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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sumpthin' to ponder... by Helen on 11 January 2003 5:28pm
I am so into 60s-70s British music and entertainment. And I know a lot of you Palinites are, too.
Monty Python, Beatles, Yes, Clash, etc.
Why is it I cannot think of anything:
1. Recent
2. American
That floats my boat? Even the newer Star Wars movies kinda sucked. Blasphemy! but they did...come on, admit it.. They were fun, but um... right.
Britney Spears?
I shouldn't get started.....

Is it time for a fun sociological study? Who's with me?
I guess I am really thankful for you Palinites.
Carry on.
Helen (with faux shearling slippers)
Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by Rusted on 12 January 2003 8:37am
LOL, Helen...

I'm right there with you.

My close friends, as much as the have similar interests and their own oddities, love to playfully tease me about my fascination with anything/anyone British. (Okay, more specifically, of the male gender.)

And, as you said, most of it's from that 60's - 70's time period as well. (Although I stay away from Yes and never got into the Clash, I also like the Kinks and the Who and etc and my favorite Monkee is Davy Jones.)

Of course I like other American artists from the time period and beyond, but I definitely seem to have a tendancy to like things British.

But what can I say? I'm hoping my knight in shining armor has a British accent. (And hair like Michael's in those LOB interviews! LOL!)

Must be something in our jeans...er, genes.

Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by Miss-M on 12 January 2003 10:11am
Hello Mary,

What is Michael's hair like in the LOB interviews? *LOL*

I haven't seen any LOB extra features yet, were they on your video/DVD? I recently bought a Monty Python DVD boxed set (which includes BRIAN, HOLY GRAIL AND HOLLYWOOD BOWL) but alas, no bonus features were on these editions... *sniff* I hope they re-release LOB here coz I would really, really LOVE to see some behind-the-scenes footage; I'm sure it would be fantastic...and most amusing too!

Michelle :)

Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by Helen on 12 January 2003 6:03pm
Davy Jones was just the cutest thing!!!!!
Kinks, Who-- oh yes!!! Black Adder, Young Ones, too. And Are You Being Served was hysterical. Blimey! It's in my jeans, too!!!! :)

and Michelle-- MP's hair was LONG and WINDBLOWN and falling in his eyes--- good golly! What a handsome feller!
Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by ellenpc on 13 January 2003 2:03am

I've looked in vain for the 'extra bits' on the LOB DVD's available here (NZ, European format DVD's) too. After a bit, well, a lot of snooping, I've discovered that the 'extra bits' are only available on the US released DVD edition. The DVD is available from amazon.com but in American Zone DVD. I'm finding out whether our DVD player will play it before ordering it.

Helen, Mary

You're not strange!! :-}} You just have excellent taste!!

Nothing wrong with that!! Nothing at all!


Just one liiii-ttle thing though.....

In order to talk eye-to-eye with Davy Jones, wouldn't he have to stand on a box?????????

Just wondering...

You know......



Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by canaveralgumby on 13 January 2003 4:17am
Helen - YES! I too am a Yes fanatic. I read somewhere that Chris Squire's a Python fan.

Surely you have even a minor appreciation for South Park?

- Cori

Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by Helen on 13 January 2003 4:22am
...or we would have to be in a trench.!
Good luck on your LOB quest...
Let us know if we can help you in any ol' teeny way.....we know people who know people, y' know...
Peter Tork went to my high school-- In the 60s. He was known as Peter Thorkelson then. His dad was a UConn prof.
Wow! Useless trivia! Wot fun!
Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by Helen on 13 January 2003 4:26am

South Park-- yes! I have laughed out loud on more than one occasion.
Squire a Python fan??? Awesome! I had a feeling....
he was the one who inspired me to play bass. he is just incredible.
Of course, I can't play for s***, but he inspired me nonetheless.
Off to peruse your website...
Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by Helen on 13 January 2003 4:30am
You are THE Cori of the MPUAP fame!!!!! I love your website, I've had it bookmarked since 1999 or so!
I am a big fan of that site! It is so dang funny!!!!
(I have signed your guestbook a few times...)
Well, pleased to "meet' you! I was wondering if/when the MPUAP was going to get here... welcome...
Re: Sumpthin' to ponder... by MissTrixiB on 13 January 2003 8:20am
Hope this is helpful for the quest for LOB DVD. If you get one that's formatted for The States, it won't work in a DVD player from 'across the pond'. You may, however, be able to play it on your computer and feed it into your TV (we did it with my treasured Harry Potter DVD that we picked up in London last year. 'Our' version went by a slightly different title, so I was determined to get the UK version. Sorry, BIG Harry Potter freak here). The Criterion version of LOB is what you'd be looking for to get all the great extras (including audio commentary by Michael Palin and Terry Jones and a wonderful 'Making of').
As for musical tastes and British men. Musically, I go all over the map. Like some early Brit-Pop, some New York Punk, a bit of 50's 60's Lounge - but most of my tastes lie firmly in 80's Synth-Pop. I do, however, mourn the loss of Joe Strummer *sigh* tremendously. The majority of my crushes throughout life were men from the UK (and the occasional Canadian - I adore Dave Foley). Not to sound too steriotypical American, but the accents are an enourmous draw (Irish, English, Scottish....they all have that certain somthing). That and the off-center sense of humour that seems to run rampant in the UK.
Now.....to check out this crazy sight that Helen keeps on about ;).....
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