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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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Favourites by gavin on 4 October 2002 6:37pm
I probably have favourite episodes from each series than a whole series.

The best episodes for me are when Michael is somewhere so different to normal life in the UK, out at the poles, Finland, the deserts, the seas etc.

I also love the humour in the voice-overs. A quiet hotel room..in Cairo?!
Re: Favourites by Lindsay on 6 October 2002 1:52pm
Exactly! I think Michael is at his most entertaining when he's somewhere that's completely alien to him, and of course it's more interesting for us to watch too. I think for me the most interesting episodes where when he travelled through China and Japan, where the culture is still quite mysterious to us westerners.

The most wonderful thing was that he managed to show us eastern culture in quite a lot of detail, but at the end he hadn't spoiled anything. It somehow retained its mystery.

The humour in the voice overs is always a wonderful touch, but I think I enjoy more Michael's instant reaction to a strange situation (which is usually very funny) because his natural wit and vivacity become very apparent.

I really can't wait to see his new series.
Re: Favourites by Lindsay on 6 October 2002 1:57pm
Oh, crikey. Of course, I meant to say "the most interesting episodes *were* when..."

(Mr or Mrs Webmaster, could we possibly have an 'edit' function for when we make cringy spelling mistakes please?)
Re: Favourites by AFRICA on 7 October 2002 12:35am
There must be lots of favourites for me, but one that stands out at the moment must be the incident with the crayfish and vodka during Michael's Pole to Pole adventures. His face was pure comedy. At least he didn't have to hit anyone around the head with a wet fish!! That could have been painful, especially with vodka involved!
Re: Favourites by Peebs on 18 October 2002 7:32am
I guess my fav series is Pole to Pole. I've seen everything but Hemingway's Adventures thanks to the local library and a friend at work. I can't wait for the next series to appear on PBS and for MP to come to the States for a book tour. :)
Re: Favourites by rumblefish on 24 December 2002 10:00pm
Do you remember when michael was in that large inflateable swimming pool on that ship and that large russion lady got in with him and started splashing him and he said whats russian for Im married with three children seeing the two of them flailing around in that two inches of water was very amusing
Re: Favourites by nottlob on 24 December 2002 11:55pm
Yeah! I remember rumblefish, lol! I remember so much from so many series! Like in Full Circle when Michael was in the Amazon, mentioning that you shouldn't pee in the water because if you do, a little fish will lach onto the urine and swim up the penis, hehe. It sounds awful and hilarious at the same time, lol.
Re: Favourites by rumblefish on 25 December 2002 11:44pm
Excuse my ignorance but what does lol mean is it short for something or is it the initials of a well known computer phrase. Yeah ive just finishing full circle and i remember that bit, nasty hey. I admire michaels gastranomical courage what about when they skinned that snake wtite in front of him and then he ate it in 80 days.
And in Sahara wow some of the stuff he was eating in that he must have the insides of john rambo cos im sure some of that food would make a billy goat puke!
Re: Favourites by Dianne on 26 December 2002 9:23am
rumblefish - lol means laugh out loud.
Re: Favourites by ellenpc on 26 December 2002 12:54pm
or "lots of love" depending on the context.
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