing, is simply sleep. But you miss so much. I know many travellers who take a deep sedative for long long journeys on the road. But i dont see the point of drugging yourself to stupor. The idea, is that time loses all meaning. But half the journey is the getting there in the first place :)
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Ken Dunn on 28 June 2004 11:23pm
Hi Sophie-Louise, I'd be inclined to ignore Godfather's advice if you are a school kid. The thin air in Switzerland will make you tired enough and music is not really necessary because there is so much beautiful scenery to see. Emma left from Fife at 8am, was in Essex at 6pm and with an overnight ferry and coach travel through the continent from Dover was in Switzerland on Saturday morning. We'll get back to you. Let us know which thread you'd like to continue on.
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Sophie-Louise on 29 June 2004 12:44am
Thanks for the advice both of you! I have already ordered some cd's on Amazon to listen to on the coach, so that will keep me happy, i hope! I think kthe scenery will be beautiful too and I can't take a sedative anyway cos of medication i'm already on! I don't thnk i'd like that anyway! lol

I will keep you all updated with any other news about this! once again, thanks for the advice!

I hope your daughter is havening a nice time kenn dunn!

Sophie-Lou x
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by peripatetically on 29 June 2004 1:48am
Sophie, I wouldn't take any reading material either, unless it's related to where you're traveling. And I personally wouldn't take music either. I can't see ruining the beauty and serenity of magnificent scenery. Use this as a chance to appreciate nature at it's best. Don't contaminate the experience with unnecessary technological noise. You won't feel like you've been away from the rat race if you have music blaring in your ears.
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Ken Dunn on 2 July 2004 8:49pm
Hi Sophie-Lou. Emma has arrived back in Fife from Switzerland, very tired after a 24 hour journey from Les Diablerets(East of Lake Geneva). She had a wonderful week and visited the Mont Blanc region, among other places of interest. She met a trip from Orkney who had a 50 hour journey to get there.
She took music with her for the journey but had very little time for reading.
I will let her continue on this post in the next couple of days and if you have any particular questions let us know.
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Ken Dunn on 4 July 2004 1:15am
Hiya Sophie Lou! I'm Emma. I've just come back from Switzerland and I wish I was still there - it is such a beautiful country.

I had a 29 hr journey on the way down, but it isn't as bad as it sounds as I spent 4 hrs of that sleeping and 2hrs on the ferry, which broke it up a bit.
I took my personal stereo with me and even though I didn't use it that much as we were driving through Switzerland, I used it non stop during England and France, and that helped the boredom a huge amount.
I also spent a lot of time talking to my pals on the bus, and playing wee travel games like knots 'n' crosses and hangman. One guy even brought 'Bop it' and soon enought the whole coach was involved in a bo it tournament (I was totally rubbish, by the way.)
Our coach was also equiped with a TV and video player, and so a few hours were eaten by watching 'finding nemo' and 'pirates of the carribean', to name but a few.
I took a couple of novels with me but I didn't read them a lot partly because I can sometimes get ill when reading on the road, but mainly because I spent most of my time looking out of the window (Another tip - get on the coach early so you can hog a window seat!)

One tip for the trip is to try and get to grips with the local language. If you dont know the basis of German, (I'm guessing that you are going to the German part from the place names you mentioned) then get a phrase book. I was lucky in the way that we went to the French part and I am a hugher French student, but my other friends only knew the very basics and had trouble understanding signs, menus, and shop assistants. Forunately, most of them spoke English, but I think they like it when you make an effort to speak their language.
It is also a good idea to prepare for any weather. It was quite hot there (around 22 degrees c) so I wore t shirts most of the time, but during one night there was a spectacular thunderstorm with heavy rain that could have as easily happened during the day, so I would suggest also talking waterproofs.
My final piece of advice would be to carry at least 1 litre of water in your rucksack. We did a lot of climbing during the trip and I drank quite a lot to keep me cool and hydrated.

Well, thats the main things that I would mention. If want to know anything else let me know. I hope you enjoy your trip as much as I did!

Have a great time,
Emma :)

P.S. from my dad:-
Hi, I read this week that an English school trip to Scotland had to be rescued after being caught out by the weather dressed in school uniforms and bin-bags. I hope your school has considered this in their preparations and will have a good mountaineer or guide on the more difficult outings you may do. Best Wishes.
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Sophie-Louise on 4 July 2004 8:15pm
hi emma!

thanks very much for your advice and telling me abotu your trip! it sounds like you had alot of fun! i really can't wait now! think i'd better get down to tesco to get me some batteries and film for my camera! I'm a huge photography fan so will probably use like 4 films a day!

good advice about the german. I haven't done it since year nine so i will start looking at all my old books and dictionaries!

i will let you all know how the trip went when i get back! i will make a page about it on my website too!


thanks for all your advice everyone! :)

sophie-lou xxx
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by Sophie-Louise on 6 July 2004 9:11pm

where abouts in switzerland have you been?
Re: Switzerland And Glaciation by peripatetically on 7 July 2004 1:24am
Hey Soph! I've been to many towns and villages, mountians too, in Suisse! Lucerne, Davos, bern, Appenzell district, Chur, Bernese pass, the area near Chamonix, France, Geneva, , Stans, Interlaken, Einseldeln, Schwyz, Zug, Wengen, Grindelwald, Klosters, Lauterbrunnen valley. Obviously I've not spent weeks upon weeks at all these places, but have been through them. SOme I've sepent much more time seeing and climbing the mountians. Ooops, not climbu=ing them, taking the cogwheel trains and cablecars! So, I'd say... end to end, east to west. Still a lot more to see. And , oh yeah, the Rhine Falls

Is there anything you wish to know about these places? Any tips, I might be able to help. Just rememebr, take lots of money. It's expensive.

Love ya! Patty~

PS Is Thomas going too?

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