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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Bridget Jones by TwoSheds on 15 November 2004 11:11am
After watching the first movie on TV at the weekend, and being a keen student of the female mind (and other parts which I won't go into), I was wondering ladies:

Who do you prefer, 'Darcy' or 'Cleaver' ???

Justify your answer with a short paragraph of no more than 50 words.
Marks will be deducted for poor spelling/grammar.

Thank you
Re: Bridget Jones by Helen on 15 November 2004 2:55pm


I met Renee Zellweger. She was very nice.
Re: Bridget Jones by Mac on 15 November 2004 2:57pm
I watched about a month ago for the fist time and loved it, problem is I can,t remember out of the 2 blokes who played who but in a pragraph of 50 words or less I can totally justify my answer. Actually just a few words will be sufficient.

The character that Hugh Grant plays is a total obnoxious slease and doesn,t deserve to even breath. Any bloke who actually thinks thats the way to treat us might want to dig a very large hole and bury himself emmidiately before a large pack of angry females does it for him.

I think that was more than a few words...actually I could go on, but I won,t...

Hope you found that helpfull ????

BTW I loved the film and do I get a gold star for good spelling ???
Re: Bridget Jones by Diamond on 15 November 2004 4:36pm
Darcy cos colin firth is so cool and in the film he was really understanding about the blue string soup!!! bless

and no gold star mac - go back to skool!!!
Re: Bridget Jones by . on 15 November 2004 7:31pm
they are both **************** rs
Re: Bridget Jones by rick694uk on 15 November 2004 7:52pm

Hi buddy, don't think we've spoken before.

But T_S, don't believe all that girlie stuff! They don't like that, really! I had a pre-paid invite to watch the latest BJ film. But purleese! I'd rather eat Christmas dates! :(

Get yourself buffed-up guy. (Well, as much as we can!) Pitch yourself sensibly but confidently with the girlie of your choice. Treat her like a lady, be funny, be honest and try to do something to make yourself look daft for her benefit. By now, she's yours!

Then slap on the Brut33, change your skiddies and steam-in for the kill!

What? Ladies, what's wrong with that? Okay, if you have better advice post it. How would you like a man to seduce you?


Re: Bridget Jones by KateC on 15 November 2004 7:57pm
Hmm I would have to say Darcy, partly because of the 'blue string soup' :D Haha what a riot :) I'm off to see BJ2 today!
Re: Bridget Jones by Ello on 15 November 2004 9:27pm
The first time i saw BJ, i hated it. counld not see what all the fuss was about at all. But then i watched it again on sunday, having taped it. I dont know if it was the glass of wine (hey, I am 18 now!! its legal!!) but i thought it was REALLY good. All women can definitely relate to Brigdet in one way or antother. for me, its the making fool of self all the time.....
anyway, which one? Do you need ask? DARCEY!!! greta eyes, cute hair n UNDERSTANDING. he also likes BJ the way she is. awwwwwwww, bless his cotton socks. Now, if only there was a guy out there who was really like that.

But, yeah, if any guy believes he can act like cleaver and get a girl and get away with it, then they obviously have never had a proper relationship, and need a good slap and a reality check, to be polite!!
sorry, this appears to be a mini essay of more than 50 words, but i dont care if i "fail", hehe
Love eloise xx
Re: Bridget Jones by Ello on 15 November 2004 9:30pm
Helen, when did you met Renee?! thats really cool!! tell me more....im all ears!! when ever ive heard her talk, she always seems very sweet. is she?
love eloise xx
Re: Bridget Jones by peripatetically on 15 November 2004 10:30pm
Darcy, hands down! No need to explain.
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