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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by Malik Faroek on 26 December 2002 2:15am
Dear Mr. Palin and family,

I wish for you and your family Happy and pleasant Xmas holidays and I am also sending you seasons greetings....and all the best (and many more travels) for 2003.

I have been an admirer... from the beginning of time... I guess ?? Starting of course in a less serious way by watching as a teenager all the Monthy Pyhton TV series and all the Monthy Python Movies....which I enjoyed greatly, because I like very much the special kind of humour...

Then I started watching 'Around the world in 80 days' and I was deeply inspired by this series... to travel all around the world by myself.

My first country I visited abroad Belgium (where I live and work) was Egypt...

I was studying egyptology from the age of 14 and finaly in 1987 I had the opportunity to go for the first time in my life to my beloved Egypt which has now become my second homecountry. I worked 4 times a year as a (freelance) tourleader on a cruiseboat. I have done this for the last 15 years and visited (between two cruises on the Nile) also other country's like a tour in the U.S.A and the former U.S.S.R., Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Cuba, Saint Lucia, Curaçao, Occupied Palestine, the Sinaï peninsula, Turkey and Poland, Bohemia (Tsjechia) in Europe...

In 1995 I started my own website on the Internet called 'The Liberal Egyptologist Monthly Website'.


It's been online for 7 years, received already 32.000 visitors and consist of 2.800 pages (all written by myself) with a large amount of photographs and just like this splendid website with multimedia Quicktime mini-movies i programmed myself (I am a PC doctor and HTML magician also)....

There's one giant obstacle in my website.....it's entirely written in my native language... Dutch...

Only a small part of my website I translated into English. If I can find the time (due to all my travelling very less chance ... I guess) someday i will translate all of it. Inch'Allah....(if God is willing).

I bought this week a hardback copy of 'Sahara' which is been translated into my native language 'Dutch'... and I was trilled about it..... It reached this week in Belgium the third place in the Book Top Ten Bestsellers.....

Many thanks Mr Palin... for all those enjoyable travel moments and adventures you wished to share with the TV viewers, bookreaders and cybernauts on the Internet....

Sinceer greetings

Malik Faroek

26 december 2002 in Bruges (Belgium)
Commentaar in het Nederlands over dit Forum by Malik Faroek on 27 December 2002 4:42pm
Ik kon het wel peinzen...
Dit Forum is 100 X groter dan de VT4 en VDAB Forum chat samen.....
Over massa chatten gesproken....
En net zoals op elk Forum van deze omvang wordt er over de meest triviale onderwerpen 'Een witte Kerst' de meeste reacties gepost die oplopen tot 20 tot 30 reacties in 2 dagen tijd...

En over serieuze onderwerpen.... ?????


De kans dat er hier een 'Ollander' of een Nederlandssprekend iemand op dit Forum neerstrijkt is evenveel als dat er iemand in de Libische woestijn een Engelsman ontmoet..... ;-)

En dan was ik bijna vergeten dat het hier vergeven zit van Amerikanen op deze Chatterbox....

Deze laatste soort is niet direct een voorbeeld van intelligentie en doorzicht wat geografie betreft: "Belgium ???? is that a part of Scandinavia ??????"

Ik kan evengoed in de Libische woestijn staan roepen....

Niemand die mij hoort......

Dan is de VDAB Forum nog duizend maal beter.....

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