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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Chat programs by Miss-M on 26 January 2003 10:15am
Apparently a chat room is one of the up-coming features of this site which is a really cool idea! Until then however, does anyone here use chat programs such as mirc or msn messenger? Perhaps those interested could get together for a chat sometime? Let us know what your thoughts are!

Michelle :)
Re: Chat programs by Anni on 26 January 2003 7:17pm
I think we should have our own irc channel, that's a good idea! :)
So, how many people here have mirc?

(I had it once, but because I never used it, I deleted the whole thing. But if we're going to have a Palin-related channel, I promise to download mirc again.)

And I also have msn messenger somewhere here, it's been a while since I used it...
Re: Chat programs by Rusted on 27 January 2003 1:36am

Re: Chat programs by Rusted on 27 January 2003 1:45am
Erm, sorry for that last post, let me try again. ;O)

First of all, we do actually have a chat set up at Kelley's Palinite's website, which we were planning on using until Palin's Travels has one available. We have used it once, and were planning on chatting once monthly.

I tried instigating a discussion as to when the best date was to chat, but didn't get a lot of responses. So I pose the question again: what day of the week is best for folks to chat?
We do have a time set up but I'd have to go dig around old threads to find it again. ;O)

I do have MSN messenger. Awhile ago I was even considering creating a chat room with it because the server for the one I manage now was being a pain in the behind. ;O)

Which brings me to why I posted
"NoOoOoOoOoOo" to begin with. LOL. The chat I manage now is on mIRC. I've been using it for nearly 3 years and have had a whole load of problems with it. The server we were on, DALnet, was unfortunately just hacked and we've had to move to another mIRC channel. I know that isn't mIRC's fault, but I've in general had problems with being able to log on all the time - myself and several other chatters have been kicked off repeatedly, have taken a half hour before they could log on, and have sometimes have been completely unable to log on.

So I really, really, really would not want to look in the mIRC direction, as much as I love the program when it works (and it's trout slaps!). It's just too unreliable. The one we have now seems to work fine, as soon as you understand how it works.

:O) Whew. Rant mode off. If you want to see the chat room and join the Palinites, go to:

Re: Chat programs by Miss-M on 27 January 2003 5:28am
No worries, Mary. I understand your gripes about mIRC - it can be so unruly at times! *Hehe*

I often log onto the Palinite chat but unfortunately nobody is ever online at the same time! If we could organize a regular chat session, that would be really cool! As for times and days, I'm pretty flexible at the moment - I also realize there are the international time differences to consider!

Michelle :)
Re: Chat programs by pandk2 on 27 January 2003 2:54pm
Not sure, never used a chat room but it's an interesting idea.
I agree with you michelle in hat time differences could present a bit of a problem.
Probably give it a go, though!
See ya...Karen
Re: Chat programs by little-peep on 27 January 2003 11:47pm
In answer to the question of the best day for a chat, either Saterday or Sunday for me, which may be different for people in other time zones. I thought the last chat was great. We could all be mad together! Proberly scare non-palintes, but we should all be totally at home!
Re: Chat programs by Rusted on 28 January 2003 10:00am
Michelle and Karen, there was a time fixed that worked pretty well internationally. It was 2PM for me, so I know it'd be 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern for America. I can't recall what the other times were, you folks would have to convert it. ;O) (Ellen, help?)

Michelle, as far as I know, none of the Palinites really go into the chat unless a chat's been planned. (I could be wrong.) But this could be fixed.

How does next Saturday (2/1) sound for folks? It might be a different day for NZ/Australia, I don't know. LOL.

Re: Chat programs by Miss-M on 28 January 2003 10:28am
I think Australia is 17 or 18 hours ahead of the US (EST) so it would be Sunday morning here. This sounds good to me (providing that I don't have a big night on the Saturday, hehe!)

Michelle :)
Re: Chat programs by ellenpc on 28 January 2003 1:03pm
I think it was 8 am Sunday morning for us here in NZ Mary.

So could be VERY early for you guys in Aussie!?

Just don't go to bed at all Michelle! :-}
We'll keep the party going........... :-}

Ellen x
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