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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by Diamond on 29 October 2004 7:02pm
Hello Lyn and Yesterday I gave Michael – the sequel!!!

Well the day dawned bright and off I drove to Norwich to see Michael at Ottakars at lunchtime ( again!!!) I set off early but with rush hour traffic I did not get to Norwich till 9.30am (it is a 70 mile journey!)– the signing started at 12.30pm so I thought I had better get fortified with a cup of tea and bacon butty – scrummy!! I duly set off to find the book shop arriving at 10am only to find I was no 44 in the queue and there were a few couples in front of me - some of whom had 5 Himalaya books between them – poor Michael.

I talked to a very nice local couple while waiting – no tins of sweets for us though!! *sniff* There were displayed all over the store, the rules of meeting Michael – NO flash photography, - Michael will NOT pose for photos - if you don’t want to buy copy of Himalaya please don’t join the queue – please keep your wording for the signing short – Only one non himalaya item other than Himalaya will be signed - I cant remember what else was written but I do have a photo of it and will study that later! There were quite a few rules/requests for those in the queue – which is understandable really as it isn’t fair to others if you take up too much of Michael’s time. It is hard work for him, it must be very tiring signing books for hours on end!

THEN all at once - earlier than expected the queue started to move – I was the other side of a bookcase to Michael at this time and had to wait about twenty minutes before he came into view! AND there he was – and there I was with my brand new digital camera, the one I bought specially so that I didn’t flash!! I gave my book to the couple to hold for me so that I could take a few photos while I was still in the queue, and then GUESS WHAT !!! YES you got it in one – Michael saw me and his face lit up with the biggest smile in Christendom, “HELLO LYN” he said ”IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU” Well you could have knocked me over with a feather and all I could say in reply was “Hello Michael” as my knees went weak, he honestly greeted me like a long lost friend he hadn’t seen for years ( and we all know that’s not true! – giggle) and he was genuinely pleased to see me there, perhaps I am a familiar face in all those who get to see him and a bit of security for him? – giggle! perhaps he thinks of me as *his rock* giggle ha ha ha ha in my dreams hey!!! I was knocked for six, I thought would he ask was my name spelt with one or two N’s but to get that sort of greeting well – it was amazing and genuine too BLESS!!

I rejoined the queue, which had moved on as i took the photos and very soon it was me talking to Michael, as he signed my book for my beach boy friends, I explained that their daughter has leukaemia and he seemed concerned and even though Michael’s assistant told him to shorten the wording I had chosen, Michael told her it was ok it didn’t matter and wrote what I asked him to, then he kindly signed the labels I had for the two fans who asked me ( but please don’t ask for any more I cant push my luck on that one ok so sorry but I seem to be getting in undated with requests and don’t want to offend Michael if I can help it) Other fans asked for “he is not the Messiah” and Michael offered “Ni” to one person!

(part two to follow!)
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by Diamond on 29 October 2004 7:03pm
Part two !!

It was at this point that I gave Michael the envelope with the print out of Lincoln leaves and drastic action that Katherine had cleverly written out on the board – I thought it so funny and poignant that Michael should know what the palinites have to go through to get to see him – I do hope he reads it – I am sure he will if he can, I hope it makes him smile the way it did me. I do hope there will be more spontaneously funny posts for me to print off when I see Michael sometime in December. We need more on the board like the 12 days of Christmas!!

Then I stopped to take photos – bearing in mind I only had the camera for five days and didn’t know much about digital photography I got some very good shots of him ( and some naff ones to delete) – really close up – there were photographers there from the Eastern Daily Press and then Anglia TV appeared – so that meant I had to be back home by 6pm!! There were loads of people there and some very disappointed people who naively turned up late, but the staff coped well really considering there were at least 1000 people trying to get to talk to Michael – I have never seen so many people at a signing in a bookstore before and I have been to more than one!! Michael was his usual studious self when writing and had a good laugh with one or two people – he even left his desk to sign a book for a lady in a wheelchair who could not get to him – bless

I stayed taking photos, as well as soaking up the atmosphere, for as long as I could but by 1.45pm I knew I had to get a cup of tea! Michael had been well looked after and was given coffee to sustain him, but how he manages to keep smiling through it all and then have to do the same again later on that night I don’t know! I will have to ask him next time I see him!! Giggle.

It was a great day – thank you Michael for being there – I made it home by the skin of my teeth to record the report of the signing on to video, it was only one minute long but it was Michael all the same!

Until the next time!

Lyn <>

Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by julwis on 29 October 2004 7:54pm
Thanks for that, nice story! Although I was outside Ottakars in the cold I actually have a couple of photos of from 2 years ago when Michael did used to pose for the camera with you while he signed. Back in the old days......
It also struck me that maybe a series about Michaels signing exploits would make an interesting travlogue in itself! Though a (really interesting?) possibility that occurred to me came from your comments about the 12 days of Christmas. While its hard to think of a journey for Michael to do that he hasnt already done, how about he go on a journey where he has to travel to a variety of locations which all have a similar theme but are uniquely different. OK so he hinted already at Great Post Offices of the World! This might be more like Hemingway adventure where his travel was non linear but I think he could do several trips along these lines. He could either go to say 12 different places which were related or complete the journey in 12 days (admittedly too much like 80 days), or find 12 different objects like the ones he had to find on 80 days? How does this sound to anyone else?
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by risible-phyll on 29 October 2004 7:56pm
Lyn, nice one flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't these eyes just make you go weak???????? I thought Mike was looking so healthy, don't you ????? great report as usual,
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by Katherine_B on 29 October 2004 10:08pm
HELP - He's read two of my articles (hopefully!)..... great story Diamond!

My knees went weak just reading about other people's knees going weak in Michael's presence!
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by my dear on 30 October 2004 9:53am
Two words: psychiatric evaluation.
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by edith on 30 October 2004 11:28am
well that was a great story. i just hope we can tell a story like that in december!!! if we cant get tickets to dec 8th are we going to go to the book signing the next day? i would like to meet him again and i have the 8th and 9th off!
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by Diamond on 30 October 2004 1:10pm
You got it in one edith - sophie will join us on the 9th if we cant get to the talk on the 8th so thats at least three palinites going on either day - i went out last night and in talking to a friend founf that she missed out on a signed book as her son arrived too late at cambridge to get one - so you know who volunteered to get one in london for her - so i have every reason to be going !! - I mean you cant let a friend down!! giggle

take care folks

Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by Ello on 30 October 2004 3:11pm
That was such a sweet, lovely story. Thank you!! :) :)
i was a bit suprised Michael knew your name. have you been to signings before? The fact he recognised you must have been an extraordinary feeling!!
love eloise xx
Re: HELLO LYN and Yesterday I Gave Michael the sequel !! by Diamond on 30 October 2004 4:00pm

as you have been missing from palins you wont know that i have a reputation for stalking michael!!!! tee hee

this year i have been lucky enough to see him at the RTS lecture with sir david attenborough - the foyles bookshop talk and slide show and norwich

last year it was sahara paperback signings - two in one day in london

the year before that it was three booksignings in about 6 weeks -

I do tend to stop and take a lot of photos while i am there too - but this year i bought a non flash camera so that i could keep up the tradition!!

talk to you soon Ello - take care

Lyn <>
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