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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 5 January 2003 10:23pm
I've been on here since day 1, but have only popped in from time to time. I thought it was time to introduce myself and give a little more insight than my knack for bad poetry and knowledge of Spam. I thought I'd start this little intro thread in hopes that others can use it as well (I didn't see a general one on here yet, so forgive me if I missed it).
Here's a list of questions, feel free to answer and add one of your own!
1)Name ('on-line' or 'real' and an explanation of how you came by your alter ego). -My real name is Missi, I have gone by 'trixi' since I was a cigarette girl and it has since became my nick-name. The 'B' I'll keep to myself to add a little mystery ;)
2)How long have you had this admiration for Palin and how did it come about? -I've been a Python fan since about the age of 5 (didn't fully understand it waaaay back then, but liked the animations and the general silliness). So it's been about 27 years of Python/Palin. Michael was always my favorite, so I pretty much followed his career. (you can do the math for the answer to the next question)
3)How old are you?
4)Do you have a travel bug too? -Oh my! Absolutley! My parents used to throw all 8 of us kid's into the camper every Summer and drive as far as we could and back in the span of two weeks (funniest thing though, we NEVER went to Cananda.....it's just 10 hours north of here and I've never been). I was with a touring choir in College (my dad said travelling was the best teacher). I love travelling across country by car. The strange little cafes at 3 in the morning in the middle of the desert. The little road side monuments 'just off' the main highway that turn out taking an extra hour to get to. Ahhh.....good times ;)
5)Where is your next trip planned for?-L.A. Fall of '03, and then.....hopefully.....a tour of the UK next Spring.
6)What city, country are you from (and tell us a bit about it)? -Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. 6 mos. of snowy, cold winter. 'Quirky' people (see the film 'Fargo'). Lot's of beer. Ice fishing (see 'Grumpy Old Men'). A strange kind of music mecca (Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis still do the majority of their productions here with the like of Janet Jackson and Shirley Manson). And we all go a little nuts in the Summer (can you blame us?). The Fall is unbelivably georgous here, but far too short! Oh-and many of you know, Minnesota is the birthplace of Spam (and childhood home of Terry Gilliam).
7)What's your favorite Palin travellogue? - Full Circle (the book)! Love it, love it, love it!!!
That's all...isnt' it enough?!? ;)
**One more thing (added 4/27/03), there's quite a few posts here and we will go on little tangents every now and then. Please, don't get discouraged by the size of the thread, nor the direction that it appears to go every now and then. It's an open forum and there's still introductions by newbies that pop in from time to time. ENJOY!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by SingDino on 6 January 2003 1:27am
1) My name is Candice... my name on here is SingDino because I'm a Rat Pack fan and Dean Martin is my favorite... :0)
2) Hmm.. I've loved python since probably age 6 or 7... I always liked Eric Idle and Michael Palin. They were the funniest in ym opinion. Monty Python was the only movie or show I saw until i was 10... then I started seeing everything!
3) 17!
4) I love traveling even though i never get to really go anywhere. we ussually go to little town around here. Eagle Lake, Fall River Mills. Tiny places with like 300 people in the whole town. I went to L.A. and San Diego this last year.
5) Atlanta, GA. I'm going to stay with my four best friends and my friend Aunts house for a week. :)
6) I'm from Sacramento, CA, USA... we make Spam.
7) I havent had the pleasure yet. I've read the majority of travels on this website and watched the little videos and lookeda t all the pictures... but I havent seen the actual thing yet.

That's me! Candice
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 6 January 2003 7:43am
Hey Candice!
Thanks so much! I saw the bit about the Rat Pack and just had to tell you, my old cigarette girl gig was for an Ultra-Lounge thingy (there was a group of 4 of us involved and we did the night at a few places). Vintage cocktail dresses and lot's of Dino, Frank and (my favorite) Sammy! I wish I could've been in Vegas back in the day *sigh*.
Have fun!
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by ellenpc on 6 January 2003 11:22pm
Hiya Trixi :-}}

Interesting......very interesting......... :-}}

Have you visited our Palinites site yet, created by Kelley, bless her :-}}}, where we can hang out, post our own bios, look at each others pics and indulge in live chat sessions.......
here's the addy: www.freewebs.com/palinitesconvention/

Ellen x
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by daisyj on 7 January 2003 12:52am
1- My name is Daisy (actually, my real name is Marjorie, but only my dentist calls me that). My handle is pretty self-explanatory.

2- I always liked the Python stuff, but what really got me hooked was seeing Full Circle on TV when I was visiting England one summer. Somehow, when you're feeling foreign and a little lost, it's nice to watch someone else feeling the same way. Then I got into the books and there was no turning back.
3- I am currently 25, but that may change.
4- Of course. My family traveled a lot when I was little, to Japan, Turkey, Italy and other places. I just wish I had been old enough to appreciate it.
5- My very next trip is planned for next week, on a cruise down the west coast of Mexico. That doesn't really count as travelling; more vacationing, really, but it should be nice and very relaxing. Further ahead, I may take a trip this spring to London with a friend.
6- I am fron Berkeley, California. And no disrespect meant to you, Trixi, but I think we have Fargo beat on eccentricity (after a while, you stop noticing the naked people).
7- Definitely Full Circle.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by MissTrixiB on 10 January 2003 8:50am
Yes daisy, I'm sure you have the eccentrics, but aren't they just called 'hippies' there? (kidding, sorry, had to be said 'Berkely-girl' ;) ).
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by JenJen on 10 January 2003 3:52pm
Hi Trixi.

