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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by MissTrixiB on 27 September 2002 9:30am
Has anyone had what they consider to be the most horrific travel experience? One that they have never wanted to go through again, but they re-live it in great detail to all of their friends and loved ones at the slightest opportunity? I have had a few, but would like to hear others. (Quite frankly, everyone I know has heard mine, and I need new material).
My tales involve cars breaking down in the middle of nowhere Kentucky with $50 in my pocket, no credit cards, no road side assistance and still another 1000 miles to go (and that was my honeymoon). Or needing to 'refresh' myself on a desert road, pulling into an 'abandoned' trailer park, only to go bounding out into the middle of someone's family reunion with toilet paper in hand (I can still hear the echoes of 'Momma, who's that' as I went running back to the car). Who said travel wasn't fun and exciting? I would love to see what other adventures people have to share.
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by linda irish mike fan on 29 September 2002 12:36am
this happened to my mother a couple of years ago when she and my dad were in spain with 2 of their friends . my mom put her swimming suit in the sink to soak . she did'nt realise she left the tap slightly running . the first thing they noticed was when drips of water were comming down through the ceiling . the place was flooded . thank god it belong to an irish comapny who's rep calmed mom down and told her not to worry they had insurance to cover it . i don;t think they chagred for thr repairs either !!!!!after that mom and dad had to sleep in a tiny box room where mom got really badly bitten by mosquitos .
a couple of years after that mom and dad went back to the same place with the same couple . this time moms hand luggae got stolen out of a hire car and whn mom got to the apartment she discoverd she had someonme elses suitcase . thats was easily sorted as the person had their name and destination on it so mom and dad went and swapped the bag back . however mom had to try and replce all her make up and medication she brought with her . that was a bit annoying for her .
i have been all over the place with mom and dad since and there have been mo more disasters !!!!
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by Alexandra on 29 September 2002 7:01am
When I was 12 I had a pretty horrible vacation to North Carolina and the smokey mountains. I got stung twice in the first hour of being there and swelled up so much I could hardly move. It's very uncomfortable sleeping in a tent like that too and there was a lot of pain. Also, it rained the entire week we were there.

When I went to Yellowstone Wyoming the next year I broke my arm falling down a hill. Then I hiked around the park for two days after that with a throbbing unmoveable elbow, with no cast of any kind because I didn't want to complain and ruin everyone's vacation.

My friends and I stayed in the hotel from Hell in Toronto. It had bullet holes in the wall, was so small we could barely move, and had a strip club right outside our window. And our friends in another room had fleas in their bed and blood in their tub.

Good Times!!!

Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by SamThatIsCalledSam on 21 October 2002 4:54am
Two years ago, when I was twelve, we went to visit my grandma in Arkansas. In the middle of winter. It was below freezing, and being from Los Angeles where it is considered freezing if it is below 60 degrees, I honestly thought I was going to die. My brother and I held out hope that it might eventually snow. We have never seen snow. But no, instead of the snow we dearly wished for, we got days and days of ice. Ice that was so bad that we couldn't get across the bridge to North Little Rock, where my grandma lived. So there was no point in our going to Arkansas! There is no other reason to go to Arkansas! Except if you want to go to Hot Springs and see the Duckmobile. Other than that, Arkansas is a pointless state. Finally we got a chance to go to my grandmother's house. We sat around in her living room, with its peeling walls and funky old leather smell, and talked about, you guessed it: the weather. Why?! I was asked to take a shovel and chip off the frozen ice on the stairs. So I went outside. I saw a block of wood on the ground and I ran across it and slid. I had a lot of fun until I slipped and fell over. I couldn't get back up, and I thought I was going to die because I would either freeze to death or it would finally snow and the snow which I wished for so badly would end up suffocating me. After lying on the ground for about 5 minutes, I found the strength to get back up. Then I had to start chipping the ice off of the stairs. I had to take off my gloves because they were too nice. Big mistake. After standing out there for a really long time (probably over and hour) I came back inside. My fingers were bright red and numb. I couldn't move them. My mom put her hands around mine to warm them up. I screamed because the sudden change in temperature made my hands feel as if they were about to burn off.

After a few days in Arkansas (during which we missed the celebration of Chanukah) we drove to Alabama to visit friends there. It finally snowed in Alabama. I remember looking out the window and seeing tiny flakes fall to the ground as I thought to myself, "My goodness! There's going to be so much snow tomorrow! I bet we could go skiing on the front lawn or something!" I didn't know any better, I'm a Los Angeles kid. I don't understand how snow works. So when I woke up the next morning, I threw on my warm clothing very quickly and ran downstairs to play in the snow. I took a quick look out the window to see my winter wonderland. There was nothing. A few places where there was evidence that it snowed the night before, but nothing more. I didn't understand it. It was quite possibly the most disappointing moment in my life. Well, besides the time the filming of our movie was cancelled...but still very disappointing...

