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  The Chatter Box : The Series
Got a favorite series? by nottlob on 12 December 2002 5:49am
Mine would have to be Full Circle. I loved the variety of different cultures and the fact that it's got 5 videos, lol. 10 episodes, wow! I still don't quiet know it all but I love watching it all over and over again. You have a fav?
Re: Got a favorite series? by RichB on 12 December 2002 3:53pm
80 Days is the king, purely because of the time and location constraints, it keeps you on the edge of your seat worrying about whether he will make it. Having said that, each journey is a superlative piece of entertainment and has it's own special qualities.
Re: Got a favorite series? by nottlob on 13 December 2002 3:53am
I agree. I love all series. 80 Days is a close favorite. You know, I didn't really think he'd make it. I don't think he thought he'd make it too. But he did. I got my mom guessing when I asked her to guess, she said "82, 84, 71, 79!" I wouldn't let her stop guessing when she guessed 79, lol.
Re: Got a favorite series? by hancar on 13 December 2002 6:51pm
Mine would be "80 days" too. The excitement of whether he would make it or not kept me glued to the TV and it really was a thriller. But also his wonderful humour not to mention the people he met, he really had a nose for interesting characters!
The things I mentioned above also goes for the other series, they are all masterpieces from a man who I have admired for 30 years. I'm looking forward to "Sahara" (if swedish television buys it, that is)
Re: Got a favorite series? by nottlob on 15 December 2002 1:54am
Do you think your local library would ever place an order for the Sahara series hancar? I'm waiting for my library to buy it but, I predict it'd be quiet a while.
Re: Got a favorite series? by hancar on 16 December 2002 4:07pm
Since Michael is quite popular here in Sweden after his travel series maybe my local library will get Sahara. I'm gonna ask them anyway, but I'm sure it will be shown on TV like all the others. This time I'll tape it, I didn't tape the others but maybe I can buy them. Does anyone know if they're available on DVD? (80 days, Full circle, From pole to pole)
Re: Got a favorite series? by ellenpc on 17 December 2002 12:23am
Hiya hancar, :-}

Sahara is but not the others yet.

Try the bookshop link on this site, or Amazon. co.uk for copies of "Sahara" DVD (European Format)

Ellen x
Re: Got a favorite series? by hancar on 19 December 2002 12:22pm
Thanks for the tip, ellenpc! I'll do that, can't wait to get my hands on "Sahara"! :)
Re: Got a favorite series? by rumblefish on 24 December 2002 9:54pm
Ive got to go with 80 days i really thought it was superb the variation of countries the different modes of transport and of course the gigantic challenge of accomplishing the task in 80 days.next would be full circle again the myriad of cultures but i do feel the last third was a little rushed.
Pole to Pole was a little repetative I dont know if its just me but one african country seems pretty much like another. I must admit I do have a penchant for the far east so I prefer his treks that take those countries in.
Sahara seemed to lack some of michaels usual mischief and playfulness but i feel his next challenge should have some sort of time limit on it.
Re: Got a favorite series? by nottlob on 24 December 2002 11:59pm
I really enjoyed Sahara, althought I can't find the tape at home now!!! I think someone might have recorded over it!!! NOOO!!! My sister and her soaps, oy! Anyways, Sahara was really enjoyable, even though some scenery looked the same for so many episodes, near the end you finally saw some plants and water!

I still love 80 Days! I remember reading when Michael was on the boat across the Pacific I think? And he was getting a hair cut from a woman in the crew, he wrote in him book about feeling a large chunk of hair coming off, when he asked if that was too much hair off, the woman said it doesn't matter, you're an actor. They only see the front of your head, lol.

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