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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Just curious by RichB on 11 January 2003 3:10pm
After posting a few times on 'The Series' section, I was struck by the minimal amount of responses, does anyone actually read these threads? The same could apply to the 'Travel' section. I haven't travelled that much myself so don't post there but wasn't this site created to celebrate the journeys themselves. There are some great threads in 'The Series' which are begging for answers to questions and valued opinions. It seems a little sad that no-one seems to post there much.
Re: Just curious by ellenpc on 11 January 2003 4:23pm
I do know what you mean Rich.

Now the site has grown considerably in popularity and there are many more postings to read, it's becoming virtually impossible to read them all every day and I for one feel a little sad that I can't always read and answer all the threads I want to. So sorry you 're feeling a little forgotten.

At the moment more of the 'buzz' seems to be at 'Blathering On', some weeks the 'series' is busier and about a week ago, the 'Travel" was humming so point taken, but things do vary.

At the moment a lot of new Palinites are arriving and just like in life outside of cyberspace, everyone wants to know about everyone else and make 'connections' (you know what I mean :-} ) spending time getting to know each other. As this settles down, the shift of interest I think will swing back to more on the series and travel again.

Will try harder, honest. :-}}

Re: Just curious by ellenpc on 11 January 2003 4:29pm
Just thought of this..........

Next time I log in to read 'messages posted yesterday' I'll purposefully go to the bottom of the 'Travel' messages and work my way up instead of starting at the top with 'Blathering On'. :-}}}
Re: Just curious by RichB on 12 January 2003 3:48am
Thanks Ellen, but it wasn't just my threads, I was disappointed with the lack of responses to all the new threads there. Some of the questions there should have sparked many replies but I think they would have received more responses on the 'Blathering On' section sadly.
Re: Just curious by Louise on 12 January 2003 4:11am
Rich, I did answer your "Palin`s Column" question and offered a tape loan to you! :-)

Re: Just curious by RichB on 12 January 2003 4:30am
You did Louise and I've just replied. I thank you for the offer and look forward to seeing the series. I did reply a couple of days ago but spelt the address wrong (head hung in shame).
Re: Just curious by Rusted on 12 January 2003 9:19am
Am I the only one who *hasn't* participated in any of the other message boards??? I was just thinking about this the other day.

When I first joined, the description for 'Blathering On' seemed more atuned to the history of my varying posts at other sites and lists, so I checked it out and, after reading many messages, I introduced myself here.

In that first month or so I was involved with the Chatterbox, I was always going to read some of the topics on the other boards, but the fact that finals for college were coming up limited my time on the computer.

Now that I *do* have time, it takes me twice as long to get through messages posted on THIS board. I'm up till 12:30 just catching up here! Activity and membership seems to have jumped since November.

In the future I'll try to read posts on the other boards as well, but it may have to wait awhile, especially if this 3rd semester Spanish class coming up doesn't go as well as planned!

Re: Just curious by Dianne on 13 January 2003 3:52am
RichB - like Ellen I start with Blathering On first and if I run out of time the others are missed. However, today I started with the other forums first and added my wisdom or silliness. The thing with the travel section is that I don't feel I can rightly add to it because I've only travelled around New Zealand. I'd love to hear about other countries from other people and would like to write some messages, but as I said, I feel I don't qualify.
Re: Just curious by RichB on 13 January 2003 4:56pm
Fair enough, it can take a hell of a long time to sift through every thread on every board, I've been up till the wee small hours myself over Xmas. Dianne, I don't post in the Travel section either because I'm not well travelled enough to comment. In 'The Series' however, all the threads are very similar to 'Blathering On' and deserve a good conversation.

I understand the time constraints people are under but like I said, it's a shame these threads don't get the replies they deserve. In addition, I've noticed the posts in that section have dramatically increased recently. I'm not encouraging people to log on for hours just give some consideration to 'The Series' before it gets too lonely. I'm sure you'll love it.
Re: Just curious by SingDino on 13 January 2003 8:10pm
I posted a few times in the other boards, and no one responded really, so I came here where I knew people wopld respond and be friendly and whatnot. I could always try again in the others though.

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