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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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World War Three by Wild in Africa on 10 December 2004 4:50pm
Does anyone else subscribe to my private thesis that we are actually in the middle of World War Three at the moment but haven't quite realised it yet?
This whole War Against Terrorism (or TWAT as a friend of mine refers to it) and the armed response from Al Quaida type organisations world wide is starting to assume the dimensions of a global conflict in my mind. As people concerned about the world, not just in discovering the joys of travel to far flung places, but also in the real lives of the people with whom we interact in different places, how should we react to this? We know that nowhere is safe any longer and is that realisation changing our perspectives on travel and the people we meet when we do travel?
WW2 was so much easier. There were the bad guys, the Nazis and Imperial Japan, and the good guys, Britain, the US and allies (OK, Russia was the fly in the ointment). This time who is bad and who is good? We know the Taleban and Saddam were evil b'stards but then the unholy trinity of Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney are evil b'stards as well so knowing who is right and who is wrong is a whole lot more complex.
Any thoughts from my travelling siblings?
Re: World War Three by RaRa on 10 December 2004 5:03pm
Well the recent newstory that while training was underway at a UK airport recently, sticks of dynamite managed to board a plane (although security didnt know which one) was more alarming to be honest than any current terrorist attacks. Of course its a scary prospect for any traveller but then I narrowly missed a bomb years back whilst having a pint of Guinness at the Ideal Home! So ...... yeah, its frightening but what can you do? I wish I'd seen the recent series on BBC about the true situation regarding terrorism - apparently it was a great insight.

TWAT is just a great name for a WWIII - sums up the craziness of war, terrorism and hate in a simple pythoneque manner. Ahhh, ya silly twats !
Re: World War Three by Sky on 10 December 2004 5:06pm
he he I never knew it spelt TWAT! That gave me a laugh.

But I can see what you mean about good guys and bad guys. Ok, one is worse than the other,saddam is a vile dictator (or rather WAS a vile dictator) but blair is no churchill and dubya is...well, dubya. 'Nuff said!

World War three is a scary thought, but nothing could stop me traveling! The majortiy of people in the countries involved are against the war so you can't 'tar them all with the same brush' so to speak
Re: World War Three by Godfather on 11 December 2004 6:55pm


Re: World War Three by Wild in Africa on 11 December 2004 10:08pm
OK Godfather, play the cryptic then...2012..is this some Nostradamus thing?
Re: World War Three by Godfather on 12 December 2004 5:51pm

A Mayan thing :)
Re: World War Three by irishmanufan on 13 December 2004 2:49am
it does seem a bit odd to use christian fundamentalism to combat musilm fundalmetalism .
Re: World War Three by canaveralgumby on 13 December 2004 6:51am
I hadn't thought about WWIII. That is very observant. I think most of us can't see the end of major tribal/nationalist and religious conflict anytime soon.

I believe that we are witnessing the Decline and Fall of the American Empire. We've had a few centuries, a good run! We will survive as a nation, just A nation, not a super-anything. I wonder what group will rise in power. The European Union? An Islamic Fundamentalist Union stretching from Asia Minor to Southeast Asia? A cartel of South American drug-producing nations, in an axis with Afghanistan?

Microsoft? Could happen...
Re: World War Three by Wild in Africa on 13 December 2004 11:52am
Ah right Godfather, the Graham Hancock thesis that according to readings of Ancient Mayan legends about the ages of man the last and final apocalypse is due in 2012. I'd forgotten (or suppressed out of fear) that one.
As Asterix the Gaul says I only fear that the sky will fall on our heads...and perhaps it will.
Re: World War Three by intrepid on 13 December 2004 1:10pm
I've heard 2012 in other places. Isn't this the 4th time around, according to the Mayans,Godfather? What's it supposed to be this time? Fire? Flood? Jaguars?
Frankly, I think that we're still in the grip of World War 0, which has been going on for years and years at this point. People just keep on coming up with new episode names for it to keep us interested.
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