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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Palinites by kelley on 11 December 2002 11:48pm
I was sitting watching Sahara again and just thought that the palin fans on this site really reflect the type of person michael seems to be, you are possibly the funniest, nicest and most friendly people i've ever came across. I really do hope that some day we can all meet up.

Just thought i'd say :-)


Re: Palinites by little-peep on 12 December 2002 12:00am
Ahhhhh! get me the tissues....im going to cry over ellen's carpet (the one that stains easily) to bring that up again!
That was a very sweet thing to say.....BIG hug & 'season's greetings'.
luv little-peep xx
Re: Palinites by ellenpc on 12 December 2002 1:10am
"Oi!!" little-peep!!

Not the carpet! Anything but the carpet!!

Please go stand in the kitchen. At least I can wipe the lino!! :-}}}}}}}}]

(Just kidding... luv ya to bits :-} Just haven't had my marmite yet and I get a bit scratchy!!)

Thanks Kelley, you're a darling :-} I hope you included yourself on the list of friendly qualities of us Palinites. :-}

Agreed , it would be wonderful to all meet up. The thing that amazes me most about the whole experience is that this is a meeting of the minds. Colour, gender, race is totally irrelevant and we can choose to reveal as little or as much of that information as we like. We don't care if we're fat, thin, short, tall, it is un-important. What a liberating thing!! :-}

Isn't that one of the main points that Michael makes on his travelogues that people are people, are people and should be respected, welcomed and cherished, not discriminated against and belittled.

As for us being like Michael, he's a pretty amazing role model and inspiration "Ayy!"

Lots of love

Ellen xxx @@@
Re: Palinites by piglet on 12 December 2002 2:10am
Amen to all you have just said,

Have some lovely photos of MP at Bluewater if you want - e mail me you three - I can send on
[email protected]

Wouldn't be without you!

Pass me the hanky please - thank you ))))))) that's beter.

Night night (past my bedtime yawn) sweet [email protected]@@@@


Re: Palinites by Kristine on 12 December 2002 5:24am
Here Here! Couldn't have said it better! (Well... Maybe...) Thank you very much for the kind words Kelley! You're welcome to post here anytime!
Re: Palinites by ellenpc on 12 December 2002 5:54am
" 'Ello" Lyn :-}

I'd love to see your photos, are you in them too? Do hope so. :-}}}}

I'm at
[email protected]

This should work at the moment, but is due to change soon as we're changing net providers. Will let you know the change as soon as I do.

Ellen x

P.S. If you're reading this Patrick, I'd love to see your pics too if possible?? Many thanks. :-}
Re: Palinites by Rusted on 12 December 2002 7:44am
Golly...mush is NOT what I want to be reading at midnight! LOL!

Just kidding! You guys are great, and you constantly making me smile. Thanks for passing the warm fuzzy vibes around, Kelley and others.

Midnight...you guys are probably all asleep right now. Well, maybe you British folks are just waking up if you're early risers, and it's, what, around noon in New Zealand? ;O)

Anywho...midnight...I'm rambling now and I need to get to bed!

Re: Palinites by ellenpc on 12 December 2002 9:23am
Sleep tight. :-}

I'm just going to finish my lunch!! :-}}}}}}}

Ellen x
Re: Palinites by Helen on 12 December 2002 2:26pm
you guys are swell. You probably all have wing tips.I just bet you do....don't deny it! :)
Re: Palinites by little-peep on 12 December 2002 4:21pm
hehehe,....sorry ellen, just like to wind you up.....especislly before a marmite treat!!!!!! (joke!)
how can you stay awake at midnight, mary? im lucky to make it past 10!!!! (pm)
read your thing about your wisdom teeth...ohhhh! never had a filling, but do find that to calm nerves, thinking of Michael or Blue (especially Duncan) helps!!!!
luv little-peep xx
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