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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by Malik Faroek on 27 December 2002 2:57pm
Dear Mr. Palin and family,

I wish for you and your family Happy and pleasant Xmas holidays and I am also sending you seasons greetings....and all the best (and many more travels) for 2003.

I have been an admirer... from the beginning of time... I guess ?? Starting of course in a less serious way by watching as a teenager all the Monthy Pyhton TV series and all the Monthy Python Movies....which I enjoyed greatly, because I like very much the special kind of humour...

Then I started watching 'Around the world in 80 days' and I was deeply inspired by this series... to travel all around the world by myself.

My first country I visited abroad Belgium (where I live and work) was Egypt...

I was studying egyptology from the age of 14 and finaly in 1987 I had the opportunity to go for the first time in my life to my beloved Egypt which has now become my second homecountry. I worked 4 times a year as a (freelance) tourleader on a cruiseboat. I have done this for the last 15 years and visited (between two cruises on the Nile) also other country's like a tour in the U.S.A and the former U.S.S.R., Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Cuba, Saint Lucia, Curaçao, Occupied Palestine, the Sinaï peninsula, Turkey and Poland, Bohemia (Tsjechia) in Europe...

In 1995 I started my own website on the Internet called 'The Liberal Egyptologist Monthly Website'.


It's been online for 7 years, received already 32.000 visitors and consist of 2.800 pages (all written by myself) with a large amount of photographs and just like this splendid website with multimedia Quicktime mini-movies i programmed myself (I am a PC doctor and HTML magician also)....

There's one giant obstacle in my website.....it's entirely written in my native language... Dutch...

Only a small part of my website I translated into English. If I can find the time (due to all my travelling very less chance ... I guess) someday i will translate all of it. Inch'Allah....(if God is willing).

I bought this week a hardback copy of 'Sahara' which is been translated into my native language 'Dutch'... and I was trilled about it..... It reached this week in Belgium the third place in the Book Top Ten Bestsellers.....

Many thanks Mr Palin... for all those enjoyable travel moments and adventures you wished to share with the TV viewers, bookreaders and cybernauts on the Internet....

Sinceer greetings

Malik Faroek

27 december 2002 in Bruges (Belgium)
Re: Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by Rusted on 28 December 2002 7:43am
Another Belgian? ;O)

I'm not Belgian myself (hail from good ol' USA), but it's so cool to see how Python humor and Michael's different programmes have traveled over (excuse the pun) and made an impact in countries in which English may not be the native language.

Thanks for the neat story, Malik! Congratulations on a job well done - it takes courage to go out and accomplish your dreams.

~Mary (beginning to feel as if the city of Brugge is following her everywhere!)
Re: Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by piglet on 2 January 2003 12:46am
Just goes to show how Michael touches our lives no matter what the language or culture, and this web site brings us all together, wow
Re: Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by SingDino on 2 January 2003 2:47am
What an amazing story. One man's tv show or special can inspire a person to travel the world. It's just mind-blowing really. I'd love to travel and visit all sorts of other countries.. but see, i have this no money problem. *eep* its scary.. but... my first 'real' trip is coming up in April (it sounds sad) But I'm going to Atalanta... its only accross the country.. but when you've only been to 2 states in all 17 years of your life... accross the country is just.. thrilling. One say I'll go all over the world... or my name isnt Palinite!
Re: Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by Rusted on 2 January 2003 5:59am
Ah, Candice (am I recalling your name right, SingDino?), I know your plight well!

I've had a similar story and similar dreams for the 18 years of my life. ;O) Other than the odd trip to the Bahamas and Memphis, I've pretty much stayed in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. Enjoy the trip, and hope you're not gone when Michael visits your state! (Where are you from again?)

Re: Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by SingDino on 2 January 2003 6:08am
I'm in California... that was(is!) the main thing i was thinking about when I found out when we were going... "Oh no.. I wonder if that's when Michaels in town...we're going early April... i cant find the scedule of where he's going to be and when... do you by chance know where it is.

And yes, It's Candice :0)
Re: Egypt Revisited thxs to Mr Palin by Rusted on 3 January 2003 6:40am
Ah, a Californian! I'd like to go there someday. In fact, I'm planning on taking a trip out there this October.

As far as I know, the schedule for the US booksigning tour hasn't been released (or maybe even set?) yet. So just keep your eyes peeled. I'm absolutely positive the news will be available on this site as soon as possible. :O)


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