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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Budding Palinite in need! by SingDino on 30 December 2002 7:12am
For YEARS I've been a mad Monty Python fan... since before I understood the majority of the jokes I was rolling around on the floor laughing my butt off! It wasnt till just about last year I realized that I took a particular liking to Mr. Palin. He is a funny, smart, Abominably rude, lying untrustworthy, decadent, hypocritical, cheese-eating delinquent from hell(but still nice)and an EXTREMELY talented man... and I was wondering if anyone on this glorious website could help me in my quest for everything and anything Palin. Know any really good webistes? the best books? Solo ventures of any kind? Please help me! I aspire to be as knowing as all of you someday!
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by Rusted on 30 December 2002 9:10am
Best websites? Well, here's a good place to start... ;O) Really, if you want to learn more about what Michael's been doing recently, this is a great place to dig around in.

Best books? If you haven't read any general Monty Python books, I'd definitely start there. You get an idea of how Michael interacts with the group that way. Then read some of his travel books (many listed on this site), which will give you a great view of not just his experiences but how he takes in the world. A very cool opportunity to learn about great places and people as well as Michael himself. I haven't been able to get my hands on a Michael biography yet, but some here have already suggested one that I can't remember. I'm sure someone could supply the name of the author.

Solo ventures: I haven't been a Palin fan as long as some of the folks on here, but I have been able to enjoy some of Michael's stuff. Again, the travel videos are great. "American Friends", "The Missionary", and "Private Function" are a few movies with Michael in it that you'd probably enjoy. I'm sure there are others. And there's always "Ripping Yarns" and other projects with Terry J.

Just some ideas to get you started. Help me out here, folks!

Re: Budding Palinite in need! by Helen on 30 December 2002 4:40pm
"Hemingway's Chair" his novel, is great....
and don't forget "A Fish Called Wanda"!
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by stephlynne on 30 December 2002 4:42pm
I love all of his travel-related stuff (books and series) and I also think his novel "Hemingway's Chair" is wonderful.

I see we think alike, Helen. ;^)
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by SingDino on 30 December 2002 8:57pm
Thanks all you lovely people you!!! *runs to nearest store*
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by little-peep on 30 December 2002 9:58pm
If you go on amazon then you will find loads of stuff relating to Michael. Ok, an exageration, but it still gives you a list of whats avalible. At least 2 bios, full circle, 80 days, pole to pole, hemingway adventure, and sahara.
If you live in UK, then the radio times website (not that ive ever been there! *getting abit uncomfortable*) review films. He's actually done quite a few, so have a look.
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by SingDino on 30 December 2002 10:13pm
Does anyone know if he ever doen book signings in the US or not? I wouldnt blame him if he didnt... if you read the dialouge in "A US plea for travel special" You'll see what we have to offer. We do have Spam!!!
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by nottlob on 30 December 2002 11:47pm
I think Michael will do book signings in the US in April, that's what he said in an email sent to everyone that posts messages here.
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by SingDino on 31 December 2002 12:13am
Really? WOW! I would've gotten the email... but i kind of just started this thing last night... :)
Re: Budding Palinite in need! by RichB on 31 December 2002 4:24am
A lot of Palin stuff appears on eBay, I enhanced my collection no end that way and all cheaper than Amazon. True the items are not brand new but all the books I bought are as good as. It's worth checking out if nothing else. Good luck with the search.
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