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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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What am I missing? by notquitenglish on 18 July 2004 1:19am
Somehow I never manage to get into the other sections of the chatter box. I remember when I wrote on Douglas Adams' forum nearly every day he had a community forum and then one called "The Half-Witted Crap" forum. I wrote on both of those and was especially adept at contributing to the latter. Maybe I should take a look at the other sections? What am I missing?
Re: What am I missing? by notquitenglish on 18 July 2004 1:19am
Is anyone in the chatroom by the way?
Re: What am I missing? by notquitenglish on 18 July 2004 2:18am
I'm not real good at troll-hunting, actually, not being the talkative sort I don't have a problem just ignoring them.
Re: What am I missing? by sminobe on 19 July 2004 7:33pm
notquitenglish -- there isn't as much action in the other sections as here. I like reading the Travel section since there are people there who have very interesting adventures! I myself don't travel much, so I have very little to contribute.

Bruce -- you get rid of trolls by NOT RESPONDING AT ALL! Remember, to these folks any attention, even negative, is better than no attention at all. You may find troll-baiting fun, but all you're really doing is keeping them HERE to annoy the rest of us.
Re: What am I missing? by sminobe on 20 July 2004 10:50pm
Bruce, you're assuming that Trolls have brains or at least a part of it that can be reasoned with or spoken to rationally. Wrong. Any attention at all, even negative (maybe that should be *especially* negative) gives Trolls their greatest pleasure. The more riled up you get, the stiffer they get (or wetter).

Anyway, back on topic, perhaps the reason that there's little traffic in the Travel section is that there is less traveling going on in this post-9/11 world... I wouldn't know, tho', since I never traveled much before then. How about others? Traveling less/more/same?
Re: What am I missing? by tominator_49 on 21 July 2004 12:13am
Bruce remember that time you took down that troll with your bare hands!?!
Re: What am I missing? by Zz3QZgkny2 on 21 July 2004 1:11pm
Yeah I remeber but they later payed me back. Morse needs to be handled with care
Re: What am I missing? by xine on 21 July 2004 3:32pm
What did Morse do? when did he appear?
He posted a thread several times about this site closing down! I hope it's not true. and if it's not true, what does this Morse guy want from posting false news?
I think it's best we ignore such people. just respond to the positive threads.
Re: What am I missing? by Helen on 21 July 2004 3:43pm
The bsh1878. is not Bruce. The troll has been using other Palinite's usernames and tweaking them just a tad by using punctuation,missing letters, etc-- very sneaky. look at usernames very closely....)
(Bruce does not put a . at the end of his username)

On another note, how have you been? It's been a while!
Re: What am I missing? by peripatetically on 21 July 2004 8:06pm
Yes, Christine, and Morsse is also transposing numbers in Bruce's username too as well as mine. So watch carefully!!!

And yes, how ARE you!!!!?????

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