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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Can i ask a favour? by little-peep on 2 January 2003 8:00pm
Sorry, but what i want to ask has nothing to do with Michael.
You see, i need to revise for these exams soon, and i can do languages, english and humanities, but i can't bring myself to revise maths or the sciences- i get sooo bored!
anyway, can you lot tell me, lovely peeps that you are, to get down to them and revise! I'm desparate, and i think that could do the trick!
Re: Can i ask a favour? by Anni on 2 January 2003 8:42pm
If I see one more post from you before you have had your exams, I will find you, take your computer and hide it from you! And that's not all, I'll take your tv too so you can't even see Michael.
So, you better study now if you don't want that to happen.

(Was that frightening enough?)
Re: Can i ask a favour? by Louise on 2 January 2003 8:53pm
How about you set aside a certain amount of revision time, and promise yourself a treat at the end of it. Works as an incentive for all sorts of dull stuff we`d rather not do!
Re: Can i ask a favour? by piglet on 3 January 2003 2:23am
revise and get good results little peeps and i will send you something signed by michael - not a book or photo but a poster of his book signings, and you have to get good results in maths and sciences to get it! so [email protected]! so go away and get your nose stuck into those books, but then how do you know what we have said to this post if you are revising - thats cheating putting this post up for us to reply and then sneaking back to the computer to look!

so do as Lousie says - revision time ahead and poster later (not a promotional poster but signed all the same)

Re: Can i ask a favour? by little-peep on 3 January 2003 9:49pm
Lyn, Louise and Anni, you are great! thanks to your inspiration, i did a whole day's revisin' today- mainly as Anni scared me. Please don't stalk me!
The thought of a poster was good too! :)
I found a nice pic of you-know-who, (from Sahara bk with the baby gazelle) and plan to fold it up and take it into exam room. That should calm nerves.......If they relise it is NOT cheating. A pic can't be seen as cheating, can it? i don't want an F!
Re: Can i ask a favour? by Anni on 4 January 2003 1:49am
It's nice that I could help you. I just hope you won't be afraid of me the rest of your life.. at least not very much.

Anyway, do you honestly think that a pic of Michael really helps you to calm down? At least it doesn't help you to concentrate. You will end up staring the pic and forgetting the exam. Better not to take it with you.
(But that's a sweet pic you're talking about, not a bad choice.)
Re: Can i ask a favour? by Rusted on 4 January 2003 8:06am
I don't know...when I was ready to go into nervous break down in the dentists chair before my wisdom teeth removal, hearing "you forgot the anaethestic!!" and seeing a mental picture of Michael a la Gumby on the operating table made me laugh on the inside and relaxed me quite a bit! LOL!

Of course, it was no problem if I got distracted, whereas Ello DOES need to concentrate...

Re: Can i ask a favour? by wilcifer76 on 4 January 2003 5:28pm
Hi little-peep,
a little trick that I found to work when I was to study for my exams was to read things onto an audio tape and when I did not want to read any more but sit back, was to listen to replays of the tape, this also works when you want to bore your self to sleep, you actually to take in some of the info. Best regards and good luck
Re: Can i ask a favour? by Kristine on 4 January 2003 8:34pm
Hey Ello! You're not alone, I have my first semester exams in 3 weeks! I think I'll be alright in most my subjects, but I still need to be able to keep focused. Any sugestions for this ninth grader with a slightly short attention span?

And Ello, if you're lucky enough to have your teacher do a class review once or twice before the exams, make sure to listen carfully and take notes from the things the professer says. If you can, you might even be able to bring in a tape recorder into your class and record the lecture. Either method works. Also, even though the exam is very important, don't make it occupy your thoughts. If you think too much about it, you'll become nervous. Don't be afraid to take a few breaks here and there from your studies.

Good luck with the exams!
Re: Can i ask a favour? by little-peep on 4 January 2003 10:58pm
Thanks for the reasurance Mary, Kristine and Julie. I've tried the tape recorder idea- it really works!
Good luck in your exams Kristine- you'll do fine. For the short attention span, well. I know that problem. But, i try to get a good night's sleep and then drink lots of water. A friend said it helps to fill the brain with energy or something, and after 2 glasses, i can work much better!
Unfortunitely for me, exams start on 1st day back......Eng for 2hr, then RE for 2hr........ARRRRRRRRRRRR!
But, theses are mocks, and its good to get problems with them out now and sorted before the real ones in, like, 4 months!
Hope my rambles help you, Kristine
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