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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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More cat tales by xine on 20 November 2004 7:57pm
It's 1 am and I just finished cleaning up the mess my cat created. She pushed a small pack of eggs (8 eggs) off the dining table and crash! had to wake up and check. scrambled egg mixture on the floor! you can add flour and butter and there - a cake mixture!
i screamed when I saw the mess but she just stood there lapping up the eggs!
naughty cat. i love her but sometimes animals are so naughty.
Re: More cat tales by Godfather on 2 December 2004 1:37am

"Naughty but Nice"

Re: More cat tales by Orinoco on 2 December 2004 2:48am
my cat, bless him...brought in a 'present' for us in the form of a mouse, dropped it at my feet and let it run around my living room and then walked out leaving me to chace this pesky rodent behind my tv cabinet. Two days later i'm still chasing this mouse with no luck and no help from my cat. Last evening the cat sees the mouse ontop of my sattelite receiver and pounces on it, has the mouse in its mouth and drops at my feet. It runs off!! This morning I walk into my lounge and a horrible smell hits me, the mouse had crawled into my hi-fi unit and died. I love my cat!
Re: More cat tales by Helen on 2 December 2004 2:18pm
oh god Orinicoco--my siamese does this. She hates to kill things... she will catch them, and drop them, and my husband stomps them. What a team, huh?
Re: More cat tales by Spursfan on 2 December 2004 10:14pm
We have two 2-year old cats who are literally sisters. We had 'adopted' them when they were about 7 weeks, and they have been inseparable since (and of course before!!)!

They snuggle up together to sleep, usually with heads rested on each other, its so cute! Also they like washing each other, we've had cats for years but none have acted like this, even though they've been both (neutered) females. I guess it's because they came from the same litter.

One of them is an excellent mouser, but because it's apparently so boring when you've caught your mouse, she likes nothing better than to bring it into the kitchen and place it between an open door and the wall so she can play at getting it again by putting her paw under the door. Naturally, it then escapes (to much screaming by yours truly) and disappears for a day or two only to reappear as a rather nasty smell which turns out to be a dead mouse (see Orinoco's message above - oh boy do I know that smell! Yuk!!!)or to sneak out into the open once too often and get eaten!

Despite this, they are beautiful cats in both temperament and body and we wouldn't change them for the world!!

Re: More cat tales by xine on 3 December 2004 5:03am
after hearing all your cat tales, I think I have to grateful that my cat does not bring mice into the flat. probably because there is no mice here.
oh orinoco, have u removed the dead mouse?
the smell of dead creatures is really so bad...

then again when cats are nice, they are really nice and they can be very cute...
Re: More cat tales by Helen on 3 December 2004 5:38pm
I was awakened by a little siamese "combing" my hair.

she likes to sit on me as I sleep, then reaches out to gently swipe me with her paw when she has decided I have slept enough... this morning she was actually combing out my hair with her claws.. veeeeeeeeeerrry gently. what a sweetheart.
Re: More cat tales by Orinoco on 3 December 2004 7:20pm
Xine...of course I have removed the dead mouse, the smell is strange.. actually sort of sweet in aroma! I'm sure Spursfan will agree? could be just me i guess!! also shrews omit the same smell after I have found them under my fridge or kitchen unit...getting sort of used to it living in the country side.
My cat also likes to bring in live frogs to play with, 15 this year alone and all sucessfully released back to nature to be caught another day!!
My cat, Mookie, likes to paw/knead my stomach when i'm lying on the sofa..any ideas wot this is all about? He also 'attacks' my bare feet if they stick out from the bottom of the duvet..ooooh makes me seeth!I love my cat!!
Re: More cat tales by Louise on 3 December 2004 8:24pm
If some people can be an elephant in a previous life, then perhaps in a former incarnation Christine`s cat was a chef and Helen`s a hairdresser.

Re: More cat tales by Spursfan on 4 December 2004 12:05pm
Helen, one of our other, now sadly departed cats, loved to lie on the pillow and 'wash' my husband's hair!! She would sit there for ages licking it as she would a kitten. She did try to do mine but because I had longer hair than him, she found it hard and gave up!!

She was quite 'spoilt' - but there was a reason. One day, my son (then aged 10) came back from playing and said 'look what we've found!'. I had this feeling that it was something really disgusting, but it was this tiny little kitten, who had been abandoned by the canal. She was about 3 weeks old, had a swollen tummy, and problems with her eye, and had come out to our son and his pals asking for help basically. We took her in, she was poorly but still purring! We called SADPALS, a local animal rescue, for advice and they suggested taking her to a foster mother they had who would feed her until she was old enough to come back to us if we wanted her (as if we didn't by then!!). Two or three weeks later she came back to us, still very poorly but she made it!

Because of all this she was very spoilt by the family, but grew up to be a wonderful cat who we all miss!

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