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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by ellenpc on 17 December 2002 12:56pm
Well here's a first..........

We've just come back from our daughter's junior school nativity play this evening. It was lovely, the angels sparkled (our girl was the cutest of course!! :-} I know, I know "Stage Mothers" are the pits!!)
The shepherds looked after all their sheep very capably, the three Wise Men came in the right door and didn't trip over any of the sheep or the ox, ass or rabbit!?
Mary and Joseph looked rather embarrased at all the fuss they were causing, but sang enthusiastically.
And at the end, after all the carols, the entire cast really threw themselves into the final number: "We're All Going On A Summer Holiday" to wrap up the show!

Southern Hemisphere sunny Christmas. You can't beat it!! :-}

Ellen (still recovering!! :-} )
Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by Helen on 17 December 2002 7:40pm
Is that the same song that was playing in the final episode of the Young Ones? As they were hurtled off a cliff in a double decker bus? Rick (Rik Mayall's character was a rabid Cliff fan).
I dunno.. It's been a while....

The play sounds like a blast. I love Holiday plays... espcially with adorable kids!
Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by Rusted on 17 December 2002 9:08pm
Well, glad to hear that the nativity went better than the one in the play I'm in...



Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by piglet on 18 December 2002 3:22am
Hi folks i remember one primary school play where my son chris stole the show and made the audience really laugh - he came into the hall in roman costume brandishing a sword (?) from behind the curtains complete with tesco bag caught round his foot! they had to take him off remove bag - as tesco wasnt invented then - then come back on stage and start all over again! didnt wory him though!

must send you the e mail of the three wise women! its a hoot!

Dont worry mary at least you go on stage - i cant act at all.

Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by JenJen on 18 December 2002 4:20pm
Ah I remember the hazy days when I was in the nativity play (I was about 8 or 9) which was in our local church. I got hoodwinked into being Angel Gabriel (very appropriate *not*) as the other girl was ill on the day, so with only an afternoon to learn my oooh 3-4 lines, with all the star quality I possess, I managed to get the lines down pat. Only thing was I hadn;t been involved in the rehearsals etc. So I missed my cues. And then my wings got stuck where we were sitting on the pews, and Mary (who was a bit of a prissy prima donna even at that age who's ass I would have liked to kick at the time) got very stroppy because I'd stolen her glory cos everyone was laughing at my struggling and wrestling with my wings before they nearly ripped off and I went whizzing onto the alter/stage, tripped up the stairs and landed on top of the virgin Mary. Wasn't planned at all honest!!!! Makes me smile to remember the embarrassment of it all!Thought i'd share it with u guys so u can have a laugh at my expense. :-P LOL

I think it's true that nativity plays with kiddies are always so sweet.
Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by Rusted on 18 December 2002 9:44pm
LOL, JenJen...now THAT sounds more like the Live Nativity in the play I'm in... ;O)

(Actually, the folks playing Mary and Joseph get sick, as do the wise men, shepherds, and half the choir. An over-dramatic Father and a dad with stage fright become the shepherds, and bickering teenage twins become Mary and Joseph. The wise men become puppets of which a young girl loves and decides to steal one and add her own lines. The live animals are lost and one guy has to wear a cow suit AND pretend to be a star at the same time, and the sheep are styrafoam and on sticks. The "angel" cracks her tooth and helps the old eccentric lady, Marge (me!) witht he sound...and messes it all up so we have anything from "Rawhide" to "Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit as music in the play. "Baby Jesus" is stolen and replaced with a racoon...and the list goes on...)

~Mary (we open again tomorrow! WOOHOO!)

Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by little-peep on 18 December 2002 10:14pm
Good luck Mary!! (as i've said before. never mind...) getting forgetful at 16? oh dear!
i'll be thinking of you, as i finish this damn essay for eng, in for 2morrow!!!
but, last day 2morrow!!!
luv little-peep xx
Re: Natvity Play with Cliff Richard songs!!?? by Rusted on 19 December 2002 7:13am
And thanks again little-peep...the support is ALWAYS helpful, especially considering I haven't rehearsed the show in two weeks. (YIPE.)

Saturday night it'll be all done, though, thank goodness. With that in mind, a warning that I won't be posting that night (cast party and/or hanging with friends after the show) so don't be surprised if the amount of Mary-notes is smaller. ("Thank goodness", they're all saying!)

Ah, yes - it's your last day of school tomorrow, as it is for a few others on the Palin board, I believe! I'm excited for all of you!! :O) Get ready to relax and enjoy!


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