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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by Miss-M on 20 January 2003 8:11am
Being a relatively new member of this site, I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed before (please forgive me if it has!) but I'm interested to know what my fellow Palinites do for a living! What are the pros and cons of your job, for example? And if you are a student, what is it that you're studying and what do you hope to do in the future?

I'm a *professional* ummm...student, doing Honours in Legal Studies. But don't let that fool you - it's a pretentious way of saying that I'm unemployed at the moment! (Oscar Levant quote from AN AMERICAN IN PARIS - I love classic films too!) I hope to find meaningful employment after graduation, as a para-legal or court registrar. Well, that's me!

Michelle :)
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by kelly on 20 January 2003 10:03am
I'm actually finishing my 7th night of night shift.I'm working as a nurse in Dublin but i'm from Paisley in Scotland (famous for that lovely pattern).Getting a bit cranky with the patients now cause the all seem to pish the bed at the same time i'm sure it's a conspiracy or they all have walkie-talkies or something.I have been qualified for 6 years now.Like any job some days you like it and others days are pure crap.i've had a busy night and it's the first time i've had the chance to get a swatch at the web.it's 0700hrs and the day staff will be in shortly so need to get the finger oot ma arse! The plus side though is it is lashing outside and i'm going to bed while everyone else has a shitty monday morning.
talk to you soon. Kelly
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by Layla on 20 January 2003 12:57pm
Hi Michelle, I'm also a professional student (NOT!) , doing a degree in Business Studies in Dublin City Universtiy ( Business is the way that a lot of Irish students went back in 2000 as that was the way to go apparantly - and I was too lazy to think of anything else to do-... how sad!! - I really wanted to do psychology) I'm in 3rd year now ( of 4) and am currently doing an internship in Mainz Germany as I'm half Germany and I want to improve my skills beyond that of an 8 year old ( hmm getting a strange sense of Deja vu , the phone rings, somebody hands me a glass of water.... hi, I'm in Germany at the moment as part of college.... phone rings, somebody hands me a glass of water..etc) - love that sketch too..
I may as well be unemployed as you get paid peanuts here if you're an intern - I'm earning about a third of what my Irish counterparts are back home. So me and my friend are working in an Irish bar at the moment to get extra cash so we can travel around Germany ( Berlin, Köln, München etc) + maybe Vienna and Belgium and generally survive better...

Legal studies sounds very impressive I can imagine you looking very important with a long coat a black briefcase with some really fat books ( is this true?!)
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by ellenpc on 20 January 2003 3:12pm
Hiya Michelle, Kelley and Layla,

I'm a Mum, musician, music teacher (not necessarily in that order always.. :-}} )

It's a bit of a "Clark Kent" existence as by day you're this mild mannered mother, shopping, ironing, scurrying around doing PTA jobs and ferrying kids to music, ballet, jazz lessons. Then at night when I'm not teaching I turn into a gigging muso, playing in either a show/caberet orchestra, classical group, rocking it in a Irish/Celtic band or concentrating leading a Balinese Gamelan orchestra!!

At the moment, I'm going through the process of working out what to go for next, as I've taught for eleven years and am ready for a bit of a change.
Our youngest daughter has just started school and I'm dealing with "empty nest syndrome", hence the possible change in direction. To be honest I'd like to get some more playing gigs in the day, so exploring pre-school/primary school shows (done a bit before, lots of fun :-}) and weddings/funerals.

Watch this space!! :-}

Ellen x

P.S. Good on you, Layla and Michelle for hanging in there with tertiary education. You're learning, NOT unemployed!! We know, we know!! ;^}

And Kelley, you have my total admiration, nurses don't always get the respect they deserve. You do a vitally important job. XX
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by pandk2 on 20 January 2003 3:35pm
Hi Michelle, Karen again! We just can't get away from eachother..pretty good isn't it? I'm a mum to two girls(10 and 13) and my husband Pete and I run our own plastering business, me on the bookwork side and of course I'm a fairly full time Palinite, so that all keeps me busy. We are also building our new house this year and I go to the gym 5 days a week...quite enough to keep me out of trouble!
Hi to Kelley, Layla and Ellen too, hey girls do you think we're all a bit obsessed with this site? I'm already needing my daily fix which has fast become part of my routine...I LOVE IT! I feel like I know you all already.
See ya... Karen
P>S I totally agree with the above comments regarding nurse's dedication. Fantastic effort Kelly! By the way, I'm an Aussie who used to live in Scotland when I was at school in Ayr..not too far from you!
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by Helen on 20 January 2003 4:10pm
I am a vocational Counselor for the Workforce Investment Act. I am kept quite busy these days because of our horrible economy. I help people find jobs, change careers, get training and help them through a traumatic time in their lives. I really, really love my job..I count my blessings every day.

I am also a dog groomer and I do comissioned pet portraits, specializing in dogs and horses. I also host a monthly radio program on pet care.
I am also working on a novel, but who isn't?
So cool to see what other Palinites do for a living! You are brilliant, talented and just outstanding.
And I agree (yet again) with Ellen, Layla and Michlle--you are getting an education-- you are not unemployed in the classic sense of the word.. learning is a full time job!
carry on, all!
(with 3 pairs of socks-- it is in the teens in New England...)
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by Rusted on 20 January 2003 8:29pm
If learning is a full time job...why am I still working at another job I hate????


Most of you know this already, but I'm just getting reading to start my second semester at the university, gearing for a degree in English which I'm not sure what I'll do with yet. (I love fictional writing but that won't give me a steady income!) I'm also going for a minor in history so I'd like to mix the two together. But we'll see.

I love learning and I don't mind school (unless it's a class I can't stand or we've got too much homework!), but I need money so I work at the local hardware store. Which I hate with an undying passion. LOL. Somehow it doesn't inspire any artistic inspiration in me, nor does it challenge me mentally. ;O)

I'm hoping to get a job more geared for what I'd like to do in life soon. We'll see.

~Mary (my sister's going to school to be a nurse!)
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by Dianne on 21 January 2003 6:00am
I work at a Primary School (for children from the ages of 5 to 11yrs) as the Librarian. I also sell school stationery as well as organising the teacherís resources. I love working with children. Since working with them I have found even the worst behaved child has a lovely side to him or her. Some children donít understand my sense of humour at all. It is quite interesting watching the look of bewilderment on a childís face when Iím not serious about a statement I made. There is usually another child there to say to the bewildered child, ďDianne is only kidding.Ē :-D It is also quite hilarious when some of the children tell me what a teacher may have told them in fun, but they took it seriously. I can have a hard time convincing them that the teacher was pulling their leg.
Re: Some of us have got to live as well, you know! (Looking on the bright side of life!) by Rusted on 21 January 2003 10:11am
LOL, that's cute Dianne, thanks for sharing. :O)


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