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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Passport photos by Sky on 8 November 2004 11:34am
Just seen the 'Michael's memorabilia' video, and it seems that even he hates his passport photo! (why? He's so cute!) I hate mine too. What is it about those little photo booths that bring out the worst in people?! Am I the only one who hates paying £3 to look like a tramp?!? I've never met a single person who likes their passport photo...
Re: Passport photos by Palinite14 on 8 November 2004 2:54pm
My passport has just run out so I had to have my photo done again, incurring the wrath of my mum after she discovered I hadn't brushed my hair. Of course, I just *had* to take the photo on a bad hair/face/clothes day. It really is inexcusable, as I will now have the shame of travelling internationally on the passport of a dishevelled freak whose fringe needs cutting for the next 5-10 years. Plus I look about 40 (and I am 15.) GRRRRRRR
What's more, my angelic little sister (and that's angelic in looks only) has got a really good photo that highlights her (GRRRR) gorgeous golden hair and is sure to have the passport control man cooing with delight.
Leaving the country has never been so embarrassing.
Re: Passport photos by Sky on 8 November 2004 2:57pm
I'd had no sleep when I had mine done...bags under my eyes, gloomy face and so on...
Re: Passport photos by Godfather on 8 November 2004 3:12pm

At one bank in India,a clerk looked up from my Father's passport and said "I am thinking this is not you". Clearly it was. Either he was looking for a little "cash tip" to get things moving along,or he seriously did'nt think my Father's passport photo looked like him. But this dispute went on for about 30 minutes apparently, until the clerk gave in.
Re: Passport photos by Sky on 8 November 2004 3:51pm
Maybe he was a bit blind!
Re: Passport photos by Sophie-Louise on 8 November 2004 4:53pm
my dad had a beard when he had his passport photo taken, now he has had it shaved off and he recently went to saudi arabia, where he nearly got put in prison cos theyh thought he was some sort of spy!! lol

Re: Passport photos by KateC on 8 November 2004 8:12pm
Ah my dad knows someone who gave their passport and plane ticket to customs in a country, and they took it to the back room, and then about 10 minutes later the man came back out and said 'passport please'. When informed he had already been given the passport and ticket he simply replied 'you didn't give me your passport or ticket.' The man got stuck in the country for a few hours until he managed to sort something out with a few phone calls... Scary stuff though :S

On the subject of passport photos - ARGGHHH They are EVIL, EVIL I tell you! theres this one near me that gives you 4 small passport photos, and (at no extra cost) a huge one that they have digitally enlarged, that looks AWFUL! I swear they do it on purpose...
Re: Passport photos by irishmanufan on 8 November 2004 11:53pm
kate you are so right . i had mine taken in a chemist near where i used to work about 5 years ago or so . they day i got it taken was so hot i was overheating and my face was shining in the picture and my make uop had all but dissapered . then my eyes look crossed as i did'nt want to look at the camera in case the flash gave me red eye . i look worse of an eejit then i do normally .
Re: Passport photos by KateC on 9 November 2004 1:20am
Oh yeah, on my last passport photo it was a boiling hot day, or at least the booth was boiling hot so my face is all flushed and shining. Hehe, I guess on the bright side, at least everyone seems to have awful passport photos! :)
As the song says; "Always look on the bright side of life!" :D
Re: Passport photos by Palinite14 on 11 November 2004 6:46pm
I've just found out that the British Passport Office have returned my application because my hair was in my eyes in the photo, rendering their Biometric Scanners useless.
Well, at least I get another chance to look a complete idiot...
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