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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Berlin by Sky on 13 October 2004 1:43pm
I'm going to Berlin in November with my college. It'll be a working trip but I'd like to see as much of it as possible in what little free time we'll have. Anyone else been there? I'd like some suggestions on where to go and what to do. just remember I'll only have four days!
And it'll be the first time I've ever been on a plane. I don't know how good I am at flying! I feel sorry for the person who ends up next to me!! Any tips on flying?
Thanks :oD
Re: Berlin by intrepid on 14 October 2004 9:42pm
I'd recommend the museum which has the Pergamum Altar. I think the place is called the Pergamum Museum (also possibly spelled Pergamon).
It's basically a bunch of Hellenistic marble architecture and statuary from the ancient city of Pergamum, which is now in northwest Turkey. However, due to poor planning on the part of the contractors, the altar was assembled several hundred miles to the northwest and inside a museum in Berlin. If you visit it, remember that the sacrificial hours are between 12 and 4.
Centuries before, the people of Babylon had planned the Ishtar Gate,a magnificent glazed brick sculpture to put on their wall, but I guess they hired the same people as the Pergamumites because the thing was erected several hundred miles to the left, by an amazing coincidence, in the very same museum in Berlin. The Babylonians were very ticked off at having to enter and leave their city via Berlin, but today nobody really lives in Babylon and there are tons of people in Berlin, so it's lucky for them and other antiquarians who wind up there. Still, I think it would be nice if the people of Berlin would send them the Brandenburg Gate and they could call it even.
Flying isn't so bad- if your flight happens to get a little bumpy, just remember that you'd get WAY more bumps riding in a bus or car. If you're not sure about flying, maybe you should change your username to something like "Ground" or "Floor". Sorry. -David
Re: Berlin by Sky on 15 October 2004 12:50pm
Thanks for that! And I like this name ;O) I only chose it because I sepent 90% of my time with my head in the clouds. Though not a plane of course
he he!
Re: Berlin by intrepid on 15 October 2004 1:30pm
In that case, "Sky" should do you just fine. From what I remember, the siteseeing things are kind of spread out in Berlin, so maybe you should familiarize yourself with the public transportation, or at least study a map and locate the things you want to see before you go. East Berlin has a modestly sized restored old neighborhood, too, which is good for pictures. The shiny, new and improved Reichstag is worth a look and it's practically next to the Brandenburg Gate.
Jeez- I forgot. One of the most famous sculptures in the world, the head of Nefertiti, is in the Egyptian museum.
-Floor (just seeing how it looks as a signature)
Re: Berlin by zak on 15 October 2004 2:39pm
Go to The Jewish Museum, it's great.
Re: Berlin by Sky on 18 October 2004 2:13pm
They sound great. Let's hope I can find them without getting lost!
Re: Berlin by TravelChampion on 21 October 2004 5:19pm
Not sure if this is going to be useful to you but last year I spent the same number of days in Berlin as you have, i.e. 4 - and I posted up a gallery on my website of what I did/saw in that time - all typical touristy things!


As well as all obvious things people have already mentioned, i.e. Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and all the Museums etc, one 'wildcard' suggestion would be if you want a change from big city life, head out on the train for about 45 minutes to the district of Wannsee. There is a lovely lake there which you can walk around and also take a boat trip {although I'm not sure this would operate in winter?!}.
{Photos 35 + 36 in the gallery show the lake - on a nice day, it really is very pretty}.

Have a nice trip,

PS - If you read this today {Thursday 21st October} can I draw your attention to a TV Program on BBC1 tonight called "Should I worry about??".
I understand that tonights program offers up tips to people who are worried/concerned about air travel.
Re: Berlin by Sky on 21 October 2004 6:02pm
Thanks! The lake sounds nice but like I said this is a working trip so I fear I won't have the time. I'll be sure to see "should I worry about?" but if the answer is "yes!" it aint gonna help!!

Sky x

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