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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Palinites exchanging pics by ellenpc on 13 December 2002 11:06pm
Hi All :-}}}}

I'd love to start exchanging pics by snail mail with you amazing bunch. :-} I had the idea of sticking them near my computer so when we communicate on the Chatterbox I can look at them to see who's talking. :-}

Lyn and I have started swapping so here's my new e-mail address...

[email protected]

for anyone else who's interested. :-}}}]]

(I know we've discussed this option a few days ago and I still wholeheartedly agree with posting digital pics at a seperate site from this one.)

Having fun with you here on the chatterbox and reading Michael's travels have become a daily treat. You lot are the best.:-} :-} :-}

(Alas, my ironing pile grows larger by the day as my fingers and brain are otherwise engaged!!!!!!! Ooops!!!!!!! )

Looking forward to start swapping. :-} Don't be shy......... :-}

Ellen x
Re: Palinites exchanging pics by piglet on 13 December 2002 11:14pm
I'll do your ironing ellen, throw it over here - ouch i didnt say the iron as well dear!!!!

Yes would love to exchange but please put user name and real name with photo as I get confused in my old age!

[email protected]

start in the new year after we have feasted on cold marmite sandwiches and marmite curry and marmite & baked potatoes and marmite pie or should that read [email protected]@@@@@

Piglet Lyn

Re: Palinites exchanging pics by ellenpc on 13 December 2002 11:29pm
"Oooo" thankyou Lyn, you're my ironing saviour. :-} (Put a cold steak on that bruise, it'll soon come out!! :-} )

"Aaahhh" a marmity feast......what bliss!! I'll be round in a flash!! ( Well perhaps two flahes and a bit of magic!)

Now you've got me all excited........Turkey? Who needs Turkey ??? Marmite has no bones!!!!!!!! :-}

Ellen x

P.S did you get my e-mail with the details???
Re: Palinites exchanging pics by Dianne on 14 December 2002 5:35am
Ellen, your email address has mz at the end of it. Isn't that supposed to be nz?

I don't have any recent photos of myself. I'll have to wait until someone sets up a site for photos of us. Because the recent photos of me were taken by a digital camera.
Re: Palinites exchanging pics by Rusted on 14 December 2002 7:32am
I'd love to start swapping, but are you guys sending online pictures? Or are you just exchanging addies so you can snail mail them? The thing about theformer is that it'd be much quicker and much cheaper than snail mail.

Either way, let me know so I can start passing pictures on, and drop me a line (and/or picture) at...

[email protected]

...if you're so inclined! :O)

Re: Palinites exchanging pics by ellenpc on 14 December 2002 11:24am

Thanks Di, I'd missed that one! :-}]]

Definately nz not mz :-{ :-}
Re: Palinites exchanging pics by Rusted on 16 December 2002 8:05am

Anyone going to answer my question?

Or are we all convinced I'm some psychopathic stalker and you're all deadly afraid to exchange pictures with me???


~Mary (I'm a psychopathic stalker...see? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Re: Palinites exchanging pics by Dianne on 16 December 2002 9:04am
Help! It's Mary the psychopathic stalker!! RUN AWAY!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!

Mary; Ellen was meaning snail mail, but I don't see why you can't send a picture of yourself to the rest of us via email. However, do we want to see a picture of a psychopathic stalker? Hmm, you can't tell a book by its cover, so I bet you're as cute as a bunny. :-)

Di (who once again forgot to add her email address)
Re: Palinites exchanging pics by ellenpc on 16 December 2002 11:14am
But not the killer bunny from "Holy Grail" !! :-}


(We love you really Mary. :-} Have a look at your e-mail :-}}}}}}}}}}}
Re: Palinites exchanging pics by kelley on 17 December 2002 1:52am
I think i have the solution Rusted... There's no pics on it at the mo, but i have made up a wee website at www.freewebs.com/palinitesconvention
There we can all post pics of ourselves and of michael at signings. I also included a chatroom (which could be useful for christmas and getting a live chat then) not sure how many people it will take at one time though!!!

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