Hi, I thought your new topic was an excellent idea, and I thought I'd introduce myself fully.
My real name is Jennifer but no-one except family calls me that! Tried shortening it to Jen. But people kept lengthening it to Jenny (which I don't like - makes me think of girls with pigtails goofy teeth and spots). So I called myself Jenna and it's remained so for a number of years, but my friends all call me Jen (or "Mad Woman" more likely!)
As to how long I've been a Palin fan, well in the 70s I used to watch MPFC as a youngun and then as a teen and managed to get some jokes which had whisked over my head when I was younger. I only really found out how wonderful Mr P was when I actually met him. I was standing in a Q to get a book signed for my boss as I thought it would be a nice idea, and then realised I was actually going to meet M and came over a bit funny and made an ass of myself. He was so nice and sweet and after that, I was hooked. And the gorgeous eyes. And then I hooked into this website and found some more palinites who are such funny people.

I'm currently 36 (no man, no kids, no fluffy animals and happy about it all). I live in the UK (London) where our new year's snow is turning into black gooey slush.
Like to travel?? Yes! Went to Singapore when I was six with my mum, Thailand, Hong Kong, spent 2 summers in Crete (Greece) working on a scubadiving centre meeting loads of other interesting people from Scandinavia, UK and Europe who were passing through either working in the resort or on hol.
Went to San Francisco a year ago and want to go back to see Yosemite and Lake Taho (and of course to do Vegas and the Canyon). Would really like to go to NZ/Oz to see the great scenery and stuff, or to do a trek in Nepal. that's my next aim in about 2 years (got to save some munn-nee).

As for my fave travelogue, since I've only recently discovered MP, I watched his Sahara prog avidly and really enjoyed it, and have now read full circle and am perusing my way thru Sahara and Hemingway's Adventure at the same time. I think Sahara is wonderfully written - full of lovely detail and stuff. Hope that's enough to sate anyone's curiosity about l'il ole me! Ciao
PS - I love languages and speak smatterings of Franch, German and Greek. Would love to learn Russian, Spanish and Italian but think my brain might collapse!
Jen :-)
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by viv on 10 January 2003 7:11pm
Hey everyone!
1)My name is Vivienne. I have loads of nick names such as foxylady, ferret, Kerr etc etc.As you can guess I'm a red head. I am also a huge fan of music.I will listen to anything once it is good music.I am a huge fan of the Beatles. And I adore old Musical films with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly etc.
2)My brother introduced me to Monty Python when I was 5 and I have been addicted ever since and madly in love with the charming Mr. Palin even though the first time I saw Monty I thought Eric was cuter but I soon changed my mind. Kids never know what they want. I have followed his career ever since and introduced all my family and friends to watching Michael and they love him too.
3)I'm 21
4)I adore travelling.Every chance I get I jump on a plane or a train or something. I spent the summer in America a couple of years ago with friends of mine. It was the best time of my life and I cried when I had to come home. I have been to a few places in europe but nowhere exciting. And every time I see Michael in some far off place I just get the urge to pick up my bag and get on the first plane not caring where it is going but then I realise I have no money and have to stay home. So I cheer myself up by watching Monty Python videos and the travel programmes pretending I'm there. How sad!
5)I have nothing planned cause of lack of money but I'd love to go to the far east,especially I would love to go to Vietnam. I have also had a facination with Scotland. It's only across the water but I think I'll never get there.
6)I'm from Cork in Ireland. Apparently where Michael's grandparents are from. Ireland is a beautiful country if you go out and tour it. But I'm from the City so I find the main Cities in Ireland very boring and predictable. The towns are much more interesting with great characters. Don't get me wrong to travellers they find the cities great but I have been here so long I have seen it all before. And of course we love travellers. If I hear a strange accent in a pub I will more than likely chat with them for the night, you can meet some of the best characters in a pub even from another part of Ireland and become lifelong friends which I have with some of them.
7)Full Circle well actually I have favourites bits from all of them so I'm not really sure.
P.S. I just want to thank Missi for starting this topic. I think it's a great idea.
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by JenJen on 10 January 2003 7:33pm
Hi Viv,

Hear Hear! Just wanted to echo the last sentence of your entry. And as you say about travelling, sometimes we never see what's closer to home, and would rather venture further afield. I myself have never been across the Irish Sea, and have only been to a few places in the UK - perhaps we should all explore our own countries first before venturing further afield! But somehow I feel embarrassed about being a tourist in my own country. Anyone else feel the same?? Even London - I've never been to the London Tower, Dungeons, Madame Tussauds or other things that tourists tend to do.... not even the London Bus Tour. Ok so I've done the zoo, but everyone does that when they're at school - being dragged to the local zoo to feed buns to the elephants et al.
Any one got a favourite travelling story - daft, scary or just plain fun?
Re: MORE introductions (for everyone) by SingDino on 10 January 2003 8:10pm
Viv! You're awesome! You likie Gene Kelly! I didnt think anyone knew who he was anymore... usually you have to say something like, "The guy who danced in the rain." and people are like, "ohhh... " I completely forgot to put him in my post. So ladies and gentlemen: I love Gene Kelly. :) and Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers and Debbie Reynolds, and Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Grable. :) classic movies in general.
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