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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Spooky stuff by Wild in Africa on 17 December 2004 4:56pm
One of our regulars (Sky) mentioned on another thread that she saw a ghost once but was afraid of being ridiculed for it. Well, first this site is anonymous so never fear. Also I bet many of us have had spooky experiences and it might be fun to share them.
For example I used to live in an attic flat in south London that was haunted. We were always hearing weird things including foosteps walking across the room when there was nobody there and guests having voices whispering in their ears. Also saw a UFO once in Oxfordshire. It was a large red light in the sky that hovered a while then split in two and vanished. Know there could be rational explanations but at the time it was certainly a Flying Object that was Unidentified.
Any more exciting stories and any of you specialists in the unexplained?
Re: Spooky stuff by Helen on 17 December 2004 5:26pm
fun topic! I love it....

I think I had "something" chase me up the stairs when I was kid--- a menacing presence that breathed really heavy and had loud footsteps. scared the beejeezuz outta me-- when I reached the top of the stairs, it "vanished." I was about 8.

I have also had very realistic dreams with dead friends/family and departed animal friends. I like to think of it as visits just to say they are okay-- where ever they are.

One dream involved my horse friend, Red.
I took care of him for years at this barn I worked at. I used to vist with him long after I stopped working there. Well, I hadn't seen him in about 3 months due to other silly commitments, then a friend told me he had died. This broke my heart because I didn't get too see him before he died. I felt so guilty.
Then, one night I had a dream where Red visited me. He was young again, and was galloping all around his paddock. He stopped to nuzzle me as if to say he forgave me and not to feel guilty. It was a soothing dream-- I felt for sure Red had paid me a visit to let me know he was happy and that he loved me.

I also have a friend who "died" for about a minute-- and she had an out of body experience. Amazing stuff. I am a believer!
Re: Spooky stuff by RaRa on 17 December 2004 7:11pm
Great idea for a thread and I love your story Helen. I think there is more to all this stuff than meets the eye but we'll never know until our time comes. Well, when I was a child I sat in my bedroom one night reading, my parents were downstairs watching TV. I was suddenly aware of something and looked up to see the door knob slowly turn clockwise, then anti-clockwise back to it's normal position. I hesitated as I was frightened by it and went out onto the landing and my parents were still downstairs. It was no gust of wind - it was a deliberate turn - slow - precise! Ooooooaaaaahhhhh (true)!
Re: Spooky stuff by Godfather on 17 December 2004 10:47pm

In my time i've had a few OOBE as an adult. So it does'nt frighten me as much as it may have before. Infact,coming back into your body feels like putting on one of those deep sea diving suits. Very unpleasant. But as for weird instances. In my youth, me and my whole family were trekking on Dartmoor in thick fog one weekend. We were in a marshy area, and we all saw this next thing. A woman appeared about 10 metres away from us, dressed in 18th century wear. Black mourning dress kind of wear,with the head wear. This was in the middle of nowhere on Dartmoor. Miles from any houses or roads. There she was as plain as day in the middle of all this fog,just walking along seemingly oblivious to anything. Considering we all saw it and commented on it,that was a strange one indeed.
Re: Spooky stuff by Wild in Africa on 18 December 2004 12:17am
Now let me tell you of the time I met a Zombie in Africa...(real Shaun of the Dead stuff this).
I was working in an emergency feeding programme in northern Kenya, providing food relief for nomadic herders who had suffered a famine.
Every day this hideous old crone used to appear at my door begging bread. It was so decrepit as to be impossible to tell whether it was male or female. I used to provide a bit of bread or whatever else I had handy and it used to depart back into the camp.
After a while I enquired about this person. The response was not what I expected. 'Oh that one died' I was told, then the next day after burial they were back in the camp. He/she apparently repeated this effort at least two more times supposedly dying and being buried and then resurrecting themself until everyone got sick of it and left it to its own devices. It appears I had been feeding a Zombie though no one seemed particularly troubled by the apparition and accepted it as just another daily occurence.
Re: Spooky stuff by Godfather on 18 December 2004 5:11am

Now that's a claim to fame - "I've fed the undead". Some weird stuff seems to go on Africa (and in Haiti where many of these practices went over the pond with them). I saw an interesting program about Haiti once (and a movie related to the kind of thing you're talking about). It's all very bizzare. I suppose you could see the Zombie coming to you for food,as a compliment. It was the only thing that was worth coming back from the dead for. Is that a compliment or not? I'm not sure now.

