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Seven Wonders of the world by world traveller on 5 August 2004 9:27pm
Hi everyone.I would like to know if you have visited one of the worlds famous wonders like The pyramids or niagra falls and whether or not they had lived up to your expectations?.Cheers......Neil
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by Godfather on 6 August 2004 1:42am
Depends what you call the 7 wonders nowadays. There are many,that are'nt included in the standard list. Many small sites and natural wonders that are not commonly thought of as the seven wonders. Some of the ones i've visited,are below. Some will be thought of as Ancient wonders. Others, less so. But they're all one i consider wonders of the world.

Giza Pyramids in 1995. I have to admit to having some of my romantic images shattered though. I knew Cairo is built right up to it. But the pyramids are unusual. From a distance,they look much more impressive than close up. When you're closeup,they look far less impressive and seem rather dissapointing. The scale just screws with your mind though. So it's difficult to make your mind up. I found the Egyptian museum in Cairo even more impressive, along with the other sites in Egypt such as Karnak.

The Taj Mahal. Now,that is one i was highly impressed with. I loved every second of it. Again,it's another one which has a scale which screws with your mind. It's the reverse of Giza. The closer you get,the more gigantic it seems. Go back,or from another angle and it plays with your mind. Apparently Shah Jahan used the mystical understanding of Sufi mystics that he hired from Central Asia,in the building design. Materials used so that the moonlight glares off the dome,etc. A beautiful monument.

Macchu Picchu is not commonly included in the 7 wonders. But i think that,and Sacsayhuaman in Cusco,can be included. Very very impressive sights,and they never dissapoint. Sacsayhuaman is the most mind boggling man made structure. You cant place a razor blade between the joins of what appear to be just random utterly gigantic boulders weighing several tonnes each. The joins are perfect and nobody has ever worked out how such skilled workmanship was accomplished.

One,which is 50% gone now is the Buddhist statues and caves of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. The Ancient Buddhas statues themselves were destroyed by Taliban and Chechyan explosive experts in 2001. But the caves carved out of the cliff face,are astounding still. Inside,you can see remains of buddhist wall paintings and carved neiches, where they were once used as meditation chambers. If the statues were still around,they should be a wonder of the world. They're ancient and had looked serenely out onto the likes of Alexander the Great,Genghis Khan,Silk road traders, Buddhists,countless Islamic rulers,the Russians,the civil war,and the Taliban who ultimately destroyed them.

The Great wall in China,never dissapoints if you go the right sections that are authentic and untouched or developed. It's just an astounding piece of building work that stretches over the mountains are far as the eye can see. Amazing.

Also in China, is the Buddhist cave complex of Datong. They are intact versions of the Bamiyan site really. Incredibly impressive Buddha statues carved into the rock,with beautifuul colour wall carvings. Stunning site.

Abu Simble in Egypt is also very impressive. Two collosal statues of Ramses II. Very daunting and powerful symbols. Although the statues were moved up to a higher elevation by Unesco in the 70's to prevent flooding,the site is still very very impressive indeed to visit.

Tikal pyramids in Guatemala are very atmospheric too (and i'd also include Copan,in Honduras). Not commonly thought of as a world wonder. Both are situated in thick jungle. The pyramid structures jut up out of the forest,and it's quite surreal walking up the steps. I loved it there.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is always one that impresses people. Huge faces carved into stone,and whole complexes built according to cosmic principals. In recent years, it's developing into quite a busy mass tourist spot. But when i first went there in 1999,it was still beautifully quiet and still infrequently visited.Only a few backpackers would be there before.

As i say,there are many man made and natural sights that i'd also include in this list. But the ones above,are ones that may fit into the category.

Re: Seven Wonders of the world by George on 6 August 2004 2:44am
Again, Godfather, your commentary is great. You're right too, in saying there is no universal agreement on what actually are the "Seven Wonders of the World". The Pyramids of Egypt do appear on every list, though. Niagra Falls would not be on any list because it is not man-made.
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by world traveller on 7 August 2004 12:16pm
Thanks godfather.You seem to be more of a world traveller than me!.I would really love to see the Taj Mahal but its trying to persuade my wife cos she does'nt like flying long distances!.Cheers again.........Neil
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by PHILSON on 8 August 2004 12:18pm
I agree that there are many more wonders of the world man made and natural, than listed by the original imperialistic National Geographic writers back in the early 1900's when they first compiled this list.

I have seen many wonders in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe and continue to see amazing sites that boggle the mind and provide a complete sense of well being wherever I go.

Therefore Neil I would suggest no matter how lovely your wife is, you must either go on your own to experience the wonders out there or spike her drink with a sedative so she just wakes up in these 'long distance' parts of the world.

Like they used to do to BA Barracus in the A Team.
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by Godfather on 8 August 2004 12:36pm

>>>Like they used to do to BA Barracus in the A Team.

"I aint gettin in no damn plane, fooool!!" :(
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by intrepid on 11 August 2004 4:21pm
Yeah, can somebody explain to me how this "7 Wonders" business got started? I thought some ancient fellow catalogued what he thought were the 7 Wonders of the World (bonus points to anybody who can name all 7 of them), but I wondered why the list is still being talked about. I mean, the subject is still given a few pages in the World Book Encyclopedia, even though there are a grand total of 1 which can actually be experienced at the current time.

"Shut up, foo!" -|(
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by George on 12 August 2004 3:24am
According to some website, Greek historian, Heroditus came up with the first "7 wonders of the world". The Collossus of Rhodes, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, etc. His list was later amended to the "7 wonders of the ancient world". Right now in the US we have a TV show called "Amazing Race". Last night the contestants were all running around Egypt. For some reason the announcer proclaimed the pyramids of Giza to be the last "remaining" of the 7 wonders. When I was a kid here in Houston the Astrodoome was proclaimed to be the "8th Wonder of the World". I also saw the same thing inscribed in the lobby of the Empire State Building.
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by Godfather on 12 August 2004 11:36am

That's because the ancient wonders are kept a seperate list. But there is now a list of new Wonders of the World, including some places in the U.S. This new list includes the Christ statue on top of the Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio De Janeiro,i think.
Re: Seven Wonders of the world by George on 12 August 2004 10:45pm
Here is a definitive list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, compiled by Greek Historian, Herodotus in 700 B.C.

1. Great Pyramid of Giza
2. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
3. Statue of Zeus at Olympia
4. Temple of Artemus at Ephesus
5. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
6. Colossus of Rhodes
7. Lighthouse at Alexandria

There are many list of "wonders", but this apparently, is the first. Others include Big Ben, Stonehenge, Colosseum in Rome, and the O. J. Simpson jury.
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