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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Michael's message by RichB on 28 December 2002 4:32am
Completely contradicting my reponse on the 'Same questions' thread, here's a new thread based on an old one. Firstly thanks to Michael, not only for giving us a great new series this year (fantastic extras on DVD) and a superb website, but for taking the time to send us all a personal Xmas message (great touch to send it individually).

I regret I wasn't able to meet Michael in Sheffield and he couldn't come to my wedding either (had to ask) but lessening the cruel blow I thoroughly enjoyed visiting this site. I also look forward to taking part in many future chatroom conversations and reading about all our Palin related gossip. Don't let the board deteriorate due to a lack of new Palin material.

One last plea to Michael if you're out there, if your commitments dwindle at some time next year would you consider a meeting with your newly established 'fan club'? or perhaps some extra talks/booksignings for 'palinstravels' members?

I truly hope the other series come out on DVD ASAP, someone get trawling the BBC archives for some great extras, not forgetting 'Hemingway' too. I managed to pick up the brilliant audio book on eBay recently, don't let it become a poor second to Belgium.

Hope you all enjoyed Christmas and all the best for 2003 from me. I'm off t' work int' mill afore me Dad kills me and dances on me grave.

Re: Michael's message by Helen on 28 December 2002 5:48pm
hope one of the crossbeams hasn't gone out of skew on the treadle!
Re: Michael's message by piglet on 28 December 2002 6:11pm
Would have liked Michael to just join in with one of the threads that we put in rather than be out on a limb in his own no reply section, this doesnt happen on the Beach Boy message board where Bruce johnston will post his own threads and reply to others, we cant hurt michael if he joins in.

Does Michael really think that those who are not slim would throw their weight around- literally and why comment on it anyway, doesnt sound like him - did he really write the letter himself as some of his posts seem to be written in the third party anyway.

Would love him to join in as so many on the chatterbox cant get to book signings so it wouldnt hurt to have a few comments from the great man himself to us directly, that we could reply to, we can only talk to him at the signings and then for only 15 seconds at the most really. doesnt have to be tomorrow but the day after would do!!!

Yes it was good of the web site to send it to us but it is on the read only section for those not registered, for some reason I had it sent to me four times!

Re: Michael's message by Helen on 29 December 2002 1:19am
MP is a very busy person, hence his absence on this particular board.
I think his messages sound very much like him---the comment about throwing weight around was just his brand of humor-- not to be taken literally..:)
it's great that he posts , and the message sent to all of our private e-mails was a fabulous, personal and heartwarming touch.
it would be a hoot if he joined in, but I wouldn't blame him for not doing so.... this website is wonderful gift from Michael, for all of us. And boy, it sure is fun!
(wasabi wing tips)
Re: Michael's message by Rusted on 29 December 2002 9:11am
Funny, I thought I was the only one who got the message sent to my inbox four times... ;O)

Yeah, of course - it would be great if we could reply directly to Michael's messages and he to us, Lyn, and I totally understand your sentiment. But as Helen said, you really can't blame the man...he's awful busy!

Some artists that I like (such as David Crosby and Roger McQuinn) do contact with fans directly through the internet, whilst others (such as Neil Young) don't go anywhere near fans online and actually seem to disdain it. There's a broad range in there so I'm just grateful Michael isn't on the negative extreme. And who knows what might happen in the future? I'm willing to leave that all up to Michael. :O)

Re: Michael's message by kelley on 29 December 2002 8:16pm
ohhhhhhhhhhh, i didn't get a message from michael :-( what did it say?? was it the christmas message posted on this website ??? can someone lend me one of their four please ???

ohhhhhh :-(
Re: Michael's message by Dianne on 30 December 2002 1:23am
Having read what Helen wrote in this thread I don't have to write anymore because she read my mind and posted what I would have posted if I had a chance to post if I had posted a lot earlier. Now what was I going to post here?

(having fun with the word post/posted)
Re: Michael's message by nottlob on 30 December 2002 6:16am
kelley did you double check your inbox? Maybe you just changed your e-mail address. If you did, try an old one. Tell me if you've seen the letter!
Re: Michael's message by Rusted on 30 December 2002 8:56am
Sorry, Kelley, I've already deleted my 4!

Perhaps I should hang on to them for safe-keeping from now on... ;O)

No, really - hope you find it! I know you can read it on the site, but it's still neat to find it in your inbox!

Re: Michael's message by kelley on 30 December 2002 6:05pm
:-( nottlob i triple checked :-( its not there don't know what happened :-(

bugger ! (excuse my language)

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