Re: Spooky stuff by canaveralgumby on 18 December 2004 8:14pm
I believe that we sometimes travel astrally in our "dreams." Some dreams seem too vivid, too linear, too tactile. Does anyone else experience this?

I'm positive that I crossed some line in the space-time continuum one night and was a soldier in an army (pre-firearms) that was invading a palace in some baroque European city. I sensed that my army was in the wrong.

The defending army had great beasts which were trained to attack, and these beasts, these grand, horned, giant elk-like animals were the first line of defense that the other army sent pouring out of their palace. One magnificent animal, almost as tall as a horse, with dead-straight sharp horns, all muscle and sinew, came charging at me. Its goal was to run me through with a horn. It came fast. I had split-seconds to postition myself so that its forehead would ram me and its horns would miss me on either side. That was the best chance I had. I succeeded, and jumped onto its head as it charged, like one would jump onto the hood of an on-coming car and ride it, to avoid being run over. Then I rode this animal as it continued running.

I had this ridiculous, meager weapon. It had a handle like a wood-carving tool, round and wooden, and something like a large hypodermic needle or a very thin awl, at a 90-degree angle, which had to be hammered down into the victim. That was it. I started stabbing this poor animal in its back, and realized I'd have to repeat this a LOT, like hundreds, thousands of stabs before it would have an impact. So I just stabbed at it, as fast as I could, as hard as I could.

I knew if I didn't give it everything I had, this animal would surely kill me. I had to do it to save my own life. I HATED it. I was just maiming and torturing this glorious beast. I tried to empathically communicate to it that I was so sorry, and that maybe in a future life, we'd meet again, not under these circumstances.

I woke up and I was sure I was THERE. I went somewhere and did these horrible deeds. I felt the heat, the motion and the speed, breathed the dust, felt the flesh and blood I was violating in my hands.

That's just one "dream." I get a lot like that, which could be why I get insomnia sometimes...

I never, never, NEVER dream of MP. Dagnamit.

I TOTALLY believe in your experiences, WiA. I think we're all just borrowing these environmental suits we call bodies anyway, because on some level, we decided that we want to hang out in this plane for a while and see what it's like, and we need these particular bodies to do it. We are not our bodies, are we? Your friend who came to visit you for bread, I'll bet that's all she was doing. Maybe she's someone you know, checking in to see if you're alright.
Re: Spooky stuff by Godfather on 18 December 2004 11:10pm

Wow. You could give Tolkien a run for his money with that Dream, Canaveral. I'm lucky in that i rarely get nasty dreams. I used to as a kid. The old "Diving in a swimming pool, and coming up to find there was glass over ths surface" dream (yikes). A very recent dream (a few days ago) was to do with Saddam Hussein. He was heading back to Iraq. Everyone said "Oh to hell with this. Let's send him back to run the place". So he did (this is not a joke btw). But the odd thing is that he was being interviewed on a kind of Oprah Winfrey show. Very sentimental, empathic etc. Asking him how he would continue after all he's been through etc. What a odd dream :)

Re: Spooky stuff by Sky on 20 December 2004 3:50pm
I was touched to be called a regular! :0) Anyway, I saw what I'm sure is a ghost in my friends old house. Basically we had been playing outside and wanted his sister to join us so I offered to go in and get her. Anyway, I went in through the kitchen door and the house was built as such that I could see the stairs leading upwards. I saw someone run up them so I stood at the foot of the stairs shouting up to her. To my suprise his sister came out of the livingroom door behind me! Asking who had gone upstairs she told me that there was no-one else in. Her big sis was out and so were our parents, and we were all outside playing. I went up to check and found the upstairs rooms empty!
Re: Spooky stuff by Mac on 20 December 2004 6:15pm
And what do we do with witches ? We burn them !!

I find it hard to imagine that there arn,t other forces around us and dreams do have great signifigence, not sure about the Saddam thing tho
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