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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The arrival of the website by Michael Palin on 25 September 2002 2:42pm
I'm very excited about palin's travels website. Not just because it's all about ME, but because today is the culmination of many plans and schemes to bring to the internet all I've seen and done and eaten and climbed and jumped off and flown in and run away from since I set out from the Reform Club with Passepartout fourteen years ago today - by coincidence the day that my ace photographer Basil Pao's' daughter was born. So this is a perfect day for a launch and I must say a huge thank you to Andrew, Peter and Steve at Oil who designed and built the site. Respect !
And to Anne and Paul and Alison at the Prominent TV office who have quite enough to do without all this, but have been terrifically enthusiastic and encouraging in fulfilling this ambition.
That's enough crawling from me, now it's up to you, the audience, as we say, to tell us what you REALLY think.
Talk soon - Michael P
Re: The arrival of the website by daz on 26 September 2002 11:33am
And a very welcome addition to cyber-space it is too. Sure beats some of the websites I stumble across. Accidentally.

A full promo of this site will be on PythOnline within hours. Thanks to Alison for the heads-up.
I'm so pleased to see this site; The work involved must have been exhaustive and long, but the end result is nothing short of fantastic. Great job everybody. I will be a regular visitor, and I know I won't be alone. For now though, I must check out some accidentally discovered websites. For research, you understand...

Very best regards and wishes to the team at www.palinstravels.co.uk, and all who sail in her.

Re: The arrival of the website by Michael Palin on 26 September 2002 1:11pm
Thank you,Daz and Pythonline for those kind and encouraging words. As I promised to keep in touch about future travels I thought I should let all those millions of you out there know that I'm going to the Camden Recycling centre with some boxes in a minute. Shouldn't be long. It's about half a mile away and I shall be travelling mostly by car.
I don't personally think it'll make a series, but the BBC are keen.
Re: The arrival of the website by Stephanie on 26 September 2002 3:01pm
Finally something decent to explore on those days when work is slow. :)

Michael, I love your travel series and I'm very excited that now I can tune in whenever I want to follow you around. But can you give a bit more notice about your plans to visit the recycling center? I've always heard that Camden is THE place to go for recycling adventure...

Re: The arrival of the website by Howard Johnson on 26 September 2002 8:13pm
A big congratulations and well done! I'm glad to see all those technophobic rumors are spurious and untrue (and that it is now my employer who has cornered the Pythonic Luddite market).
This is how Web sites are supposed to look--well-designed, easy to navigate, amazing graphics, and unsurpassed content. It's so nice to be able to sit, chained at my desk, and look out on the wonders of the world via palinstravels. Absolutely brilliant, congratulations to everyone involved.

All best from the Vice-Cleese!
Re: The arrival of the website by Ocular_gravy on 26 September 2002 10:27pm
Had a glance through your new book today Michael-Looks great. I cannot wait until the series starts on TV. I am an avid viewer of all your adventures.
Best of luck with the web site.
Alan Gregory
Re: The arrival of the website by Dianne on 27 September 2002 8:16am
What a great site! Congratulations to everyone who has created it.

Michael, I have enjoyed your travel series from the very first, since I saw the first one in 1989 or was it 1990 . . . . whenever ĎAround the World in 80 Daysí was shown on New Zealand television anyway. I donít know what exactly makes your travel series so good, I can say it is your sense of humour or the way you come across giving the impression you are being you instead of acting a part. Maybe it is because you meet ordinary people and visit places that are not seen or mentioned on other travel shows. Perhaps it is all of these things plus more. All I know for sure myself as well as many others enjoy watching you travel around the world. I do hope they will show the Sahara series in New Zealand soon. In addition, I hear it is very possible you will be coming down this way.

Changing the subject completely . . . itís my birthday today!


Re: The arrival of the website by MissTrixiB on 27 September 2002 9:04am
I'm thrilled. I've enjoyed every travel series and look forward to seeing, reading, hearing and 'living' the Sahara series as well. My father felt that one learned more from traveling than any other life experience, and my fondest memories lie in the family excursions across country. Imagine, eight kid's in a camper for two weeks at a time as they travel from state to state. It may not be as exotic as going around the 'Ring of Fire' or traveling from 'Pole to Pole'-but I'm sure that we managed to put enough strain on him to equal several trips around the globe. I have been able to introduce him to the Palin travel series, and can happily say that he has enjoyed them as much as I. I can't wait to send him the link to this site. It's fab!
Happy travels-and hopefully we'll see you at a book signing in Minnesota in the Spring ;).
(and happy birthday to Dianne.....what a lovely gift this was).
Re: The arrival of the website by Claudia78 on 28 September 2002 12:45am
Hallo everybody!
I'm Claudia from Italy,I'd like to thank everybody who's built this great website.
I love Michael and all he's done...but unfortunately I couldn't see any of these wanderful travel series,because I can't find them in Italy and I don't have a credit card to buy them on the internet.
But fortunately now there's this website with tons of pix and great stories narrated by Michael...can't wait to start reading them!
Anyway,Mike,if you're reading this,when you'll plan another visit to Italy just contact me and I'll be happy to be your guide! ;-)

P.S. Michael,how do you train yourself to the greatest gig of all the time?
I mean the one to remember George Harrison: you'll be on stage with Sir Paul and Ringo Starr.....thrilling!!!!
Re: The arrival of the website by raxpus on 28 September 2002 9:13pm
Wow, what a great site. I've got wanderlust, but being an impoverished university student I haven't had the chance to go very far. I get the feeling that I'm going to be here a lot, living vicariously through you, Mr. Palin :) I love all the travel series (though they make me incredibly jealous). I can't wait for Sahara to air in the US and for the US booksigning tour.

Thanks to everyone responsible for this wonderful website!

~ Robyn

And happy belated birthday, Dianne! :)
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