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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Where is the dearest place to get to? by Mairi on 21 October 2004 6:13pm
Good afternoon all!
I have spent the best part of today searching online and phoning companies trying to find a reasonably priced flight(s) to La Paz, Bolivia from Scotland/London. It seems that La Paz is the most expensive place in South America to get to! Which got me thinking... Where is the most expensive place in the world to fly to? Obviously it makes a difference where you are flying from, but from the UK surely La Paz has to be among the contenders for the title!
PS Webmaster, where has my reply to Phyll regarding Michael's Dundee booksigning gone?! Did it get lost in the site chaos of the past couple of days?
Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by Wild in Africa on 17 November 2004 6:17pm
For everyone else in the world I am sure London is one of the most expensive. Don't know how the hell people can afford to come here really!
Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by Godfather on 19 November 2004 3:39am

Fly to Lima (Peru),to visit Bolivia. That's always the cheapest way to get to Bolivia. One reason La Paz is more expensive to get to, is because apparently they use modified airliners to take off from there,with more fuel and power due to the technical aspects of taking off at high altitude. The fact that you're only landing there,is probably immaterial because it has to take off again. This bumps up the price (i would guess).

Plus,few international visitors arrive directly at La Paz anyway. Making it quite a remote airport. Flights to Lima (Peru) are reasonably good now (if you book earlier in the year). From there,you can go by land (which is an amazing journey in itself,taking in places like Nasca,Arequipa,etc) and cross the border into Bolivia at Lago De Titicaca. From there, you can go to Copocabana,Tiahuanaco,and onto La Paz.

If this is just a holiday, then dont worry because all you'll see on the way will be just as interesting. The trip from Lima will only take a few days, and everywhere on the way is interesting. If you dont have time for that,then fly to Lima and have a flight arranged which will fly you to Arequipa. From there it will be a quick journey.

As for the other question. Well, New Zealand is pretty damn expensive to get to if you're coming from the UK (at least my flight was. it's the most i've ever had to pay out). But i would guess one of the most expensive places to fly to,would be on cargo planes to the North Pole and places like that, because they only leave occasionally to drop supplies. I'd hate to think how much a seat on one of those planes would cost.
Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by Mairi on 19 November 2004 11:11pm
I did think about flying into Lima and then making my way to La Paz, but I am only able to go there for 3 weeks and since I am going to Bolivia to visit my fiance who lives in La Paz, I wanted to fly into there. In the end I managed to get a 'reasonable' fare of £684 with Varig from Heathrow to La Paz, via Sao Paulo. I think that was not much more than was being offered to Lima, Santiago etc.
Now that the expensive flight ticket is out of the way that just leaves vaccinations, insurance etc etc!
Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by Godfather on 20 November 2004 4:31am

Glad you got a flight. £684 is'nt too bad really. I missed out on a flight this year. South America is bloody annoying that way. You've really got to plan about 5-6 months ahead to get the cheap flights. And,that just is'nt the way i like to do things. I'm very spontaneous with my travel, and came back from Burma and Thailand to suddenly have the idea to head to Chile and Argentina. But i left it till November to come up with this idea, and a flight to Buenos Aires (was hoping to do a trip to Tierra Del Fuego and Patagonia) was astronomical in the quotes. I'd left it so late,and the only flights were ones at around £750+. In Feb there were one or two for around £630. But by then, the best season for travel in Patagonia is reaching it's final stages anyway. So it's not worth it. It meant i'm putting off the trp to next December/Jan. Oh i hate planning so far ahead. But South America seems to demand planning.

Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by Mairi on 21 November 2004 5:29am
Know exactly what you mean about spontaneity - this is the first time i have booked a flight so far in advance. Like you say South America demands that kind of planning! I guess in Europe we are kind of spoiled by the fact we can just pick up a budget flight at a few days notice and not have to pay too much. Cheap fares to South America are around, I'm sure of it! When I was in the midst of my marathon fare finder I came across a fare of £373 from Madrid to Lima (via Bogota with the Colombian airline) but going for that would have meant scheduling flights either end and I felt I didn't have enough time to justify it. I think the only way to pick up great fares is to book either very early or very late and arrive late in the best season or out of season.
Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by jhidalgo on 24 November 2004 1:50am
The dearest place to get to is, probably, into Space.
Re: Where is the dearest place to get to? by George_Corner on 10 January 2005 5:33pm
I'd go along with the poster who quoted London (and with it the rest of the UK) for anyone coming from Australia or the US right now. The less than favourable exchange rates (esp. for Aussies) must make it a crippling cost to bear?


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