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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by canaveralgumby on 4 September 2004 12:25am
Fri. 9/3 4:10 ET

Like the military, it was “hurry up & wait” this week. From Tuesday on, we had the prediction that the eye of Frances would hit land between Vero Beach, about 40 mi. south of Cape Canaveral, and Jacksonville, about 100 mi. north. As of this writing they’ve amended that to between Vero Beach and Cape Canaveral. Not since John Glenn’s space shuttle trip have I heard little Cape Canaveral mentioned on TV so much. (Cut to Eric Idle in drag, “They’ve mentioned us on the telly!”)

The last hurricane to hit the Cape was some time in the 1800’s. And now, 1 ½ yrs. after Cori & Mike Elliott decided to buy their dream home there.

I went through my whole house and decided what I absolutely could not allow to perish. Candlesticks and other such objects which were brought here by great- and great, great-grandparents, objects which they could fit into their carpetbags and carry with them onto rickety ships, across the Atlantic and through Ellis Island. Objects which they chose not to pawn even during the Great Depression. I am determined that nothing should happen to these things on my watch. (Cut to Bruce Willis in “Pulp Fiction” going to retrieve his father’s wristwatch!)

I’ve got the photos, home movies, baby shoes, 1958 emerald green Les Paul, Sky’s kindergarten art all the way through to his senior awards, and, oh yeah!, the HOMEOWNERS’ INSURANCE POLICY! And just a few stuffed animals, because I’m worn out being large and in charge this week and I want my teddy bear. Thank God for Rubbermaid containers.

We are fortunate to have some advance notice of this. Don’t know if you can tell from the writing but I am sleep-deprived, sometimes on the verge of tears, and hot & agitated. Me and a few million other people. But even if our town is a “direct hit,” we have some time to get our stuff together, not like a sudden tornado, flash flood or house fire. Or an earthquake. I can’t conceive of that kind of trauma.

Am now at the Elliott house west of Ft. Lauderdale, which is just at the southern edge of the storm. Watched the evacuation out of Melbourne, FL, all heading NORTH and sitting on I-95 like a parking lot. I thought that I must be the one who’s crazy. But one thing absolutely predictable about Atlantic hurricanes that hit the east coast is that, once they make landfall, they move in some direction between 9:00 and 2:00 on the map. They never go back south.

I’ve witnessed a lot of people who just can’t wrap their brains around what is happening, maybe due to fear & anxiety, maybe due to the enormity of it all. People who have no intention of evacuating the barrier islands, because in their twisted logic, “They said Hurricane [fill in the blank] would hit here and it never did.” That’s like saying, “I’ve never had a cavity in my left molar, so because of that you can’t convince me that I can get a cavity in my right molar.”

There are already surfer dudes being fished out of the water! After so many hours, the Coast Guard will be stretching their resources elsewhere and tough toenails for the surfer dudes.

So I frantically packed the abridged version of my home into my CR-V, did one horrible job slapping up boards on the windows, and now we’ll watch CNN to find out what happens to my house! If it’s a good enough source of information for the US Gov’t., it’s good enough for me. :^D

All the Elliotts are here, except for my husband, who really wasn’t exaggerating when he said his job was important. And I thought he was just saying that to get me into bed! He is a civilian contractor (Oracle Database Admin., or in lay terms “computer geek”) in support of Patrick Air Force Base in Satellite Beach, and they, well, “bugged out” on Thursday. At least that’s what they called it on M*A*S*H! So he’s at their alternate site, outside San Antonio, TX. And that’s all I can tell you. That’s all I’m allowed to know...

Whatever. If Tom Ridge is reading this, “Hi, Tom!”

Since I began writing, they’ve amended the projected path of the eye to between Ft. Pierce and Melbourne. So if 115 mph hits Melbourne, then 95 mph will hit my house. Oh, I feel so much better now.


Until later, have some shots for us,
- Cori

Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by irishmanufan on 4 September 2004 12:31am
my gods cori i hope that the weather people have cocked it up and the hurrican won;t go nrear your house at all . i will be saying a prayer for you . between siges in russia and hurricanes there is so many dangerous things happeneing in the world right now.
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by canaveralgumby on 4 September 2004 12:46am
Thank you, Linda! For the first time, I just read your post about your health concerns and Lucky. I will be praying for you, too.

But, geez, how do people watch a lost starving limping dog on the beach for three days and just leave it there and not do anything?

I adopted a dog in March who was found wandering along a highway, and long story short, it was discovered that she had three homes in the last year, and the last known family could not be reached for comment.

After telling that story to a few people, someone said, "She was just on her journey to get to YOU." So now Lucky's journey is over, too.

Mine's name is Lacy. I wanted to name her Beverly after Dr. Crusher because she has the same color hair. But she already recognized her name and I didn't want to make her any more neurotic than she already is!
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by Helen on 4 September 2004 4:07pm
Cori, I will drink heavily and pop a xanax in your honor.
Hang in there, my friend.
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by canaveralgumby on 11 September 2004 4:56am
Hi! I'm so sorry I hadn't continued my journal, but the electricity and/or internet has been out, everywhere I've stayed, since the night of my first post.

