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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Star Signs by Piglet2 on 22 January 2003 12:18am
I noticed in another thread that we seem to be getting astronomical! I think we ought to see if our star signs influence our thoughts of Michael.

Saggitarian (spelling!)

I like Michael on his own without the cast of monty Python - ok being selfish here - unadulterated michael - his travel series really caught my eye and I find him so real in life - what you see on TV is the Michael you meet do other december babes share my thoughts?

Lyn (ok I,ll admit it I am really half horse and half man!)
Re: Star Signs by ellenpc on 22 January 2003 12:31am
"Wooow Dobbin!!"

"Giddy up now."

"Giddy up!!" :-}}

Ellen x
Re: Star Signs by Kristine on 22 January 2003 2:28am
Interesting concept Piglet!

I'm just going to keep this short...
I just think Michael's a groovy person. Interesting mind, atractive soul, seductive eyes. ;-) Nothing I havn't said before. He's like a good song. Origanal Lyrics, Strong Beat/Base, Catchy Mellody, and intrancing harmony. Pretty much him in a nutshell if you think about it.

Btw, I was born on the Cancer/Leo cusp and I'm very musically inclined. I love music to death...
Re: Star Signs by Miss-M on 22 January 2003 3:23am
Lyn, I'm a Sagittarian too and I can't dispute anything you've said!

Michelle :)
Re: Star Signs by Rusted on 22 January 2003 9:45am
"Origanal lyrics"??? Well, as long as they're not *oreganal* lyrics. ;O)

You might have something there, Krissy, who knows? As I said before, I'm a Leo and am also quite musically inclined. (Even *Michael* takes a backseat to music, but SHHHHHHHHH! don't tell him!) I'd even use the word "groovy" (along with "psycho-jello" and "the bomb diggity") to describe Michael. ;O)

Of course there are many other musically inclined folks here, such as Ellen our music teacher, who probably *aren't* Leos, but oh well.

As far as how I like Michael (in a white wine sauce?), the answer would be 'in tights'. ;O)

~Mary (Whaaaaaaaaaat? Alright, little joke 'bout this big. But he did look n*ce as a Pepperpot in tights!)
Re: Star Signs by Piglet2 on 22 January 2003 7:02pm
ROFL ellen you idiot!

There was me thinking I had started something cerebral - should have known better!!

Re: Star Signs by Tona on 22 January 2003 11:12pm
I gotta say being an impulsive, adventurous Aries, I love the free spirit in him. I'm impressed that he doesn't go abroad to just stretch on a fluffy towel by a pool but to really go to the limit: extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme conditions and he's there soaking up the atmosphere, remarking on nature even though he must be knackered and sometimes really frustrated if travel plans don't work out.
...and...oh I can waffle about Michael all day...!!!
Re: Star Signs by Rusted on 23 January 2003 7:50am
Now Lyn, no name calling. ;O)

~Mary (The Village Idiot)
Re: Star Signs by ellenpc on 23 January 2003 3:37pm
Ahhh...... Taurus The Bull (or full of it......er bull I mean!!??) here.

Just realised that Michael is too. In fact (more mind maths........crunch, crunch.........whizz, bang......TING!!) he is twenty six years and four days older than me.


Ellen x (The Suburban Loonie)
Re: Star Signs by Piglet2 on 23 January 2003 7:53pm
more to the point ellen - are you 26 yrs and 4 days younger than Michael?

Michael was 11 years 7 months and 3 days old when I was born!!!

Lyn (who thought she was the only village idiot)
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