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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Palin Dreams by Godfather on 5 August 2004 12:45pm
I was in a Michael travel series last night. Never had that before. I dont know what brought it on,as i'd had'nt read any Michael books or watched the Vids lately. Weird dream. Michael was on a trip somewhere,and at one stage we all stopped in a small wooden shack in Germany (yes,in Germany) which was more like a Nepalese tea house than anything remotely Western European. Sreet urchins etc. More like you could imagine Medieval Germany. There was a voiceover from Michael "Here we are. But the boring efficiency of Germany makes me wonder if it was all worth it". The women who owned the house had a pious Muslim husband (and oddly she was Christian) who was constantly at it (praying i mean) with his young son in the corner of the room. The wife was talking to Michael about her life, and Michael was lying back on a chair and commenting on it on audio voiceover. I remember saying to Michael that i think he's staying here far too long,and we need to get moving as we've been here too long. Michael was exhausted and just lounging back in the chair and taking it easy.

Bored,i went outside and started making gold letters of sentences on the window outside. Something along the lines of "Nobody ever listens to me. I mean,all i'm trying to do is help". These letters were not in reverse. So Michael could not of read them from inside. So, i guess it was just a general statement to the German public outside? After this,i remember making more gold lettered sentences in curves,advertizing the Tea house (which was'nt a tea house at all,but just looked like one. So i made the letters anyway).

There was another part to the story in the wooden shack in Germany. But at this time,i cant remember what occured. I'll let you know if i remember during the day.

Anyway,somehow the next scene was me suddenly in a large warehouse with multiple loading bay doors. Michael was outside,running around the warehouse (which was circular for some reason) and i was shouting "BAY 5 ...BAY 5....MICHAEL!!".

He could'nt see or hear me, and kept running and running round the warehouse (with his shoulder bag). This game of fleeting glimpses of Michael running past bay doors,and the film crew and i trying to get his attention whenever we saw him,was failing. All of a sudden,we noticed a car screech up at the corner of the carpark (in a similar manner to the Libyan terrorist van in 'Back to the Future') and Michael ran over to them. We all sighed,and felt better.

Next thing was a series sighing voicover from Michael at the car holding his hands on his head "The car has arrived......But it's bad news. The Dogs are busy,and they wont be able to take us to Laos for several weeks. We've arrived late. And for all the rest,i'm now beginning to regret ever having stopped at the German shack". Many references to 80 days it seems.

Now,i'm getting the impression that in this dream travel series, a bunch of Sleigh dogs were going to pull Michael,me,a film crew and several hundred kilograms of equipment all the way from Germany to Laos in South East Asia. Huh? Sounds like one hell of an epic trip. What do you call that series then? "The dog on the Rhine is all mine, all mine. The Dog on the Rhine is all mine?"

Re: Palin Dreams by Izot on 5 August 2004 1:22pm

Sometimes I had day/night dream things that I was in "Sahara", and Mike and I trekked the deserts together, and I'd have voiceovers as well, like "Mike's not feeling well today either. Must have been the camel we had in (insert place here). Being the vegetarian I didn't eat it, so it's just me and our guides, who don't speak a word of English except "bottom's up".

"Damn you Michael."

:D serious!

Anyway, you'll have to tell us any more, this new travel series sounds interesting. Personally, I'd call it "Godfather's Dream, with Michael Palin", but somehow I don't think that'd catch on with the Beeb. :D
Re: Palin Dreams by irishmanufan on 5 August 2004 1:33pm
were you watching one of michael's travel documentaries before you went to bed godfather ?
Re: Palin Dreams by Louise on 5 August 2004 3:23pm
Theme chune by Lindisfarne, I take it, lol.
Re: Palin Dreams by Helen on 5 August 2004 3:48pm
wow, GF.
Just, wow....
Re: Palin Dreams by Godfather on 6 August 2004 1:16am
No Linda. This is the strange thing. Usually i can link events in dreams, to things that occured during the day. But it's been about a couple of weeks since i looked at any Palin things like Vids/Books. So i cant see why it occured. What is annoying now,is this missing section (you can expect it to appear on the "Extras" section of the special deluxe set box set of the DVD when the movie of this is made) that took place within the Medieval wooden shack (in Modern Germany). I seem to remember something to do with bottles. But i cant recall beyond that. Maybe Michael took to the bottle while there,or something? Anyway,tonight maybe we'll continue where we left off,on the dogsled and on the way to Laos..hehehe
Re: Palin Dreams by notquitenglish on 6 August 2004 3:18am
I have dreams where I meet famous people all the time. Once there was a magic mirror that took me to Antonio Banderas' house (I hid in the closet when I got there) and also I had a fascinating conversation with Douglas Adams and his family...
Re: Palin Dreams by George on 6 August 2004 6:14am
Does he have a house maid? She doesn't even have to be pretty.
Re: Palin Dreams by tominator_49 on 6 August 2004 9:48pm
Ha Ha the terrorists in back to the future
Doc: Oh god, they've found me...I don't know how but they've found me...RUN FOR IT MARTY!
Marty: Who?
Re: Palin Dreams by canaveralgumby on 14 August 2004 12:15am
I had a dream about MP which gave me a BRILLIANT IDEA!

I was backpacking with this large contingent of hikers. We found ourselves in urban as well as nature settings. The days seemed to pass in my dream in 5 minute intervals. I don't know where we were headed.

One night, my filthy, dirty group, who had been sleeping outdoors, were invited to stay in a stately old colonial home (I guess we were in the US). We were all self-conscious about coming into this beautiful all-white home as dirty as we were, but the owners were sympathetic to our cause, whatever our cause was! We all slept all over the floor downstairs, and continued on the next day.

Eventually we arrived one day at an auditorium in a pretty little town. We all go into a sort of gymnasium and take seats, and we all wait. No one knows for what. And then it happens.

Michael Palin walks in. We all go crazy, like the audience at the Beatles' appearance at the Ed Sullivan Show kind of crazy. He makes his way through the seats, making a point of talking personally to each and every person, which is quite a feat because there are hundreds.

Turns out we were participating in a Michael Palin fantasy camp. Like a baseball fantasy camp. We had to "travel" in the manner MP does, no air travel, and figuring out the logistics as we go.

In the end, we were escorted to a luxury hotel where we were thrown a banquet.

It really was a dream I had, but isn't that a KILLER idea? We should DO that!
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