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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Job Satisfaction by AGM on 17 November 2004 8:37pm
Is anyone else so DESPERATELY unhappy with your job that you wish you would die in your sleep so you don't have to do it anymore, or is it just me?
Re: Job Satisfaction by Helen on 17 November 2004 8:56pm
AGM--- It's not just you.
I just got out of a job that made me feel like this.

Spruce up that resume, and get out there. take a risk, do what you love, and it will pay off. I quit my last job, and I am now doing what I love. It was scary at first, but now it's great. Your well-being is worth it. take care of yourself.

I feel for you. I know how much it sucks. But there is hope, even if Bush is our President.

Re: Job Satisfaction by Ken Dunn on 18 November 2004 12:38am
Some jobs are very difficult or monotonous or outwith the job holders capability. I tried selling and jumped at the chance of something I knew a bit about 11 years ago and have been with that same company since then. Like Helen says, have a look round for something you would like to do and are qualified for and go for it. Alternatively it is possible to change your approach to you current job and do it differently to get better job satisfaction from it. Sometimes unrealistic targets in any job can demoralise any employee.
Re: Job Satisfaction by Louise on 18 November 2004 1:16am
Nope AGM of course it`s not just you, I was bitterly unhappy in one job and got out asap.
Do you mean you dislike that company, or the industry you`re in, or maybe your colleagues are horrid toads?
I`d agree with Helen here about the resume/CV ... Look around for something better.
Good luck!
Lou x
Re: Job Satisfaction by canaveralgumby on 18 November 2004 5:17am
I don't wish to die in my sleep exactly, but some days I wish to show up at the building and have the firemen tell me there was nothing they could do.
Re: Job Satisfaction by Helen on 18 November 2004 3:46pm
Cori's post reminds me---

watch "Office Space" as therapy. the best disgruntled employee/work sucks movie EVER.
Re: Job Satisfaction by Mac on 18 November 2004 5:26pm
I,ve just changed jobs and it was scary at first but I,m sure its going to work out great. I,m still in the same industry but the work is much better and i,m more suited to it. I got to the stage where I couldn,t face going to work either, so I decided I better do something before I ended up in a mental institution.
Re: Job Satisfaction by Loveforlife on 18 November 2004 11:22pm
'Same Shit Different Day' is my favourite way of describing my job. But! i have quality people around me to laugh and joke with, especially when my speciality is being a prankster and making unexpected victims go extremely red. That is just Quality! I would totally go insane without playtime (but then again i might be already there...Hmmmmm.... COOool!!!!...)
Re: Job Satisfaction by Godfather on 19 November 2004 2:39am
It tends to need something quite extreme to drag unhappy people out of a job situation they despise. A trigger to finally fire the gun (not literally). It's because we're torn between two things. On the one hand,we hate it desperately. On the other hand,it's secure. It's a comfort zone. A miserable but comfortable and familiar zone.

"Better the devil you know" is what i'd use to explain it. The thought of suddenly leaving familiar workmates (no matter how boring and perhaps abusive they are) and starting somewhere else as a total novice, is scary for many people. They like to retain their familiarity of surroundings, staff, ways, and any shred of power they have. Starting new means you're now the "New person. Awkward and naieve". That's the thing that people fear i reckon. Because it's unsettling.

To me,there is no harm in taking the gamble and throwing it all in. It may mean you land hard and not on your feet initially. But i think you will be glad you did it in the long term. My situation improved considerably. I began travelling and saw many areas of the world and it changed me considerably as a person. Since then,i alternate between work and travel. Never allowing myself to get stuck in a rut of unhappiness like that again. If i ever saw my old chargehand again,i'd like to say to him -"If you dont have the natural strength to be a leader of men, then please dont 'try' and act like one if you dont have the natural ability. Because 'everyone' suffers from it's effects. It's a dominoe effect".

Oh dear. This post really was faaar too long.

Re: Job Satisfaction by Sky on 19 November 2004 1:18pm
I check cameras in to be repaired (part time)

*arrive, turn on computer
*make tea
*break my back lifting box of cameras
*unwrap paperwork written by a spanish/french/ german guy in bad english
*lose mind trying to read it
*check in camera, get another one
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*find a camera with no paperwork
*lose mind looking for paprwork
*find paperwork. can't read it
*finish brew. go to the girls room
*get camera
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*check it in, get another
*stare into space a while
*make brew
*wish boss wouldn't treat me like i'm 3
*hurt fingers getting a new box
*wash hands to get all that grimy print off them
*cry a little...

...and so it goes on...and on...and on...
It's only odd days, but I feel so bad for the people there all week!! One of those jobs designed to g.r.i.n.d. y.o.u. d.o.w.n. s.l.o.w.l.y....

starting today at 12:30, leaving at 5:30....>:0(

(Michael..."you lucky, lucky bastard")
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