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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sahara book by little-peep on 30 December 2002 4:45pm
Yesterday, i went to the sales and brought a copy of the book, while trying not to stick my tounge out at mum! (see "dead parrot for xmas?").
anywho, is it just me, or is his style of writting getting more synical? This may not be a bad thing. Also, i'm on day 21, and the amount of times he mentions Sheffield! is he having a second puppyhood, sorry, kittenhood for you cat-loving people? again, not a complaint. just one of those things i had to say.
ps. the pics in it are as good as ever!
Re: Sahara book by piglet on 2 January 2003 12:42am
How much did you have to pay in the sales little peep? any other MP bargains to be had?

as for second puppyhood - well have any of us grown out of our first yet?{{{[email protected]

Lyn still under the mistletoe but no kisses!
Re: Sahara book by ellenpc on 2 January 2003 1:04pm
Here's a kiss Lyn x

(in a platonic, sisterly way of course :-}, and definately not as exciting as other recent pecks you've had, but sent with love x :-}}}

When I bought the book and DVD of Sahara from amazon.co.uk in Nov the book was 10 quid which is about $30 NZ, still half price than what it's retailing here at the moment.

Agreed peep the pics are stunning.

Re: Sahara book by little-peep on 2 January 2003 2:12pm
The book was "£5 off" in WHsmiths- was £15, Ellen did better.10 quid! bargin!
sorry, don't know if there are any other bargins...
Ello, who is just reaching her second puppyhood, after leaving first!
Re: Sahara book by piglet on 2 January 2003 4:27pm
thank you ellen - you may have a new year platonic kiss !!

Little peep try the web sites for books - smiths and waterstones had sahara for £10 also try e bay as they have lots of MP stuff there but dont bid against me please! and dont bid until the last minute as if someone else is interested then you will be bidding against each other til end of auction but if you bid the very last thing they cant bid against you and put the price up as the auction will have ended! here endeth the first lesson! buy a lot on e bay that I could not get elsewhere havent had any problems. got sahara tapes from there lot cheaper than in the shops - my mum listens to them bless her!

good luck with the bargain hunting!

Lyn - still determined to wait under the mistletoe til michael appears!
Re: Sahara book by JenJen on 2 January 2003 7:56pm
Hi Lyn-No-kisses-yet-in-2003-but-the-year-is-young.

What we need is someone who's a bit of a whizz with computer graphics and website design and do something the pythons did originally when they used to move the mouth parts of pictures. But perhaps if they can make M's mouth pucker up nicely that would be nice. And then perhaps u could bring some virtual mistletoe!

Still not as good as the real thing tho :-0)


ha ha ha

Oh yes. Did anyone see the prog about Peter Cook which had the crinkly MP and Terry Jones doing some pythonesque sketches? Twas only a brief glimmering sight, but it made my crimbo :-)
Re: Sahara book by little-peep on 2 January 2003 8:03pm
YES! i saw it- Michael's sketch about Brian's naught hands was genius. had me in stiches!
Glad your back JenJen. happy 2003!
Re: Sahara book by Louise on 2 January 2003 8:56pm
re. Peter Cook show - wouldn`t our man make a brilliant vicar ;-) hehheh
Re: Sahara book by JenJen on 2 January 2003 9:05pm
Ta Bo-Peep.

Glad I wasn't the only one that smirked. He looked so angelic talking about Brian's naughty fingers. I thought He might say Bwian, but that might have been asking a bit much!

I did notice that he (and to a lesser extent his side kick Terry Jones) were given the most airtime. Probably because they were funnier than the others. I didn't find the Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson sketch funny.

But the old Peter Cook sketch about the one legged tarzan was a classic. I could imagine Michael and Terry having done it a bit better tho!!

Yes, I'm back (at work more's the pity). I must get a 'poota at home one of these days.

Re: Sahara book by little-peep on 2 January 2003 10:32pm
Before i get stalked by Anni, im on here as a break from Lukes gospal. RE exam sorted.
I watched it with Mum, and i said it wasn't as rude as i expected. She said they probaly cut the really rude bits out. As MP and Terry J were on most, I've come to the conclution (onto english exam) that they did the least rude stuff, so more was aired. Good for them....you don't have to be crude and horrible to be really funny.
Would Michael or Terry play Tarzan, Jen?hehe
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