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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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IP ADDRESS...Morse by risible-phyll on 13 July 2004 1:27am
Question for Morse....???????

Do you know that it doesn't matter how many user names you have, your IP Address is ALWAYS the same???????? and can be traced????????
Re: IP ADDRESS...Morse by weegigi on 13 July 2004 1:36am
My suggestion would be for the users of this web site to not pay attention to Morse. Morse's hateful words towards Patty and homophobic comments are antagonistic and begging for response. I know it seems simplistic, but that's my two-cents having witnessed flaming at other sites.

Also, by creating posts in response we are adding to his "mystique" (as it were) versus talking about travel and jokes. As a new user, I feel that I am digging through a lot of Morse/anti-Morse missives to get to the good stuff. Let's just pile on the good stuff and share a good laugh.
Re: IP ADDRESS...Morse by Izot on 13 July 2004 8:35am
Hear hear weegigi, I feel you man. =D
Re: IP ADDRESS...Morse by risible-phyll on 13 July 2004 12:22pm
Hi, weegigi, welcome to Palins........
I hear what you're saying, you are new but I am OLD lol........
I have been here on the site from day one way back when it first started.......
I have made so many friends here its overwhelming, ..e-mails, parcels, telephone calls(local and international, a fantastic visit for 4 days from a fellow Palin fan all the way from Australia!!! and I have 2 Palin friends coming to stay this summer from Yorkshire!!!!!!and this I feel is only the tip of the iceberg,
Patty and I are now 1/2 sisters and I've even had cookery lessons from her Mom!!!
I agree to leave Morse and his attitude alone, I was pointing out and I hope he/she is reading this that with a flick of a switch he/she/it can be thrown into cyber space via an Ip Address, how cool technology is these days???????????//

lets turn it around..

How many Morses does it take to change a light bulb????????

Ans....3 because he can't do it on his own he needs another 2 names to help him!!!!!!

what happened when Morse walked into a building???

Ans.. he/she/it...banged its head..!!!

Phyll who is now know as Phyll bert..
take care and enjoy........
Re: IP ADDRESS...Morse by fattcslim on 13 July 2004 1:31pm
have you people ever thought about this...morse may have been dropped on his head when he was young and damaged, hmm but then again lets think about it, that wouldnt do much damage as if his head was hollow in the first place, via the space left by his brain retreating to his butt. also look at his name, morse.. we all know we pick names that have some relevance to ourselves, mine as you can see is that im thin and muscular,...ok ok bert and pats so im a big fat git ok ill be honest but is not morse a simple way of comunictation thats old and out dated and worked on a single wire and took forever to recive a reply? he'll eveole soon though , so beware he's going to grow hairs around his nipple soon!!!!
Re: IP ADDRESS...Morse by Godfather on 13 July 2004 5:44pm

>>>your IP Address is ALWAYS the same???????? and can be traced????????

I should'nt do this,but that's a bit of a myth. IP addresses are actually quite fluid and change ever so slightly quite often. Some dont,but most do. No IP server administrator is going to bother his (or her) arse sorting out a troll. I know this because I emailed the manager of an IP server once. I had traced the IP of someone who was scanning the internet to try and implant Trojan viruses. Quite serious stuff. They never did anything about it or bothered to email me back. They only take action against someone on their server if law enforcement people get in touch with them over something extremely serious indeed (and even then, it has to go through a legal process usually). Plus,some trolls use Proxy's to re-appear under different IP's. The IP someone is using in Florida,may be based in New York. So a user can only find the approximate area on their own. Given that vast range of users, no IP admin can be bothered with requests to sort out rude posters. There is no way to beat Trolls by blocking their IP. They just find other ways around it (and there are many). Best thing,is simply to just let them whither away slowly by withdrawing the food they crave so dearly every time they log on to see who payed attention :)
risible-phyll! by weegigi on 13 July 2004 5:55pm
That's great! I'd like to say that the community here seems great from my couple days poking around. It's exciting to hear that people have really made connections with each other. You don't find this on lonelyplanet's site!
Re: risible-phyll! by risible-phyll on 13 July 2004 7:16pm
Ahhemmmm, Godfather, sorry to differ this with you kind Sir!!!!!!!!
But you can be banned from an IP address......

we all have one to our computer and is traceable, this has worked very well in the tracing of Paedophile / Drugs rings around the world, even when they swap computers, great result there if you ask me????????????
Isn't technology a great thing Godfather, if it wasn't for computers we would all have just sooooo much time on our hands.....lol

and I must agree let the fasting begin!!!!!!!!

Phyll x
Re: risible-phyll! by risible-phyll on 13 July 2004 7:20pm
Tony you said NIPPLES???????
is that allowed??????????
Re: IP ADDRESS...Morse by Godfather on 13 July 2004 10:21pm

I agree with you Phyll. My post did agree that IP banning occurs in extremely serious situations (like the ones you've mentioned). What I'm saying,is that your average IP administrator is not going to bother going through all the trouble of banning a troll on a message board. Unless it's something deadly serious,criminal or otherwise,then in their minds they've got much more important things to do. A webmaster can ban input from a particular IP address. But then the troll can simply use another machine or use a proxy,etc. But i think we're all agreed that the easiest way to solve this is just to withdraw our attention towards Morse.

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