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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Christmas gone MAD! by KateC on 15 November 2004 8:12pm
For some extremely odd reason, a shopping centre in Stoke-On-Trent has decided that, so as not to offend any non-Christians in this country, they are going to call Christmas 'WinterFest' What kind of nonsense is this? Considering we are a Christian country it seems mad to have to change the names of religious festivals so as not to offend other religions...

Surely if someone is offended by the idea of Christmas anyway, just changing the name to 'WinterFest' is not going to stop them being offended is it?

They are going WAY over the top with all this PC nonsense...

If you think this is too wacky to believe... Search 'winterfest+stoke' on google without the 's to see.

Anyway I just thought I would share the craziness of this with you, I guess its actually quite funny that they have done it, but only funny in a sort of 'they are mad' kind of way :D

EDIT: I have also heard that Easter will become 'Springfest'(!)
Re: Christmas gone MAD! by Spursfan on 15 November 2004 8:20pm
Personally, I am atheist, but all this PC c**p makes me want to buy the most religious cards I can to send out! (You're not to supposed to send religious ones in case they offend someone). What rubbish! Although I don't believe in it, GB is predominately a christian country after all. What would happen if arab countries for example couldn't celebrate ramadan or whatever to avoid upsetting any christians or whatever who had decided to live there!

I'm all for integration - but that means learning to live like the country you've moved to. Not giving up your beliefs, but accepting the host country as it is.

Sorry all - I'm jumping off my soap box now! It just makes me soooo angry!

(I know the shopping centre you mean - I live in Stafford!)

Re: Christmas gone MAD! by Sky on 17 November 2004 11:32am
I think christmas is a time for family. Ok, so christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and that's fine, but even non-christian people can enjoy christmas! For me it's always been about friends, family and having fun together. Ok, so I do kinda believe in Jesus, or that there could well have been a guy like him, but still thats not what's usually on my mind at christmas.

This WinterFest stuff is bull! Firstly its a s**t name and secondly- with all due respect to any non-christians and non-brits- England is a christian country, always has been, always will be. We're not forcing anyone to convert!! How would they feel if non-christians had to stop celebrating in their way because its offending the christians?? Spursfan is right, you should just accept the country you live in.

ps. I do my xmas shopping in Stafford, it's a great place!

Re: Christmas gone MAD! by KateC on 17 November 2004 11:52am
I agree, Christmas (for me at least) is about family, giving gifts, and fun, especially for the young 'uns. Personally I don't particuarly follow a religion - I don't go to Church, and apart from the school nativity things I haven't really celebrated Christmas in that kind of way. I don't really feel Christmas deeply offends anyone, and since people would still be celebrating it, just under a different name, it seems pointless changing the name, as it would still offend anyone who doesn't like Christmas!

Yeah Stafford is great, my sis went to uni there :)
Re: Christmas gone MAD! by Sky on 17 November 2004 11:57am
We all follow Palinism!! lol
Re: Christmas gone MAD! by Wild in Africa on 17 November 2004 12:10pm
I have not noticed Muslim countries calling the Eid festival (comparable to Christmas) the Sheep killing festival to avoid offending non-Muslim sensibilities. In Saudi Arabia it is in fact illegal to refer to Christian festivals in any way. I even saw the word Christmas censored out of the Peanuts cartoon strip in the Saudi Gazette once!
OK Christmas itself was hijacked from the Roman Saturnalia festival. We all know that, but that was 2000 years ago and it is idiotic to change it to suit recently arrived ethnic minorities who in other ways we are trying to encourage to integrate more in British life. We can respect their cultures and religions without having to abandon our own in the process.
Re: Christmas gone MAD! by Ken Dunn on 18 November 2004 1:09am
I think all religions should be tolerant of other religions. The famous Irish comedian, Dave Allen, regularly finished his show with the phrase, "And may your God go with you." Is political correctness a bandwagon for the intolerant? Christmas or Ramadan or Hannukah should continue to be observed at the appropriate times of the year without the need for new labels. Winterfest for me would be a festival that lasts through the winter say from November to early March and who wants, or could afford to be, off on holiday for that long!
Re: Christmas gone MAD! by notquitenglish on 18 November 2004 1:29am
What really amazes me, having read up on the subject, is that anyone still bothers to call it "Christmas" at all, since the date is actually from a pagan holiday, and nobody, in fact, knows for sure when Jesus Christ was born.

Ah well. *shrugs*
Re: Christmas gone MAD! by canaveralgumby on 18 November 2004 5:00am
KateC, you are right, it is the PC behavior that's what's offensive. I just want to go on record as a Jew, who spent much time being agnostic before becoming quasi-Pagan and a little bit Buddhist.

No one should be offended by anyone else's religion! I mean Holy S**t!

Okay, that was a REALLY bad pun.

This is NOT the answer to stopping bigotry. Bigotry is bigotry. But people celebrating their own religion is NOT bigotry! Christians celebrating Christmas is NOT TANTAMOUNT to Christians repressing other peoples.


P.S. perhaps in addition to the Saturnalia, also based on the pagan winter solstice celebration of Yule. This is my recollection of my Joseph Campbell tapes! In most world cultures where the people live(d) in a changing climate, i.e. change of seasons, there are celebrations on the shortest, darkest day of the year that have to do with things looking up from here, and celebrations in springtime which have to do with re-birth and regeneration. So if the historians didn't know exactly when basic events took place in Christ's life, it's no accident they "placed" them on the calendar at these times.


"What sign is he, then?"
"Uh, Capricorn. Why, He's the King of the Jews!"
"Oh, is that Capricorn, then?"

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