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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Tape Trading? by cameragrrrl on 14 December 2002 6:26pm
Is there a precedent in this group for trading/copying any of Palin's travel series? You know, for people who live in the Sates but can't find the videos in NTSC format, and are too poor to shell out the money to buy them in PAL and pay the shipping fees and down-conversion costs, and who are sh*t out of luck because their local PBS station hasn't shown any of the syndicated episodes in lord knows how long...? (not that I want to deprive Our Boy of any well-deserved moneys, but hey!)

I'm specifically trying to get "Around the World..." No luck so far. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Tape Trading? by Rusted on 15 December 2002 10:28am
I know how you feel, I'm in a similar situation...if you haven't yet, try your local library. I was amazed to find the amount of Michael stuff available to me.

Otherwise, I'm sure there are places available to order them in the right version online.

Re: Tape Trading? by Helen on 15 December 2002 6:11pm
copying may not be such a hot idea... Copyright infrinegement and all... at least not suggesting it on a public message board.

As Ani DiFranco says,;
"Unauthorized duplication, while sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing."

If money is an issue with you, suggest that your local library stock the vids you want, as Mary suggested.
MP and crew do such a fine job of producing and presenting their hard work to us-- they deserve the royalties. I firmly believe that.
So do independent artists like Ani.
Personally, I think it's worth the wait. I feel Michael deserves every last penny. I don't feel that way about many people/performers, etc. I think the series you want will be available in the format you desire soon. be patient, bug your library...

Good luck!

I wouldn't think twice about duplicating Jaws 3 in 3-D, but god, why would I? :) :)
Just my two cents, not trying to be belligerent or a hardass, :)
(hard to convey true feeling in text on a message board) so I insert a lot of these
:) :) :)

Happy Holidays,

Helen ( still a size 10 boot, but may be growing larger due to an abundance of egg-nog) :)
Re: Tape Trading? by cameragrrrl on 16 December 2002 1:56am
No problem, no offense taken (the smileys were appreciated, though).
I understand -- and somewhat anticipated -- the response. Which is why I tried to ask politely :-)

I will try the library route -- I live in NYC after all, you'd think at least ONE of my local libraries would stock the series...(except I'm in a bit of debt with the NY Public Library system at the moment, due to a recent research assignment and some outstanding book loans...erm, anyway...)

Thanks anyway. I'll try to be patient. My local video store rents out his other series, after all, so maybe I will get lucky 'pressuring' them. With threats. And desperation, and loads of hangdog looks. Especially the later

If anyone sees them for sale in NTSC format (lousy unassimilated US of A!!!), let me know.

Re: Tape Trading? by Helen on 16 December 2002 3:15am
you did ask politely, hence my smileys! :)

happy hunting!
Good luck in your quest....
Re: Tape Trading? by Dianne on 16 December 2002 6:33am
Can you afford to buy them from Amazon.com? I saw at least two of Michael's travel series on video there in NTSC format.
Re: Tape Trading? by cameragrrrl on 16 December 2002 9:33am
I'm really looking for "Around the World in 80 Days", which seems to be the least available of his series, curse my luck.

There is one guy on Amazon selling used copies. One is called "Around the World: Outward Bound" and one is called "Around the World: Homeward Bound". They each claim to contain 2 tapes. Does anyone know how many tapes the series has all together? Is that the whole series -- 4 tapes?

Re: Tape Trading? by ellenpc on 16 December 2002 12:36pm
Hi cameragrrrl :-}

That sounds a bit odd as I've got just two tapes.......one with "Outward Bound" and the other with "Homeward Bound.

Perhaps he's meaning number of episodes on each tape???

Good Luck :-}

Ellen ( still size 9 1/2- 10 shoe, thank god!! My feet, it seems, are the only area of my body that doesn't expand at Yuletide!! :-}
Sorry, I know that's not a good mental picture!!! :-{ :-} )
Re: Tape Trading? by Rusted on 17 December 2002 8:49am
You may recall my horror story I related here not long ago about only being able to see part of 80 Days. The part that I saw was "Outward Bound", and it was indeed two tapes. Only one episode on a tape, though, I think. Which may explain why in some versions of it it appears two be two tapes per part and others just one.

cameragrrrl, as far as I'm aware, those two sets (Outward Bound and Homeward Bound) are the only two you'll need to have the whole series! :O)


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