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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
emigrated? - NZ by Samoan Sam on 30 January 2003 1:27am
Would love to hear from anyone who has, or wishes to emigrate abroad. Tell us the pros and cons, the highs and lows, and reasons for doing so. Would be especially interested if its to New Zealand as I am seriously thinking about it. Love to hear from any Kiwi's who may have advise. SSxxx
Re: emigrated? - NZ by ellenpc on 31 January 2003 1:26am
Hiya Sam :-}}

I can't give you up to date info about emigration sorry as I did it 21 years ago with my family but I think you have to have a job to come to and a good grasp of English (which you obviously have! :-}}) I'd be very happy to find out more for you or point you in the right direction. The NZ Emmigration Office would be good, if you haven't already inquired there.

Some of the pros and cons we found was to bring all of your furniture and appliances (depending on where you're coming from of course) as the cost of bringing them was cheaper than having to furnish a home from scratch.

NZ is a very easy, friendly place to live in. The people on the whole are welcoming and eager to help pratically or with advice or both! :-}

Where were you thinking of heading to? North Island or South??

I'm writing this from Christchurch, which is a lovely colourful city, especially at this time of year as most homes have a good sized garden full of every type of flower and plant you could imagine. There are even competitions for the best garden and these are hotly contested each year! :-}

The city is situated in a basin with the Port Hills hugging it on one side, the Canterbury Plains on another and the Pacific Ocean the other.

Employment isn't too hard to find, depending in what area. There is a need for good IT technicians, engineers and programmers, also teachers, nurses and factory workers. Compared to other countries and the rest of NZ the wages aren't very high, but the cost of living here is much lower with cheaper house prices and food so it's all relative I suppose.

The reason we came to NZ in 1982 was because England was in a deep deppression with very high unemployment and resulting social unrest. My parents wanted to provide me and my younger brother with more of a chance at educational and job opprtunities. Also my Father had been made redundant 3 times in the previous 4 years and could see the writing on the wall in terms of his career future. NZ seemed a much greener pasture, with employment and a no nuke environment.

Do hope this begins to be a little helpful as I'd love to assist you with any further information that would be easy to gather for you regarding emigration.

If you do decide to come to NZ, you've made an excellent choice> :-}}}

Ellen x
Re: emigrated? - NZ by Samoan Sam on 1 February 2003 5:22am
WOW! thanks for the info Ellen. Well both myself and my wife are Psychiatric nurses. I'm more up for the move than my wife, and it's the idea of leaving family that she finds the hardest, how did you get over this? Ive done a little homework looking at jobs, emigration, and property but can't find out what a staff nurse earns in a year. Housing appears more spacious and cheaper, but I suppose its relative to earnings. Regarding Islands, although I would love the senery and beauty of the south, perhaps work would be easier to find in the north. Christchurch appears to look like Cambridge (which is near to where we live), and some friends of ours moved there recently and are still finding their feet.

It's the way in which this Country (UK)is heading which really bothers me, I know we have it good compared to many, but I would love to move to somewhere cleaner, safer and easier going to bring up my daughters. NZ just appeals to me more, and being half English and half Samoan, I would have easier access to family over in Samoa, Fiji and Australia.

Well thanks again for the info, yourve helped to reinforce my ideas! Only hope we have the nerve to get up and go. Will start surfing again for salaries!!!
Cheers SSx
Re: emigrated? - NZ by dangermouse on 10 February 2003 11:54am

Go to this website http://www.outbound-newspapers.com/ for UK-based information on how to emigrate to NZ.

I subscribed to their monthly newspaper before I emigrated to Australia in 1995 and it was full of useful information on all aspects of the migration process, and information on the country and daily living.

Ironically, I'm now migrating to NZ myself from Australia !!

Having visited NZ on holiday, we were so impressed that we went back 12 months later to do a reccy of the possibilities and we should be moving within the next three months.

Go to this NZ Government website for lots of useful info


It would appear that your occupation is on the Priority Occupation List (POL)

which means there is a shortage of candidates with those skills - this may enable you to get a fast-tracked migration application.

You will also need to get your qualifications assessed by the NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) as part of the process


and remember, the only things you should regret in life are the things that you DIDN'T do !

Re: emigrated? - NZ by CraigStanton on 11 February 2003 2:56am
I can not stress this enough. It is incredibly important to check, and double check your container before packing up your house hold and moving countries.

I moved back to New Zealand almost 6 years ago and a lot of our stuff was ruined because the container leaked and water seaped into everything. After we unpacked it at this end, Dad stood in the container and closed the door, light was coming in through several holes in the roof. If we had checked that back in England it would saved saved our furniture and a lot of money.

I left before the rest of the family to get in to the school year, so I don't know the name of the UK company that gave us the container. But the company we dealt with here are called 'NZ Van lines' and they messed us about a lot. Your milage may vary.

I can't say much about the immigration stuff becuase all my extended family were here so it was almost like coming home though I was too young to remember it.

I can totally recommend NZ as a brilliant place to raise children. But then I can only compare it to England, not Samoa.

Good luck
Re: emigrated? - NZ by axdpc on 11 February 2003 8:59pm

My family is still in Chch - missing it
a bit, especially in the English winter.
Any recommendations on Chch/Canterbury-specific news/entertainment/job/gossip/... websites?
Re: emigrated? - NZ by ellenpc on 12 February 2003 3:33pm
Hi there axdpc :-}}

Here are a few sites to keep you going...





Try also searching for 'The Press' on line and that should get you onto their websites.

I'll have a look round for you and see what else I can find. :-}

Keep warm

Ellen x

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