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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Nottingham signing by Ello on 24 October 2004 12:24pm
Hi everyone!! :)
It's eloise, but with a different username coz i forgot my last one!! lol
Haven't been on the site for AGES, but am glad its still here and everyone is enjoying it.
I went to the book signing in Nottingham on Friday. ARRRR!!!! I met him, but I know feel really stupid. can people give me their opinions on this one? well, if youve been to one, you know how you can have up to 2 books signed? well, i took full circle n himalaya. When it was my time to meet him FOR REAL!!! (OMG!! he looked exactly like he does on tv, only better, hehe), I gave him my books. full circle was on top, and he signed it and asked if I was eloise. I said yes. I was planning on saying something to him as he signed, but what the hell am i going to say to him? All my ideas sounded so silly, so i decided it ws best to keep quiet. He tried to start a conversation with my and asked if I was a traveller. I said not yet, but hopefully i will be. of course, what could he say to that?!
he then asked if i wanted himalaya for me too, and i said yes. I just felt reaLLY selfish, cos he perhaps thought it was for someone else,n id accidently put my name on both!! He proberly thought i was selfish!!
As he signed that, i didnt say anything, and he didnt, dam!!
He then just said "the world has alot to offer" and i said thank you and walked off!!!
How stupid am i?? i had the chance to talk to Michael Palin, and i messed it up!! everyone else was talking to him alot and he was laughing with them, and i must have seemed so cold!! Michael Palin, the man who talks to everyone, found me so horrible, he didnt talk to me!! ARRR!!
Do you think im being silly?? do you think he cares that i wanted two books for myself??
Did i offend him?? i hope not!! People like me are proberly the reason who goes travelling., to get away from "snotty" english people!!
so anyway, i enjoyed seeing him, he was lovely but i was a complete idiot and wsh id said something to him. Am i reading to much into this
Did anyone else go to that signing?
Love, the girl who thinks she pissed Michael Palin off,
Eloise xx
Re: The Nottingham signing by irishmanufan on 24 October 2004 12:31pm
i wiould'nt say you pissed him off . maybe he felt you were too shy to talk . i am sure you are not the only star struck person he has ever bet on his book signing tours . however i think you will be kicking yourself for a while :0) i hope to get 2 things signed as well so if you are selfish (which you are'nt ) that will make 2 of us :0)
i really gotta go as it is beyod time i get ready to go to the hospital !
Re: The Nottingham signing by Ello on 24 October 2004 12:41pm
thank you linda. why have you got to go to hospital?? sorry, i havent caught up on all the messages yet. I hope its nothing serious, so get well soon!!
BIG hug
@~~ @~~ (and some flowers)
love eloise xx
Re: The Nottingham signing by Diamond on 24 October 2004 5:32pm
Hello Ello !!!!

good to see you back flower - we missed you on here - how is it with you???

Linda hope you are ok poppet

and guess who is going to stalk michael on wednesday in norwich!! giggle - well i do have to get a book signed for a friend of mine and some stickers for those who missed michael abroad so i do have a real genuine reason to go

Ello - you have your memories and when himalaya comes out in paper back - try rehearsing what to say to michael - that helps ok

hugs and hot chocolate

Re: The Nottingham signing by Katherine_B on 24 October 2004 6:27pm
"try rehearsing what to say to michael - that helps ok"..

Good advice - that's what I did!

I also had to practice eye contact with him as I have Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism that amongst other things makes me find making eye contact with someone very difficult and often frightening. I sat there with Novick's 'Life of Michael' book the night before, looking into his eyes and controlling my anxieties!
Re: The Nottingham signing by irishmanufan on 24 October 2004 9:00pm
sorry for the people who have heard me talk about this before , don;t want ello to think i am being rude and ignoring her :0)
to make a long story short i found a lump in my breast and went to my doctor over it . the doctor thought it was a fluid filled cyst and tried to lance it . he could'nt get any fluid out . he sent me to mr hill a surgeon . he told me it was a benign tumour and it had to come out . when the opened me up they found not one but 2 tumours which , after a trip to the laboratory , were coinfimred benign . anyway they took them out and patched me up.( they did'nt stich the wound on the outside just put paper stick on stiches and internal melting ones ) due to fluid in the wound the internal stiches melted ahead of shedule abd the paper ones fell off therefore the wound opened . i have to go every second day to get the blasted thing dressed . although on tuesday ( we have a bank holiday here tomrrow ) the nurse is going to teach my mom how to dress it for me . so i hope no more trips to the hospital fir a while ! there is no pain at all from the wound it just gets a little messy from time to time and i am allergic to the surical tape the attach the dressing to my chest with :0)
the funniest thing about he operation was the guy who out the anesthetic into my introduced himself as dr mc shane . o i said that is the name of my g.p . he asked me is that jim mc shane . when i asnwered in the affermative he told me it was his younger brother .
anyway thats the story of whats been going on with me recently . i hope you are doing ok too ello :0)
Re: The Nottingham signing by caroline brooks on 24 October 2004 11:06pm
I was at the nottingham signing to ello and found myself not knowing what to say to him either, he spoke quite a bit and i just answered his questions, though he did ask if my friend i was with was a burden and talked alot, i said yes cos that was the first thing that came out though she isnt. she wasnt too impressed by the comment but said that seeing as it was michael palin she wasnt too bothered.
Re: The Nottingham signing by Diamond on 25 October 2004 11:36pm
that was clever caroline and romerz you posted the same words at the same time!! are you twins!!??
Re: The Nottingham signing by caz_brooks on 26 October 2004 12:51am
Hi Diamond
we're not but after i submitted the post it came up twice but i dont know why so ive change my user name to this one and it works better so it wont be there twice from now on
Re: The Nottingham signing by Diamond on 26 October 2004 1:57pm
thats impossible caz - not even webmaster could manage to do that!! you must have magical powers!!
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