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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Death of a Great Man. :( by Izot on 9 August 2004 7:48am
Mr Lancaster was a heaps cool guy; lousy teacher, but a really great guy. He had a fine taste for everything; music, food, liquor, literature; he was one of your old-guys-in-smoking-jackets-swirling-a-glass-of-red kinda guy.

He retired ill at the end of last year. I didn't know about it until the start of this year, so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, or say thankyou for his help with my music. I had him as a music teacher last year and, though I didn't agree with his teaching practices (let's just say I learnt little during the year), I found him a great guy to be around.

So imagine the shock I got this morning when the principal informs us he passed away on Wednesday (4th Aug) at home, after battling and losing to whatever he had.

I don't think I've ever cried in front of my friends, and certainly not in front of teachers and other students, except for today. I'm lucky to have the friends who comforted me this morning when I couldn't keep going on strong. I walked away after the assembly and walked past one of the dance teachers, who I went to NZ with on the last school trip overseas; she just touched me on the arm and looked at me. All I could do was give her a thumbs up. :(

I just thought I'd post it to a) get it off my chest, and b) remind everyone to take no-one for granted. Peter's passing made me realise that no one will be around for ever (you don't imagine people like that ever passing away), and I have to make the most of what, and who, I have around me.

Winter Concert's tomorrow - should I wear a black shirt, or have a band of electrical tape around my arm? I want to show my respect somehow. Suggestions would be great.

Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Martin99 on 9 August 2004 10:51am
Sorry to hear your news, it's always the good guys that go first.He sounds an interesting teacher,and an individual in many ways.
Seeing how he had such fine taste etc, I would keep up the tradition by wearing something black for the concert,maybe something a little different and tasteful,I think he would approve..

Regards to all.
Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Diamond on 9 August 2004 12:00pm
Izot - I would suggest wearing something that would remind you of him - whether it be black or not - the armband doesnt sit quite right with me somehow but the black shirt - well that sounds cool - take care

palinite hugs ((((( steph)))))
Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Helen on 9 August 2004 1:54pm
I am sorry for your loss, Steph...

I found that a nice way to commemorate someone is to donate to their favorite charity. Did Peter have one? or maybe your class/school can all chip in to buy the music program a new piano or something similar? And call it the Peter Lancaster commemorative piano/guitar/viola/xylophone/whatever?
be well...
Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Izot on 9 August 2004 3:01pm
>>>And call it the Peter Lancaster commemorative piano/guitar/viola/xylophone/whatever?<<<

A synth? :D

I might go black... I dunno. I bought a sweet outfit for it with a white shirt, and I'd like to wear that... I dunno. I'll sleep on it. :/
Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Diamond on 9 August 2004 9:38pm
well wear that and get a pin badge for cancer or something or a little black hanky or scarf to wear - so long as you think of him thats all that matters!!
Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Izot on 10 August 2004 8:56am
Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments and thoughts.

I've decided to just go in whatever I feel comfortable in, and just think of Peter. The feeling around the place at the moment is pretty mutual; everyone seems a bit flat and empty, especially the two remaining teachers who have to run tonight by themselves. I felt kinda sorry for them, missing one of their team-mates on such a big event, but they'll pull through. I know they will.

I'll let you know how it all goes down tomorrow morning (my tomorrow morning :D) through a post here and on my website. I've already put the set list on it, but I'll have to go and correct it 'cos there are a lot of typos and mistakes in the programme that I didn't recognise. And of course there'll be as many photos up as I can with a limited bandwidth and webspace :D

Peace to all, and thanks again, have a good night!

Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by tominator_49 on 10 August 2004 8:28pm
write and perform a lement for him.
Re: Death of a Great Man. :( by Izot on 11 August 2004 3:26am
I'm doing my oral presentation for Australian studies on him; the "Greatest Australian". It sounds a bit corny, but it's my eulogy (is that the word?) to him, I guess.

All there is, is tomorrow, and that's it. by Izot on 12 August 2004 9:23am
Well, the funeral's tomorrow; the music teachers are going, and I've asked them to give my condolences to the family - Peter's mother is still alive, which I didn't know about, it must be heartbreaking for her. No one should have to bury their children. I'm going to wear a black t-shirt to school tomorrow, whether the teachers like it or not. (BTW he passed away from a heart attack; he was on the phone to someone when it struck :/)

Like I said in my last post, I did my Aus Studies assignment on him yesterday. I got up in front of the class and kept up pretty well, I could feel myself trembling more because of the nerves rather than it being really sad. My teacher was moved and a couple of my friends were almost crying a little; even the people I don't really know and didn't like him all that much came up to me today and told me that they thought my speech was really good and that I really upset them, and that made me feel really good. Mr Fraser (teacher) wants the speech in the Yearbook, and said I was very brave for going up in front of the class and doing what I did. Well, I felt it had to be done.

I've stuck it up on my website if you want to read it - the Winter Concert site will be taken down 'cos someone forgot the camera (:\) and so I haven't got any pictures, but what I had will be up on the Other Stuff page.

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