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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Attn: All Palinites !! by Rusted on 22 December 2002 10:16am
With Christmas rapidly approaching and at least one person (Dianne?) asking about a possible date/time for the Palin chat, it's obvious that some of you may have missed Ellen's suggestion on the "Happy Christmas Fellow Palinites" thread.

This is a direct quote from Ellen:
"What about !2 pm - 3/4pm (depending on which coast for you , 7 - 8pm UK and 8 -9am for NZ??"

I believe we're still going for Boxing Day. If not, let us know any other suggestions. Just not the 27th, because I will be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing most of the day and will likely not be aware enough to participate. Heh.

As for times, PLEASE...if you would like to be involved in the chat, let the board know whether it works or not. It's hard to change around times because of the time zone differences, but I'm sure an hour could be adjusted back or forward.


Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by little-peep on 22 December 2002 2:42pm
for us in Uk- boxing day, 7- 8 pm. seems fine to me.
hopefully dad won't kick me out of here to check his e-mails!
do we come onto this website, or Kelley's Palinites comvention? more likely other one, but i still have to join etc.
please let me know, luv little-peep xx
Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by Kristine on 22 December 2002 11:40pm
I'm up for it! 7-8 PM UK time is 2-3PM my time. I'm sure I can make it! :)

See you all there
Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by Dianne on 23 December 2002 3:17am
Is that Boxing Day for NZ or for the rest of the world? Also, I can't join the chat at 8am, but 9am onwards is hunky dorey with me.

After reading the messages again it looks to be the 28th for us in NZ.
Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by Rusted on 23 December 2002 7:57am
Little-peep, we'd come to Kelley's page if we wanted to chat. :O)

So I'd join soon! :Oo

Glad this is sounding okay for some folks!

Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by ellenpc on 23 December 2002 12:24pm
I think I meant Boxing Day -26th for the UK, USA, Europe etc. and 8-9am 27th for us in NZ...

though I've just thought that makes it 6 -7am 27th for the poor OZ Palinites....sorry guys :-{

Can we shift it or are you OK for that time??

Ellen x
Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by Dianne on 23 December 2002 1:39pm
Oh, blow! Noooo, between 6am and 9am is out for me.

I made a 'boo boo' with the date of the 28th. Boxing Day is the 26th. so the next day would be the 27th, not the 28th. *Dianne knocks her head on the desk* Ouch!

Hold on . . . "poor OZ Palinites"? Ellen, are you meaning the Aussies or Kiwis? To me an OZ is a person from Australia . . . or it could be a person from that place Dorothy visited.
Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by JenJen on 23 December 2002 6:04pm
hi guys. I would have loved to join in (even thou the timings seem to be getting a bit confuzzed).

Unfortunately, I'm going to be at my sister's who is rather unclued up and therefore sans computer (oh woe!). Enjoy the chat and I'll have to see what happens when I look in to the chatterbox in the new year heh heh.

This will probably be my last missive til 2003 (as I do this from my office compooota and I'm orf tonight, so ... a very silly funny and merry chrishmush to one and all and try not to get too drunk at new year (or is that a silly thing to say). Well if it is silly it's got to be good because mp likes to be thought of as silly and I only wanna follow in his footsteps :-)

Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by piglet on 23 December 2002 10:33pm
7 - 8 pm on boxing day is ok with me too but is that not right for australian counterparts - have we any? must have somewhere! - if we dont all succeed in making it for this time then can we try again for others to join in for the new year? and have two chats! that would be nice better than not having one at [email protected]? and the second one would favour those by time who missed out on the first one so the uk and nz haev a funny time for the second chat? does that suit?

anyway can we stick to 7-8pm uk time for this one and see how it goes? or 7 - 9pm and give folks a 2 hour chance? but we need to agree soon.

Re: Attn: All Palinites !! by Rusted on 24 December 2002 10:34am
Dianne...don't hurt yourself. ;O)
Why can't you can it the morning of the 27th? Is it the time or the date? Or both?

As Lyn said, we can have another chat for those who miss the one on the 27th. Heck, we can arrange a chat whenever we feel like it now. :O)

Enjoy the holidays JenJen! (And whoever else doesn't get a chance to check this board in the next two days!)

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