We are fine. Hot, tired, impatient and majorly f***ing fatigued. The Governor said in his press conference last Friday that there will be no bail for looters, and anyone who mentions the name 'Ivan' will be fined. A little humor there from a Bush brother, but he hit the nail on the head.

There's still another damned hurricane. Power, and in some places running water, is out in a patchwork pattern from Ft. Lauderdale, up the Fla. east coast to about New Smyrna Bch., then west across parts of Orlando and on to Tampa. That's just in Florida, just from Frances. Bonnie hit before Charley, leaving floooding, then Charley did bad wind damage, knocking out power and services to SW Florida (where it's rural and life is already, well, not for the faint of heart), then Frances, less than a week ago, and we're not through yet, kids! All within 5 wks. This IS historic and rare, nonetheless I'm considering moving back to NJ where I KNOW what's dangerous to my health!

Things went bad in my refrigerator. Really, really bad. This is what death smells like. It's up and down the streets. And I'm not in a hard-hit area. I'm really glad we can't smell each other's places when we read each other's posts. Bleach and Lysol haven't worked, so we found out we should try lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda's sold out of the stores.

Half the forecast models have Ivan hitting near Cape Canaveral. But then again, half don't! The waiting is far more nerve-wracking than the picking up afterward. Happy to report that MY home was built 'before Reagan,' before the de-regulation of standards. No, I'm not blaming the Republicans for the weather! But it is believed that tens of thousands of new homes would NOT have turned to matchsticks in Hurriance Andrew in 1991 if the standards hadn't been lowered in the 80's so the builders could make more profits.

Anywhoo, Frances hit pretty much where they said it would. They originally predicted landfall between Jacksonville and Vero Beach, and the eye hit Vero Bch. Vero Bch. and Port St. Lucie got it the worst, with power still out, structural damage and flooding. Pt. St. Lucie is the spring training home of my favorite New York Mets, which just goes to show that God is as fed up with the Mets as I am. Frankly, I believe God is trying to tell us not to muck up another election. :^D But what I'm trying to say is, don't be so quick to pick on your weather forecasters - they're trying to save our asses.

Mike was able to come home Wednesday night. We are really weary, and despite trying to use our will to stave off the flu, we are very sick, so we have made the executive decision not to evacuate if Ivan comes. We'll live through the storm; we won't survive another long drive on the Turnpike! As they say, we'll "hunker down." There's one of those words you only hear in
one single context. Like "sabacious." But that's another thread.

John Cleese co-authored a book called "Families & How to Survive Them." I never read it. I need to, after spending the last 5 days with the Elliotts and the Scisoreks. WAY more stessful than any other aspect of this situation.

I hope to talk to you soon! Love and thanks to Helen and Linda and all who are thinking about me. Today, Grenada and Jamaica are getting pulverized. And they can't exactly evacuate. So I'm putting out another nagging, obnoxious call for Palinite donations to the Red Cross. Thank you! Later...
Love, Cori
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by Spursfan on 11 September 2004 4:41pm
My son and his girlfriend fly out to Orlando next Sunday - hope all is ok by then!!

We've visited Florida twice, doing the usual things plus swimming with the gorgeous manatees (my husband is now a proud official adoptive parent of Brutus, a West Indian Manatee at Blue Spring State Park)and being within inches of astronauts such as John Glenn when they unveiled a statue at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2000 to the late Alan Shepherd.

Last year we visited California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. A beautiful country.

Sorry - I know it's off the point. Hope you are well and ok.

Best wishes,

Anne x

Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by Ken Dunn on 11 September 2004 10:44pm
I heard on Kingdom FM (a local radio station in Fife, Scotland) from someone phoning from the basement in their hotel in Jamaica where hurricane Ivan is passing. They were all well prepared for the conditions and can only sit it out. It sounds like it it being used as a safe building for the duration. Keep safe out there. Computer glitch in the title?
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by Katin on 11 September 2004 11:26pm
Keep safe all in the path of Ivan the terrible,I survived gilbert in the 1980s
I leave for Barbados on the 16th sept
Bdos is relatively lucky just clipped the south corner of the island a couple of trees uprooted and one or two roofs blown off.At time of writing Ivans heading for Cuba then poor florida once again anyway keep safe
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by risible-phyll on 12 September 2004 7:22am
Cori, what an ordeal, and you still manage to keep your humor going, go girl go!!!!!!!!!!
I visit Florida in less than 3 weeks with my family, I LOVE the place, we intended to travel over to St petes, Sarasota etc. from the Villa we are staying on the East coast. We'll play by ear when we are there what the situation is,
Hope you get things sorted very soon, especially the smell, I can imagine phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, scene from the *cheese shop* ??????
keep safe and I wont mention the name I***, can't afford the fine, need all my $$$$$$$$ for the Malls....
Re: canaveralgumby’s Hurricane Diary (subtitle: “Yeah, so?”) by peripatetically on 12 September 2004 11:18am
Bertie, the Wal-marts in Florida have gone bankrupt!!!! All stores have shut down.

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