By the way, a year later I actually got a chance to be in the snow and go skiing, so I guess it turned out okay...
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by rachel on 3 November 2002 6:28pm
now, this is a story the person who told me was friends of the people invovled and vouched for its authenticity. it went like this,
vera and bob always went away with their friends harry and mave. they liked to travel with their caravan and often went to france or germany. it was a great arrangment, they all got along and they never thought of changing it. that year they arranged the trip like every other and were looking forward to it, until harrry died. now mave did not mention the trip to bob and vera as she assumed that she would not be going without harry, bob and vera did not mention to mave as they did not want to bring up reminders of better times. in the end bob and vera talked about it and decided to remind mave that she was going away with them, just like before. luckily mave had really wanted to go and so it was all agreed, she would go and it would be in honour of harry. they set off with the caravan to germany, all was well. they had plannned a trip across the border into poland for the day and were waiting at the border when mave got out her passport only to discover that it was out of date! harry used to do all this stuff before, bob thought she would have to turn herself in to the border guards, but vera said that this would spoil the trip and why didnlt mave wait in the loo in the caravan until they were over the border and then she could do the same thing on the way home. this was a bit risky for these pensionners who never broke the law, but they went with it and safely crossed the border. a few miles down the road bob pulled over and when to fetch mave from the loo in the caravan. mave had had a heart attack and died in the loo whilst they were crossing the border. now bob and vera had a dead body in their caravan which they had smuggled over the border. they turned back to the border and tried to explain the situation. when i heard this story, bob and mave had been allowed to return to the uk but mave's body was still in germany with her daughter trying to retrieve it.
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by icaufieldholt on 28 November 2002 12:46pm
I think fighting off a couple of muggers in Brazil is one I would rather forget. Could have turned out very nasty for me.

Another would be being stranded on the Pan American Highway in Peru as the sun was setting. We were rescued by a beat up old car.
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by Sir Robin on 7 December 2002 8:18pm
here's one.
this time last year i was in india, and in all honesty i was trying to be a bit of a palin by scouting about and talking to people. anyway, we were at calcutta airport going onto a plane to get to darjeeling. i had my camera on my arm and the security thought i was taking pictures. they were all over us like vultures and we narrowly escaped being arrested. it was scary for 2 reasons...a group of plane spotters had been jailed in greece, and it was the day after a terrorist attack in new dehli. they confiscated the camera and shouted at us for ages. i equally shouted a load of abuse back at them before i was let on the plane. they eventually gave the camera back and that was that. later that evening, someone in darjeeling came up to me on the street and said "well done for the fight you put up against the power obsessed sucurity"...funny in heinsight!
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by infinity on 16 December 2002 3:07pm
I've got a few but here is one.

About 15 years ago (1987) I went on a cruise aboard the P&O's Canberra. (now scrapped). The cruise took us at Xmas to the Holy Lands/Aegean Sea and back. A couple of big problems on the way back:

1. Food posioning, not nice.
2. Yet the bigger problem was when we hit the bay of Biscay. The weather really turned on us and after the ships stabilisers broke and this hugh 42,000 ton ship started to be tossed around in the water like a rag doll, people got very worried. It gradually got worse and worse over the next 24hours and when we were told to put on life jackets and head for our muster stations I thought, is this it? We waited there for hours watching the sea crash over the front and the sides of the ship. I thought if this ship leans to one side any more than it is, surely it will capsize. Finally the storm passed and we arrived at Southampton to find we had even made headline news. Quite a scary experience, that I've never forgotten.
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by ellenpc on 17 December 2002 12:22am
"Eee, by, gum!!"

Have you boarded a ship since???

Even reading your message gave me motion sickness!! :-}

Glad you lived to tell the tale.

Ellen x
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by infinity on 17 December 2002 8:19pm

Yes I did actually in 1994 and 1995. But it was not much better. In 1995 I was in Cyprus and did a mini cruise to Cairo, The Holy Land (again) and a couple of other short stops. Before we set out the thunder and lightining on the horizon didn't fill me with confidence.

The sea was rough enough to keep most of the passengers down in their cabins for most of the voage. It was a bit strange sitting down to your meals with masses of empty seats where there should be passengers, yet most of them had their heads down the toilet.

I managed to get used to it during the day but I had trouble sleeping as I thought if I fast asleep and we start to sink will i wake up! I calmed my nerves, funnerly enough, by staring out towards the front of the ship as it crashed through the waves!

Yet it was all worth it to see the Pyramids and the Egpytian museum in Cairo. Jerusalem again dissapointed me.
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