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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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India tales (share) by S on 28 September 2004 8:23pm
I'm 16 and have recently been on the trip of a life time to Rajasthan in India. I went with a team of 18 that at the time were strangers from my school. I went trekking in the Himalayas close to Manali, Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra and Shimla for a whole month. It was totally incredible undescribable. I now have the taste for travel but am sadly doing A levels so am desperate for others who have been to any of these places to share their experiences as my friends don't understand how amazing it was. Any recommendations of what you can do there incase i missed anything as I'm definately going back!
Re: India tales (share) by Suetu on 29 September 2004 2:08am
Wow!! When I was at school, back in the Dark ages, all we got were trips to The British Museum. Even my eldest son, who is now 25, didn't get the chance of trips like that. My slightly younger children have had the chance of trips to Peru and China, but were unfortunately unable to go. If I was your age again I would travel as much as I could and to as many different places as I could before I settled down.
Re: India tales (share) by S on 29 September 2004 9:01pm
yeah I really intend to. It is infact my ambition to go to Peru to Machu Pichu (don't think I spelt that right) No I'm so grateful for that opportunity I got I am really lucky, and would go again tomorrow if I had the chance. I am desperate to pack my bags and travel again. Have you traveled much? S x p.s thank you for replying
Re: India tales (share) by Suetu on 29 September 2004 9:20pm
Its been holidays mainly, not the type of thing you've done. I've been to Italy, Venice (seperately from the tour of Italy) Greece (Athens, Delphi - classical sites mainly) France, Spain, Amsterdam, Prague, and earlier this year I went to Egypt, which was out of this world! I'm doing the classical Greek thing again next year, and I am hoping to go to Naples so I can visit Pompeii again as well.
Re: India tales (share) by jim on 29 September 2004 10:51pm
All the talk about India has made me want to go back again!. Like you said,Unless you have been to India it is hard to imagine.
Now that you have the travel bug do as much as you can before you settle down and have a family etc.
When I was at school we never had the chance like you have.My trips were like Suetu's to Museums.
Re: India tales (share) by faye04 on 1 October 2004 6:22pm
Hi, Im 23 - nearly 24, last year I decided to embark on a trip of a LIFETIME!!! and it was,,, Northern India and Nepal - to Base Camp Everest, and it was FANTASTIC, however as I got altitude problems unfortunately I only made it to Gorak Shep - about 100 - 200 meters from Base Camp itself - neither did I make Kallar Pattar! so I have booked my flight and I go bak November 5th this year to see the most awesome, beautiful and tear-jerking scenery Ive ever seen in my entire life! - I highly suggest its on the 'to-do' list for people with a sense of adventure or naturally beautiful things! its hard work, a lot of sweat, tears of joy and aches and pains - but throughout each and everyday out there in the Himalaya's you find yourself realising why you are putting yourself through the hardships.... to get to see the most amazing sight you'll EVER see!
Re: India tales (share) by TravelChampion on 1 October 2004 9:56pm
For Faye............

Good luck in your attempt to summit Kala Pattar in Nepal. The view of Everest from this vantage point is, as you say, pretty amazing.

My summit view picture of Mt Everest with me in the foreground is one of my favourites. Here is a link if you want to see it :


Again - good luck!

PS - Apologies if this post isn't really about India?!
Re: India tales (share) by jim on 1 October 2004 10:47pm
Great picture.Looks very cold!.
Re: India tales (share) by Godfather on 4 October 2004 5:11am
>>went trekking in the Himalayas close to Manali, Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra and Shimla for a whole month

You picked a nice starter area for India there. Not too hectic. As you aleady would have found out, India is vast. So it's very easy to make several return trips there. If going back, i can highly reccomend Kashmir (cooler climate,mountains,green valleys) and a melting pot of cultures from surrounding Central Asian regions), Ladakh, further to the north over mountain passes (a high altitude microcosm of Tibet which actually is a more authentic legacy of Tibet's monastic past than Tibet itself is thesedays. Buddhist monasterys, stupas,King's palaces,and wonderful high altitude mountain passes).

Another favourite region of India for me, is the far south of the country. States like Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. That region is more authentically Hindu (in ancient terms), because it was not so heavily influenced by the Moghul invader culture that influenced the northern areas of the country. It's a hot sweltering melting pot of bizzare wackiness and colour. Indian elephants walking through temple grounds,flowing lungis,shaven headed priests,and colourfully carved temple gompas, spices, and insence.

In Tamil Nadu,check out places like Chennai (formerly Madras),Kanchipuram,Madurai,and Mysore, to name but a few. Kerala state is very tropical. Palm trees, beaches, and a laid back attitude amongst the locals. If you like wildlife and national parks, then you can head for areas in Madhya Pradesh (central north east) and go on safaris for tiger watching. It's a dry and hot region, but sees few visitors so you get a 100% authentic view of India's rural areas.

A popular state is the whole belt of Uttar Pradesh which is east of Delhi. The popular route is Agra (Taj Mahal) which you've seen,and then to the famous city of Varanasi (Benares,Kashi) the Hindu holy city on the ganges where Hindus go to die and be cremated on the river banks. A very surreal place to spend a few weeks even. It's easy to go on to Nepal by land from Varanasi.

But if you just want to go to the areas nearby to the destinations on your previous trip, then try places like Rishikesh, which is an overnight bus trip north of Delhi. A quiet and chilled out place in the Himalayan foothills, full of Yogic ashrams and ritual. From there you could go north to the region of Himachel pradesh and towns like Mcleod Ganj (upper Dharamsala) where the exiled Dalai Lama resides. It's popular and similar to Manali, and you can trek in the area or learn meditation or Tibetan Buddhist culture (or just be lazy and enjoy the place). A side trip from there,could be Amritsar near the Pakistani border of Wagah/Attari. It's the site of the Sikhs Golden Temple. The town itself is pretty hectic and uninteresting unless you're into browsing textile shops. But the temple itself is well worth the long haul out to Amritsar.

This is just scratching the surface of India of course. There are many many many more places of India i can recommend. But give those areas some consideration.

Good luck.
Re: India tales (share) by abskii on 12 October 2004 1:02am
well, I know it isn't India, but I have many tales of my ttrip to Pakistan - an unlikely destination, but a worthwhile one.
I only spent 9 days there, but I did it the best way - staying with family. from the moment I arrived I was welcomed and made comfortable, and despite the language barrier, I got on great with everyone.
One of the funniest things was the way that people were just so fascinated by me. local women kept popping roung 'for a chat' with the family, only to end up just gawping at me, and asking questions about me. people in the streets would stop, turn, point and stare. and children in one shop kept running up to me, and tearing away, giggling, like i was some big bad ogre.
But on the whole, people were so kind and friendly and proud, it's a destination that I will fully and wholeheartedly reccomend!! But like India, I warn you....you can never go just the once!!

(btw - I also got a marriage proposal from a 10 year old boy!!)
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