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Venice isnt always smelly by rumblefish on 3 February 2003 8:15pm
Ive come accross one or two people dissing venice about being smelly and overcrowed. This maybe the case during the height of the season. When I went it was February and it was simply fantastic. ok it was cold but there wasnt many tourists around you could get on the gondalas no problem and it still looked absolutely fantastic you could walk from one side to the other in a day and you could visit the dogues palace without queuing for hours. the people were very friendly and the prices seemed very reasonable. I appreciate its nice to go when its hot but to totally negate a place simply because it smells and is crowded and not bother to make an attempt to go and see it at another time of year is narrow minded. I would deeply reccommend Venice at any time of year but especially in the late or early months when you have a chance of seeing it as it should be seen.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by peripatetically on 3 February 2003 10:30pm
USA: Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with Rumblefish. The best time for Venice or anywhere in southern Italy is spring or autumn. But simply NEVER go during THEIR summer.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by rumblefish on 4 February 2003 12:02pm
Thanks Patty it makes a refreshing change to hear from someone on the same wavelength to be fair ive been to Rome during the height of the season and although the queues for the vatican and michael angelos ceiling are incredible I found probably due to the size of the city it could cope and as long as you visited the colaseum late or early then its not a problem. I also visited rome in the spring and apart from one very wet day it was wonderful. I also visited pompeii in early autumn and again there wasnt too many crowds I think people can too easily be put off by peak season crowds Ive always found them not to be as bad as Ive anticipated and aslong as you are patient it generally isnt a problem but to be fair not only is it cheaper to go out of season ala as you say spring autumn or indeed winter but also less crowded. Its also nice to see a place in two different seasons too it gives you a new perspective on a place youve already seen.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by peripatetically on 4 February 2003 5:56pm
USA: Rumblefish, I also agree about seeing a place in different seasons. I have been to several places in Europe in summer, autumn and winter and I really see a difference. There's a different feeling when the weather changes within the same SEASON, too, wouldn't you agree? Of course, one doesn't have to travel far from home to discover this But, take for instance cities abroad. During the summer you see and smell the beauty of the flowers since they are an integral part of the culture. Winter doesn't offer that at all. Usually, it's bleak and uninviting. It seems dirtier due to high winds and larger particles flying through the air. Think of Innsbruck, Austria--gorgeous in all seasons but has a totally different feel during each season. Flowers, or snow, WOW!! But different kinds of people visit at different times of the year too, in some places. In Vienna, summertime outdoor concerts, and in winter, indoor balls and opera are favorite passtimes. People live outdoors in the parks and coffeehouses in summer, but retreat to the coffee houses more in bad weather. When I visited England the first and only time, it was cold and wet, Nov.-Dec. No flowers and it was bleak. But it had a lot to offer indoors. I fell sick, though and didn't get around as much to see it. I really want to give England another chance. HEY, Michael--want to show me around??!!???

Anyway, there are many examples, too many to give, but I do agree that going at various times is fun and there's always something new to discover even if you return the same time year after year. My above examples might not drive home the point, but I think you get the idea.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by rumblefish on 4 February 2003 8:10pm
Absolutely Patty, Ive been to paris and amsterdam both in the summer and winter and as you say they look and feel very different to be fair if i had a choice i would probably choose warmer weather because you can get so much more done and arnt always looking for the next place to warm up. But each one does have its own merits ie less tourists around in the winter now i know by definition we are tourists but you idealy want to mix with the locals and or more seasoned cultural travellers as opposed to your mcdonalds and major sites, shouting in english type people huge generalization there but you get my drift. But your wright about london it is very grey and bleak in the winter and is much more hospitable and enjoyable during the warmer weather but that doesnt mean you have to come in the middle of august spring is warm and the flowers are beginning to bloom and in the autumn the weather in europe as a whole these days is pretty mild up until november. Hope you manage to get over to england again and not be ill touch wood ive never gone anyway and been ill that must be the pits.
Steve I hate to pry but your username intriques me, pourquoi?
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by peripatetically on 5 February 2003 4:17pm
USA: Yes, Rumblefish, and you don't need to take as many clothes and they aren't as bulky. I think you can walk better and get more done when the weather is not too hot and defintely not too cold. I like moderate temperatures.

As for being sick on a trip? It was bound to happen sooner or later. I had had perfect weather and felt great, or nearly so, for so many years, so I guess I should count my blessings. And, I DID manage to see a good bit even when feeling so terrible. (One day I was too sick to get out of bed, though.) After a week, I went around to see the countryside. Made a big circle around London, to Blenheim, Wales, Brighton, Rye, Stratford, Cotswolds, Leeds Castle, etc. Windsor Castle, Southhampton, Salisbury, etc. Also saw the exact place Michael attended school in Oxford. His Brasenose team had a chalk writing over the door indicating that they had won a rowing match. I even saw Fergie and the Queen, so you know it was several years ago. I didn't see them together, but in their little green cars as they came and went at Buckingham Palace. Of course, I did much of the touristy royal things in London, The jewels and ravens, etc. I shopped at Harrod's, of course. I sat in the pews on the altar with the chorus during Evensong service at St. Paul's. I enjoyed that tremendously. It was mid- Dec., advent season, so it was a beautful time.
But, still, I need to see England in nice weather.


Re: Venice isnt always smelly by rumblefish on 6 February 2003 11:59am
thats a very good point about the luggage my partner and i tend to go for short breaks over in europe and in the summer we can get away with hand luggage and just a little nap sack each but in the winter you have to take like you say more bulkier clothes which when hiking from the station to your hotel can be a bind its much easier with limited luggage. You know it sounds like you went everywhere in england except my home town which is quite a tourist trap Cambridge, never mind oxford youve got to come to Cambridge most people think its nicer, its a little smaller and less urban.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by peripatetically on 6 February 2003 2:34pm
USA:Rumblefish- Not everywhere, but I was satisfied in what I saw for the first trip! I'd like to see the Lake District and more of the countryside. And I'd like to spend more time, strolling at leisure. In winter, I was usually trying to find a place to warm myself. I haven't been through St. James and I haven't been shopping on Bond Street, etc. Hit some pubs, but need to see more of them, not because I'm a big drinker, but just because it's a good place to meet people and see how they really are when at ease. I'd like to return to Chelsea and visit Notting Hill neighborhood, and walk around the Kensington area more, etc. I'm sure there are a lot of things I need yet to do. It would be fun to do the Beatles tour, too, and perhaps take in a show. I was there during the theatre season, but was too sick to go the night I had planned to do so. I haven't been to V. and A. Museum either.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by infinity on 11 February 2003 3:36pm
I'm not saying Venice was the worst place in the world to visit and I'm sure plenty of people have had a great time there.

But a little effort to clean the place up a bit would make the world of difference. I've been to many famous cities around the world and one thing that spoils a place is litter. I see too much of it in my home town in the UK (Blackpool), and don't appreciate when I travel. Even some of the poorer countries in the world seem to have more pride (sometimes), in developed countries its just pure laziness.
Re: Venice isnt always smelly by piernikarczykmj on 25 February 2003 10:46pm
Well some people may disagree with me but i think that although venice can be overcrowded at times lets not forget that that this is a working city and you will find throughout its history its fortunes have waxed and waned.
I have visited venice in the past and can remember small alleyways devoid of the now common shops full of tourist bric-a-brac with washing strung high above the streets ready to dry.
With tourism its always a trade off, if its done sensibly then its to every ones benefit.
Personally i like the crowds its a mish mash of diversity where you can exchange views,look at travellers/tourists to compare the way they perceive foreign shores.
Regarding the smell well does it really matter its just part of the experience.
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